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Dr. Susan Block's Journal - Newsletter of The Dr. Susan Block Institute
Bonoboville is on the move to an awesome new space! And we could sure use your help in multiple ways. If you can find it in your heart, wallet, muscles or can-do energy to help us out on any level, many rewards will come your way :-) Call Capt’n Max or Harry Sapien asap at 310-568-0066. Meanwhile, if you’re the one who needs help, stay calm, the Dr. Susan Block Institute is and will always be fully operational as usual 24/7 right through the move (yes, we’re that good!). So call us anytime at 213-291-9497 whenever you need to talk about something you can’t talk about with anyone else. The Dr. Susan Block Show will take a short hiatus, so we can set up the studio (and recover from this damn move!), and then the Greatest Sexuality Show on Earth will broadcast live again! Meantime, you can watch all your favorite reruns free on DrSuzy.Tv or in the Bonoboville Lounge. We are also selling and giving away art and other cool stuff, so if you’d like a piece of historic Bonoboville West LA (2013-2019), please just give us a call anytime at 310-568-0066 and we’ll give you info and directions.


For Info: Call 310.568.0066

The Dr. Susan Block Institute

We’re moving! But no worries, your phone sex therapy will not be disrupted at all! As always, the Therapists Without Borders of the Dr. Susan Block Institute are available 24/7, anytime you need to talk. Want to explore the Erotic Theater of the Mind: spanking, splosh, striptease, stockings, teasing, cuckolding or other secret sexual fantasies? Got questions about how to share your sexual desires or fears with your partnerWhatever your fetish, fantasy, interest, question, problem, pleasure, kink or conundrum, you can call the Institute at 213-291-9497 anytime to talk about anything; we’re just a phone call away. Experience therapy by phonewebcam or sexting. Are you in a long-term, heterosexual relationship but regularly fantasize about engaging in hot same-sex intimacy? Check out Dr. Suzy’s advice to Elizabeth in Bisexual Problems From Hell. For more videos featuring Dr. Suzy’s wit, wisdom and inimitable eroticism, check out the Dr. Susan Block Youtube Channel! Subscribe for more!


Dr. Block’s Journal

Dr. Susan Block is the horned Queen of the new Lupercalian renaissance, and her bacchanalian celebrations of the original Valentine’s Day are becoming as legend as the myth of the magical she-wolf suckling the infant founders of ancient Rome. Now the sensational LUPERCALIA 2019 is playing FREE on DrSuzy.Tv. featuring “Most Well-Rounded Kinkster” 2018 Suzy award winner Rhiannon Aarons as the Luper, aka She-Wolf, who saves the divine infants Romulus and Remus, played by “Best Humiliatrix” 2018 SUZY award winner She God Claire and “Best Submissive” Bratty Wolfie, from drowning in the Tiber River, played by “Most Congenial Sex Worker” 2018 SUZY award winner, Kacy TGirl. and “Funniest Comedienne” Sunshine McWane, who also plays the sacrificial goat. In a stunning and seductive performance, DrSuzy.Tv’s “Most Dazzling Domme” winner for two years running, Goddess Phoenix, portrays Queen Rhea Silvia, mother of our divine twins, adorned in a beautifully designed flowing white gown fit for Greco-Roman royalty. Also featuring Tim Sewall in the thankless role of the villain, Trumpus Amulius. Watch it free on DrSuzy.Tv, or enjoy more fantastic photos and immerse yourself in Dr. Suzy’s sapiosexual show blog.


The Luper suckles the Founders of Rome as the Trumps sucks his thumb. Photo: Alen Red

The Luper suckles the Founders of Rome as the Trumps sucks his thumb.

DrSuzy.TV Archives

Revisit 20+ years of sex, politics, porn stars, dommes, birthdays, anniversaries, sex educational demos, fascinating interviews, inspirational monologues, squirt salons, masturbation marathons and orgies – now all FREE and only on DrSuzy.Tv! NOW TRENDING: Musical Spanking-Hot Anti-Trumpiversary


Block Books

Enhance your sex life, keep love alive for decades, find like-minded partners and be more ecosexual with Dr. Susan Block’s critically acclaimed, paradigm-shifting book, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace Through Pleasure. Purchase your very own copy on Amazon and spread the bonobo message of peace-through-pleasurefemale-empowerment and inclusivity today! A portion of all proceeds goes towards conservation of the real bonobos. Get a good chuckle from Dr. Suzy’s latest political sex blog: Bezos Exposes Trump’s Pecker! Read it on COUNTERPUNCH, “America’s Best Political Newsletter”  More Good Reading: Dr. Susan Block’s illuminating and controversial interview (lots of hate mail, mostly from Trumpsters, though some from sexually uptight “liberals”) with Salon political writer Chauncey Devega on Post-Trump Sex Disorder, Trump-Fueled Sexual Fantasies, Swinging, Interracial Cuckolding, Cuck-Calling and much more in SALON


Goddess Phoenix as Queen Rhea Silvia flogs Bratty Wolfie as Remus. Photo Greg

Goddess Phoenix as Queen Rhea Silvia flogs Bratty Wolfie as Remus in our Lupercalia Bacchanalia. Photo Greg



Watch exhibitionist singer/songwriter Elena Rayn serenade the Speakeasy with her performance of “Devil in the Dark” while bearing her nude body for an audience of bacchanalian bonobos. View all the action here.


Time Machine

Travel back to 2014 when Dr. Suzy interviewed mainstream movie and TV, as well as Golden Era of Porn legends at The Hollywood Show: the world’s biggest celebrity autograph and collectibles convention in The Hollywood Show: Love Among Legends.


The Bonobo Way

Give The Bonobo Way for St. Paddy’s Day and Get Lucky with peace through pleasure. A portion of all Bonobo Way book sales are donated to bonobo conservation, so when you order your copy of this life-changing book, you are also helping to save these marvelous creatures from extinction {8(:|).

St. Paddy's Day in Bonoboville on the Edge of the Trumpocalypse. Photo: Jux Lii

St. Paddy’s Day in Bonoboville on the Edge of the Trumpocalypse. Photo: Jux Lii


Cruise to find out what’s new in the Bonoboville universe and beyond. See the Forbidden Photographs from Valentine Splosh, Sex & Love, SQUIRTING Kink Month Kickoff + LABIA DAY 2018, Erotique Politiques. Masturbation Month Kick-Off 2018, Spring Showers, Woman Power and our 26th Wedding Anniversary Bacchanalia. Featured Post: NOW BOOKING Guests for the LIVE broadcast of The Dr. Susan Block Show! Explore the Bonoboville City Limits and build your village using our Classifieds, Events, FAQ page, Forums, Groups, Obituaries & much more!

The Marketplace of Possibilities

Shop Dr. Susan Block’s Pleasure Shop and spread The Bonobo Way of pleasure this throughout the new year. Does your loved one enjoy the bonobo lifestyle but not a big reader? Surprise them with a beautiful, handcrafted Vulva Pendant or a stylish bonobo t-shirt instead!

LUPERCALIA 2019: She God Claire, Goddess Phoenix, Dr. Susan Block, Rhiannon Aarons, Dana Hammer, . Top Row: Ikkor the Wolf, Kacy TGirl, Jack Nice. Bottom: Blossom Green, Bratty Wolfie, Tim Sewell as the Trumpus. Photo: Jux Lii

LUPERCALIA 2019: She God Claire, Goddess Phoenix, Dr. Susan Block, Rhiannon Aarons, Dana Hammer, . Top Row: Ikkor the Wolf, Kacy TGirl, Jack Nice. Bottom: Blossom Green, Bratty Wolfie, Tim Sewell as the Trumpus paddled by Nancy Pelosi. Photo: Jux Lii



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