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Dr. Susan Block vs. Mark Zuckerberg & META


Los Angeles, CA – May 23, 2024 – LA’s longtime “Love Doctor” and internationally esteemed sexologist, Dr. Susan Block, is dragging Mark Zuckerberg to the Halls of Justice.

Not one to take abuse of power “lying down” (even though she’s a sexologist), Dr. Block has taken legal action against Mr. Zuckerberg’s META, parent corporation of Facebook and Instagram, bringing the giant social media conglomerate to arbitration for its wrongful business practices, lack of accountability, algorithmic discrimination and deactivation of her accounts.

Currently, META attorneys are working hard to try to stop her before the arbitrator even hears her case.

So… will Mark Zuckerberg hide – once again – behind the unraveling skirts of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act… or will justice prevail for Dr. Block?

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What is this about?

The case of “Dr. Susan Block vs. Instagram/META Platforms, Inc. (formerly known as Facebook, Inc.),” exposes Mark Zuckerberg’s ballooning exploitation of META’s users, including the damage he does to so many users by treacherously activating their META addictions, and for some, unfairly deactivating their digital lives.

Dr. Block, represented by G&B Law LLP, will hold Mr. Zuckerberg and META accountable for these misdeeds that have harmed her and so many other META users like her – if justice prevails.

A team of META lawyers from Mayer-Brown LLP, is currently doing their legal beagle best to ensure that justice does NOT prevail.

Like so many everyday META users, Dr. Block built and curated her Facebook and IG profiles over many years, starting in 2008, always adhering to their terms and conditions. Though META’s activation was seductively gradual – prompting and “grooming” her to post and connect more and more, inviting real-life friends, family, Yale classmates and AASECT colleagues to join her in the Facebook community and communicate via Facebook messenger – deactivation was shockingly sudden. Shortly after congratulating Dr. Block for surpassing 10,000 Facebook followers, META shut down both her Facebook and IG accounts and banned her from all META sites and apps.

Why? No reason was given, no trial, no evidence – just a firing squad of bots summarily terminating (exterminating) her accounts, dumping them into a mass grave filled with millions of other similarly destroyed social media accounts (maybe some you know).

“META’s wanton, algorithmic and unwarranted deactivation of my accounts has destroyed 15 years of hard labor in its social media mines, cut me off from essential communication channels, damaged my reputation and infringed upon my freedom of speech as well as the freedom of my friends, family and colleagues to hear me speak on their META feeds and in messenger,” Block asserts. “This AI-controlled deactivation represents the normalization of dehumanization. AI of this kind is artificial ignorance. It’s killing our humanity first, on its way to killing all the humans.”

Block’s legal team contends that META’s actions constitute a breach of contract and violate fundamental principles of fairness, free speech and due process. They argue that the company’s failure to provide any warning, explanation, opportunity to address any alleged community guidelines violations, or recourse for the deactivation constitutes an abuse of power, effectively and unjustly silencing her voice and depriving her of access to an essential digital public sphere.

“Of course, this is not just about me,” Block observes. “META activates and deactivates millions of people, doing great damage to our digital lives, mental health, personal relationships, art, work, fan bases and reputations. META harms whether activating violence (see Uvalde victims’ families sue META) and addiction, or deactivating sexuality and love. META drives some to homicide and many more just to hopelessness, frustration and depression. Sadly, most people cannot fight back. I am fighting back.”

“I am so glad to hear that Dr. Block is fighting for her right to free speech,” writes art critic Paul Artman. “This is a gift for all of us. She has my total and utter support.”

“No individual or entity should wield unchecked power to silence voices they disagree with in the public square,” asserts Block, “Mark Zuckerberg may consider it his ‘personal fiefdom,’ but Meta’s mega monopoly makes up such a large portion of the digital public square – it should be open to the public.”

“META’s actions in silencing Dr. Block are unacceptable and fascist!” writes Cal State Long Beach art professor Rhiannon Aarons. “Any of us could be next.”

Block’s legal action against META highlights the growing concerns surrounding the influence and accountability of social media giants in moderating our everyday online discourse – mostly with AI – and the need for greater transparency, fairness, accountability and humanity in their practices, as well as more equitable conflict resolution in social media and other common digital spaces.

“Dr. Susan Block vs. Instagram/META (formerly known as Facebook)” is scheduled for an arbitration hearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning June 26th, 2024.  Exact time and place TBA.

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Susan Marilyn Block, Ph.D., aka “Dr. Suzy,” world-renowned sexologist, cultural commentator, Yale grad, best-selling author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure, peace activist, bonobo conservationist and host of The Dr. Susan Block Show for over 30 years.

You might know Dr. Block from her #1 Nielsen-rated, groundbreaking HBO specials or remember her long-running radio shows – “Radio Match” and “Date Nite” (rated “Best of LA Phone-In Shows” by The LA Weekly) on KIEV and KFOX, but did you know that she successfully sued the LAPD for infringement of her First and Fourth Amendment rights after they raided one of her live broadcasts?

Dr. Block also helped bring about the downfall of another power-hungry, erotophobic media mogul who tried to muzzle her Free Speech on Public Access TV. Adelphia Cable TV owner John Rigas wound up in prison while The Dr. Susan Block Show went back on the air uncensored – until the Time Warner Cable killed public access because, they said, “now you have the Internet.”

Dr. Block collaborates with her husband of 32 years, Maximillian R. Lobkowicz, aka “Capt’n Max” or “Pr. Max,” former publisher of The LA Star, The Brentwood Bla Bla and Beverly Hills, the Magazine. Together, they host FDR Radio and direct the Susan Marilyn Block Foundation, Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy Art Gallery, and Bonoboville—helping humans connect and save the bonobos.

Interviewed by dozens of major media outlets, most recently quoted at length in The Mirror on Stormy Daniels spanking Trump, and a top contributor to a wide range of publications, from the Wiley-Black Human Sexuality Encyclopedia to Counterpunch, Dr. Block has delivered keynote speeches, talks and lectures at conventions and universities on sex, kink, female empowerment, bonobos, free speech and living the “cage-free” life. But she’ll never quit her “day job” as a sex therapist with the Dr. Susan Block Institute, helping people to explore, enjoy and take responsibility for their personal, sexual lives.

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