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Dr. Susan Block's Journal - Newsletter of The Dr. Susan Block Institute
LIVE this Saturday Night from the Little Love Church of BonobovilleThe Dr. Susan Block Show celebrates the birthdays of at least two passionate Scorpios, Dr. Suzy‘s husband, “prime mate” and navigator of the good ship Bonoboville, Capt’n Max, and beautiful bubbly blonde assistant Blossom Green. It’s also the fourth anniversary of The Bonobo Way! Joining the celebration this Saturday are uber sexy squirting milf Juici Jenni, femdom She God Claire, camgirl Rainbow Scum, comedian & stripper Sunshine McWane, Ikkor and more! Call 310-568-0066 or RSVP to join us in the studio audience and the beautiful Bonoboville Gardens or tune in FREE on DrSuzy.Tv to check out all the sapiosexual conversation, music, comedy and erotic action that you won’t see anywhere else. dsbsbisig
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Saturday 11/10 10:30pm


The Dr. Susan Block Institute

Whatever your sign, your passions light your fire, but if you need help handling them, we’re here for you. We can give you the relationship counseling you need, lead you in guided masturbation, tease you, or if you need to go deeper, we offer erotic hypnosis. Are you a virgin looking to have sex for the first time? We can help you get there. Spice up your sex life with your significant other: Visit Villa Bonobo’s erotic couples retreat. Whatever your fetish, fantasy, interest, question, problem, pleasure, kink or conundrum, you can call the Dr. Susan Block Institute at 213-291-9497 anytime to talk about anything; we’re just a phone call away. Call us for a super sapiosexual conversation, totally private and confidential, discovering peace through pleasure with the help of the expert knowledge, deep perception, nonjudgmental understanding and sensuous sensibility of revolutionary sexologist Dr. Susan Block or one of our other Therapists Without Borders, each excellent in their specialties. Experience therapy by phonewebcam, or even sexting. No topic is too taboo, no fantasy too freaky to explore in the Erotic Theater of the Mind. Watch Dr. Suzy talk to a female show caller who gets turned on by giving massages with happy endings in Exciting Massage. For more videos featuring Dr. Suzy’s wit, wisdom and inimitable eroticism, head over to the Dr. Susan Block Youtube Channel! Subscribe for more!


Dr. Block’s Journal

We blow out Kink Month with a big Halloween climax in BOOnoBOOville. In sexy Super Witch style, Dr. Suzy  welcomes sweet, stunning but savage FinDoms Goddess Virgin and Goddess Stella Sol to the Womb Room. When Goddess Virgin’s “pet” puts on a Trump mask,  she kicks him hard in the crotch three times! Ouch! Bringing pleasure to balance out the pain are Rawkstars and super bonobo couple Danielle Watts and Chef Be*Live. As usual, they lose their clothes and dance around and Danielle even flies on Dr. Suzy’s Magic Dildonic Vibrating Broom! Read all about it and enjoy the amazing uncensored photos over at Dr. Suzy’s sensational sapiosexual show blog.

Happy Hallowe'en from BOOnoBOOville! Ikkor the Wolf, Goddess Stella Sol, Goddess Virgin, Dr. Susan Block, Daniele Watts, Chef BeLiVE, Blossom Green. Photo: Wicked Way Beats

Happy Hallowe’en from BOOnoBOOville! Ikkor the Wolf, Goddess Stella Sol, Goddess Virgin, Dr. Susan Block, Daniele Watts, Chef BeLiVE, Blossom Green. Photo: Wicked Way Beats

DrSuzy.TV Archives

Revisit 20+ years of sex, masturbation, dommes, pornstars, birthdays, anniversaries, sex educational demos, fascinating interviews, inspirational monologues, squirt salons and orgies – now all FREE and only on DrSuzy.Tv! NOW TRENDING: A horde of beautiful ladies bare their breasts for Bonoboville Communion and amazing “Geyser of Desire” Deauxma squirts 28 times in Spring Showers


Block Books

Get in touch with your kink, enhance your sex life, keep love alive for decades, find like-minded partners, be more ecosexual, discover what it means to be gay the Bonobo Way,” or just amp up your masturbation sessions with Dr. Susan Block’s critically acclaimed book. The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace Through Pleasure has captivated authors, ambassadors, sexologists, porn stars and over 40 5-star reviews on Amazon with its paradigm-shifting message of peace-through-pleasure, female-empowerment, inclusivity, ecosexuality and sexual liberation!

Check out what’s NEW on BlockBooks: Love in the Stars: Scorpio Edition. Get the premiere “Splosh ‘n’ Art ” print edition of Dr. Suzy’s new Speakeasy Journal. Then Assume the Position for the upcoming SPANK Edition



For Capt’n Max‘s birthday last year, the luminous Goddess Soma Snakeoil lit a Human Birthday Candle (!), tying her nearly nude sub Miss Antoinette to the St. Andrew’s Cross, then oiling her up and dancing fire over the surface of her naked skin. Happy Birthday to Max! And an amazing clip for you: Fire Play with Goddess Soma and Antoinette.


Time Machine

Travel back in our time machine to the 5th of November, 2016, when we celebrated Capt’n Max’s birthday, the second anniversary of The Bonobo Way and Guy Fawkes Day in a world where Trump was mere days away from shocking everyone by being elected president by the Electoral College. Oblivious to all that, we celebrated Max’s B-Day with a carefree party featuring many of our favorite guests. Read all about it and see the uncensored photos in “V” Without Violence: Happy Bday Capt’n Max! Happy Anniversary Bonobo Way!

Capt'n Max speaks at his 5th of November Bonobo Way Birthday Bacchanal in 2016. Photo: B Natural

Capt’n Max speaks at his 5th of November Bonobo Way Birthday Bacchanal in 2016. Photo: B Natural


The Bonobo Way

Bonobos are the kinkiest apes on Earth, so Kink Month is a great time to give The Bonobo Way, spreading “Peace on Earth ~ Pleasure for All.”  The “Make Love Not War,”female-empowered and highly endangered  bonobos are the real-life inspiration for The Bonobo Way, and a portion of all Bonobo Way book sales are donated to bonobo conservation, so when you  order  your  copy  of this life-changing  book, you are also helping to  save  these marvelous creatures from extinction {8(:|). Bonobos love to combine food and sex, and so do we (though we do it somewhat differently), so check out Splosh ‘n’ Art in Dr. Susan Block’s SPEAKEASY JOURNAL now available (signed) or on Amazon! Celebrate the 4th Anniversary of The Bonobo Way this Saturday!

D&B's bonobo joins our primate menagerie. Photo: Selfie

Scorpios Capt’n Max & Blossom with Geminis Dr. Suzy & Abe, with Daniele Watts (also Scorpio) & BeLive’s bonobo & more of our primate menagerie. Photo: Selfie


See the NEW Forbidden Photographs from SQUIRTING Kink Month Kickoff + LABIA DAY 2018, Erotique Politiques. Masturbation Month Kick-Off 2018, Spring Showers, Woman Power and our 26th Wedding Anniversary Bacchanalia. Featured Post: NOW BOOKING Guests for the LIVE broadcast of The Dr. Susan Block Show! Explore the Bonoboville City Limits and build your village using our Classifieds, Events, FAQ page, Forums, Groups, Obituaries & much more!

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