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  1. Bob Gryszka
    04 · 12 · 13 @ 2:46 pm

    Wow!! Susan ! Just got done looking at the pix you shared on FB of the sexual healing show, i know i say it all the time but you truly are the most beautiful woman on the planet!!!You looked so amazing in that 1 picture of u what looks like having an orgasm!!! Have a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU & MAX & ALL THE BEST OH HEALTH & HAPPINESS.Love Robert!


  2. Y
    03 · 5 · 13 @ 6:03 pm

    what a nice show it turned out to be, even though you said it will be nothing special :)
    I was looking at the Siren, ( I mean I am not into girls ) but she was very special. Her eyes and facial expressions.. Now I understand why Paul Gauguin was so crazy about island girls.

    Every time I come over, I learn something new :)


  3. Dr. Shelley
    03 · 4 · 13 @ 11:44 pm

    Thanks Dr. Susan – You are living testimony to the anti-aging benefits of sex! You are still incredibly sexy!! You are such an inspiration!!!

    Loved your DVD from the Museum show! It’s sooooo good! I am super impressed and love how it turned out!!!

    Great job!!!


  4. Your Doctor/Patient in KSA
    03 · 4 · 13 @ 4:30 pm

    Dr. Suzy: A moment of appreciation:

    I think u were good..VERY GOOD to me the past period (4 years I believe).

    U did well to ur business, u treated me well, u were ALWAYS truthful and not talking bull shit, u had psychological skills, u managed to attract me even with the cultural differences and the Huge distance between us..
    U were the person there to me at times when there was no one around and U LISTENED WELL WELL WELL!
    And u REALLY tolerated me!

    I know it’s a business at the end..but u did Very well..for both..the business and me.

    I’m feeling much better these days..
    I was looking back at the past period and I saw we spent a great deal of time earlier
    I thought it was an occasion to Admit how skillfull, SMART and nice hearted u are..and off course Sexy!

    Take Care and thank you for all the help u provided.

    from an improved doctor across the ocean.


  5. Straight Lesbian
    03 · 4 · 13 @ 1:04 pm

    AMAZING show as usual and an even better after party!! We had girls on the pole, swingin’ sex, pussy pipe hittin, spankin’. DAMN!


  6. Lya Pink
    03 · 4 · 13 @ 1:02 pm

    Had a blast! Met some awesome people….


  7. Jeremy
    03 · 4 · 13 @ 12:59 pm

    I’m glad you had a great night Doc


  8. Amy
    03 · 4 · 13 @ 12:57 pm

    We had a great time with Dr. Suzy & Dr. Shelley!


  9. Vanessa
    03 · 4 · 13 @ 12:18 pm

    Couldn’t have done it without the rest of the bonobo family for sticking in there and showing teamwork from the set making to giving extra hours. Whew!! We did it! Still looking for that perfect producer so if anyone knows anyone interested have them send us their resume at blockfrontoffice@gmail.com.


  10. Sam DeForrest
    03 · 4 · 13 @ 9:44 am

    Another winner! I have to get out there and see this show in person.


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