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  1. Danny Brown
    10 · 8 · 15 @ 1:44 am

    I’m a huge fan!!!!


  2. Sydney F
    10 · 1 · 15 @ 1:05 am

    So free and open. It’s sexual and interesting. Yet informative. I loved the snake, by the way. It was cool. I liked how you composed yourself. Very much an alpha female, like me.


  3. Mary lewin
    09 · 30 · 15 @ 3:05 pm

    Just want to say I am so excited about your work here–as a writer, a sociologist, an animal lover, and a feminist.


  4. Elizabeth Aston
    09 · 30 · 15 @ 3:03 pm

    This was an incredibly powerful experience, celebrating a rare and mystical Supermoon with our beautiful friends gracing us with their presence from a healing community across the globe. It was our absolute pleasure to welcome Sabine and Benjamin, to hear about their evolved approach on life, love, and war, and how they intertwine.

    A full moon is a time to cultivate, to manifest, to start anew. Learning about Terra Nova and Tamera at such a time is a rare cosmic gift. Their presence was our present, and it will usher us into a new era, if we open our eyes, transform our thoughts, and create new intentions.

    Sharing the stage with these phenomenal guests was highlighted by our own bonobos, familiar and new. Welcome Dayton! Happy Birthday, Helane! And EVE <3 : it's great to have you back.

    Dr SerenaGaia, thank you for bringing us all together. You touch so many lives from wherever you are. We look forward to building ecosexual communities everywhere.

    Spread the LOVE – It's FREE!!!


  5. stefano alessio
    09 · 30 · 15 @ 11:18 am

    Excellent work


  6. Tiya Ailiya
    09 · 30 · 15 @ 10:51 am

    Wow, this really makes me extremely ecstatic!


  7. totallysexytoni
    09 · 30 · 15 @ 1:52 am



  8. Michael Wiznu Wisnieux
    09 · 30 · 15 @ 1:24 am

    Thank you, Cap’n Max — For decades of diligence, and for giving me the opportunity to grok the Speakeasy Mission. This past Saturday was quite a turning-point in my lil’ life… I hope that we can henceforth support the journeys of those brave & worthy souls to whom we are connected.


  9. Wolf Magnusson
    09 · 29 · 15 @ 12:56 pm

    Fantastic show. The Bonobo Way is awesome!


  10. Xander
    09 · 29 · 15 @ 12:49 pm

    The Block show is a wonderful program and it is a staple in the sex positive community.


  11. JVP
    09 · 29 · 15 @ 2:18 am

    I couldn’t get enough of these friends of the Earth, their star is rising indeed. Plus book-spankings and moon-gazings


  12. John O'Keefe
    09 · 29 · 15 @ 1:56 am

    You are an amazing woman!


  13. Chelsea Demoiselle (Raw)
    09 · 28 · 15 @ 11:34 pm

    I feel sometimes like I live in a desert. A world in which so many seem to not care, to not strive in heroic ways to love and better this place … to speak out loud of the water and the walk and now here are these two representatives of a new earth! I want to invite them to my Bonoboville.com group “new world flag …” if they would !!!

    As I read your blog I had silent tears of joy. I couldn’t be happier to be in a Bonoboville which is branching out to connect with miraculous communities such as Tamera … Seeing Sabine and Benjamin on the show really was different from any other guests I’ve seen on the show.

    I’m now very keen to visit Windward also, after reading the description and having more contact on social media with Lindsay Hagamen.

    I felt the entire demeanor of the show shifted … their unique combo of innocence, power and sensuality was quite striking… loved how Snake Eve loved Sabine!

    Although I was watching live on the web, I’ve been in person to enough shows to have a feel for the studio and temperature of emotions…. I felt a lot of sacredness and openness.

    Reading your blog, Dr Suzy, I really didn’t expect to begin crying those tears of Love for Bonoboville and deep gratitude for all I could begin to discover about Terra Nova such as their Field Building and other quantum healing practices. Their walking from a water source to LA and stopping along the way to be with indigenous inhabitants? That is so beautiful and unique in the world today!!! I’m so happy to have found out about them and excited to read their books…

    To hear you vow that you and Max will visit Portugal to their community one day was very inspiring. Me too!

    Anyway, in a whole different way this kind of matches how I felt about Layla Sin the Penthouse Pet of the Year and her exquisite beauty and eloquence as she read from Cleis Press’s Penthouse Variations on Oral… for completely different reasons but all the same intensity!

    Happiest of birthdays to Helane! Dayton Rains super sexy as always!

    The photography this week is extra special … very very nice out on the terraces but in studio as well… love the creativity!!!

    Lastly, just to reiterate about Sabine Lichtenfels & Benjamin von Mendelssohn, some For Real Folks with Street Cred of the longtime community, now in Portugal… Prosex and love in community with Field Building being a fascinating and completely cutting edge quantum practice from what I’m learning of it … Definitely have already ordered “Terra Nova, Global Revolution & the Healing of Love” and will specially look up their essays in “Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love”… Hugs to Dr SerenaGaia Anderlini for as you say, the match-making!

    Love and Bonobo Light,


  14. Sabine
    09 · 28 · 15 @ 6:32 am

    Thanks again for the beautiful way you guided us and supported us in the show! Send you greetings also fro Ben, with love Sabine


  15. Del Rey
    09 · 27 · 15 @ 8:23 pm

    This was an uplifting show, with an abundance of information that left me feeling rather hopeful. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Sabine and Benjamin’s lecture and presentation on water, earlier this week and the work they are doing at Tamera is indeed revolutionary. From their solutions to water management, to the cultivation of an entire village, this is the real deal. And is a true, “Ecolutionary” movement– hat tip to Los Angeles gardener Ron Finley. Both Sabine and Benjamin, brought a wonderful energy to the womb room, and it was great to hear from Lindsey Hagaman again.

    Also a great big happy birthday to Helane, an amazing artist, and the latest addition to the Bonobo Way Female Empowerment Program. Oh joy! Oh joy! Oh what a joy it was to have her in the Womb Room again. especially for a bday celebration. A special toast to this amazing artist and empowered woman.

    Speaking of female empowerment, a special thanks to our producer Biz, and a tip of the hat to the institute’s newest webcam therapist, Dayton Rains. Chelsea, it was great to hear from you I can understand why you’re such a frequently called therapist, you have an amazing voice, and even though you weren’t in Bonoboville for the show, you were still part of the village.

    So much going on here in Bonoboville, and with this changing of seasons, we continue to push forward, sharing the message of peace through pleasure, and The Bonobo Way.

    One last thought, it is great to see how this village of artisans, exhibitionists, Lovers and sinners congregates; Ikkor the Wolf, Michael Wiznu, welcome back to bonoboville! See ya soon.


  16. Christopher C. Gagliardi
    09 · 27 · 15 @ 9:43 am

    Dr. Suzy, Chelsea, and the gang at Dr. Susan Block Institute,

    WHAT A AMAZING show last night that I just listen to, It was so awesome and so hot too! I am so so grateful for your full dynamic support against Bullying and Bullycide, we need to stand up for love and compassion and more importantly sex, love and passion and more :) !!! I want to thank you so so much for all your support. I will join your movement and more.


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