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  1. Leilani Lei
    09 · 9 · 15 @ 11:38 am

    I had the most amazing time on your show! Thank you so much for having me Dr Suzy! You are an amazing wonderful woman!


  2. David Manning
    09 · 3 · 15 @ 6:01 pm

    You say that one should give pleasure to others generously and not expect an immediate or reciprocal response. By giving pleasure freely, one will received pleasure in due course. It’s what some people call “karma” or “what goes around comes around.” Again, I am amazed by your intellect and the amount of knowledge you have acquired in your life time. Borrowing a football reference, you are a “triple threat” because you have beauty, brains, and talent. (FYI: A football player who can run, throw and catch is known as a triple threat.)


  3. Parisienne
    09 · 2 · 15 @ 1:25 am

    Looking incredible Dr. Suzy, but then again, you always do.


  4. Michael Donnelly
    09 · 1 · 15 @ 9:48 am

    The Monkey Clan was up camping and hiking in a Cascade Mountains Wilderness under the full moon. Learned a new term of measurement – a millaHelen. A millaHelen is the amount of beauty necessary to launch one ship. Looks like The Monkeys and The Bonobos had a GigaHelen full moon time of it!


    • drsuzy
      09 · 2 · 15 @ 10:18 pm

      Sounds great – as long as these “GigaHelens” just launch Sperm Wars, not real wars ;)


  5. Nick Salazar
    08 · 31 · 15 @ 2:26 pm

    Love you Dr. Susan! Ride the MAD X Bike intill you wear it out!


  6. Ivory Miller
    08 · 31 · 15 @ 2:25 pm

    Epic show


  7. Dayton Rains
    08 · 31 · 15 @ 2:24 pm

    I had the best time ever! So much fun! I feel so fortunate to be part of the Bonobo Way Movement Xoxo


  8. Chelsea Demoiselle (Raw)
    08 · 31 · 15 @ 1:26 am

    Having deep ties to Native American communities and roots in the European Wiccan & Pagan traditions, I appreciated the mystical side of observance and veneration of this Super Moon by hostess and guests alike on this week’s Dr Susan Block Show…

    It was a powerful night with so many elements involved with the thoughtfulness and generosity on many levels from everyone involved.

    Thank you for the historical and cultural information, the start of the new Bonobo Way Female Empowerment Outreach Program and your bringing us all closer together with these remindings of how women tend to synchronize our menses as well as fertility…

    I loved the sexy guests and their nature roots–one having lots of time in Hawaii and the other grew up in the woods of northern California… I feel their energy was so clear and their sensuality so open and generous that it really made everything else pop last night; from the silvery stage dressing and costume, to the excitement which was palpable in photographers, speakeasy guests, studio members, models, staff and family there was definitely a Supermoon Full Moon vibe and you made it more meaningful by naming so much of what I think many of us were feeling.

    Gorgeous girls, sharing their climaxes with the studio, riding the MadXBike and sybian and expressing their joy and orgasms openly really is a way to draw down the moon’s energy for the intention at hand: to indeed continue living The Bonobo Way and making 2015 the first official Year of the Bonobo!


  9. Del Rey
    08 · 30 · 15 @ 6:50 pm

    Splendid show, an absolutely super super moon celebration that brought out an orgy of speakeasy stars. Leilani & Dayton Rains were delightful guests that brought an empowered energy with them. A tip o’ the hat to our esteemed producer for inviting such amazing talent; with a double hat tip to Dr. Block launching The Bonobo Way Female Outreach Program– with a special thanks to Bonoboville’s anonymous philanthropist.

    All in all, this super moon is really going to be setting the standard for all other super moons. The lunar energy was strong in Bonoboville last night; a Mad X Bike ride, a Sybian induced orgasm, and that was before Dayton’s smoking hot pussy smokin’ took center stage– amen & awomyn. If you’ve ever wondered why The Dr. Susan Block Show has been dubbed, “The greatest sexuality show on Earth, then I recommend watching this episode.

    Truly this was a pleasure to document and I’m so glad that Bonoboville has such amazing female energy around. From the gallery to the speakeasy bar, to the broadcast bed, the energy was wonderful last night, but all good things must come to an end, and this feels like a smashing good way to begin saying farewell to our Bonobo Summer of Love. The good news is that 2015, the year of the bonobo is not over yet. On the contrary, there is much more to come. Stay tuned and see you in Bonoboville:



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