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  1. Poppy Haze
    09 · 7 · 22 @ 3:43 am

    It needs to be a federal holiday


  2. GasMaskGirl
    09 · 7 · 22 @ 3:42 am

    Always the most beautiful labias on your show.


  3. Deward Emerson
    09 · 6 · 22 @ 2:02 am

    Awesome to see the first Labia Day and how it evolved right on the air from Labor Day. And what a fantastic sex-educational lesson in female anatomy, passion and the Bonobo Way.


  4. Ruby
    09 · 6 · 22 @ 1:55 am

    Happiest of Labia Days to the Sexiest of Sexologists! Thank you Dr. Suzy for giving Labor Day a female-empowering spin. Such an erotic show, but I also learned a lot about my own anatomy! But the uncensored show, wow, what a treat!


  5. Aaron Cohen
    09 · 5 · 22 @ 7:19 pm



  6. Biz Bonobo
    09 · 5 · 22 @ 2:38 am

    Hip LIP Hooray for #LABIADAY!!!
    Such a fun episode…and a pleasurable time to be alive (back then)!
    My #NETHERLIPS are quivering with excitement to see this again. Thank you kindly, Dr Susan Block
    Here’s to Vagina Puppets speaking better than Talking Heads, any day of the year


  7. Rich Biggly
    09 · 4 · 22 @ 6:55 pm

    It only took 133 years since the first Labor Day to come up with a festive celebration day that is honest to our hearts’ desires. Ultimately, don’t we all want to love and be loved in the return?


  8. MarsFX
    09 · 4 · 22 @ 12:59 pm

    The TWO clips of Dayton Rains “smoking” are outstanding! Besides being a wonderfully gregarious personality, she clearly demonstrates an undeniable talent! Wouldn’t you agree? I have always enjoyed her presence on the shows from those years.


  9. Harry
    09 · 4 · 22 @ 6:02 am

    If ever the phrase “Must See TV” was true, it is 100x the case with this show. This show was HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THIS IS F*CKING AWESOME!!!. There were things happening on this show that were mind blowing. Let me just say that Bill Clinton’s cigar has NOTHING on this show. After this show, I no longer celebrate Labor Day, Labia Day is the only holiday for me!!!


  10. Bae
    09 · 4 · 22 @ 12:15 am

    What a lip-smacking show! With luscious labias on display on Labia Day! Thanks for sharing the show that gave birth to Labia Day! Real labias on view and a vulva puppet. What fun!


  11. Adriana
    09 · 2 · 22 @ 5:58 am

    Labia Day is so important! I love to celebrate the beauty of the female form. Before now, I didn’t know there was a specific day, but it should be celebrated everyday! Wonderfully empowering show! Let’s here is for the ladies and labia!


  12. Gideon Grayson
    09 · 1 · 22 @ 2:04 am

    Dayton Rains!!!


  13. Alena Sarwar
    11 · 19 · 21 @ 12:44 am

    I really admire your writing!


  14. Max Bonoboville, Ca.
    09 · 7 · 15 @ 10:04 pm

    Ok, there were a lot of beautiful women on the bed for Labia Day, but there was one in particular that was in the audience, a beautiful and Oh so hot lady like the deserts of Jordan OOOZING sex like the hottest pornstar of them all…will she ever come back? We hope so.


  15. Elizabeth Aston
    09 · 7 · 15 @ 4:57 pm

    As we bid farewell to the Bonoboville Summer of Love, I’ve noticed something: Our love doesn’t divide, it keeps multiplying.

    With the addition of a new family member, lover, or fur baby, we learn how to open our hearts to something new. Welcoming Dayton through The Bonobo Way brings an enlivened energy to Bonoboville. Her contagious enthusiasm, incredible talents, and kind gifts show us that she truly understands how to live in the best light. She’s an inspiration, a glowing example of living Peace Through Pleasure.

    We have a new loverboy in Bonoboville as well! Ikkor the Wolf made us howl with delight. Beckoned by smoke signals, he arrived just in time to join in our new cunniligual Goddess Cannabis ritual.

    As for adding a fur baby, we’re all in love with the newest little addition, Yenta…Ohhh she is the most adorable! As if Luzer needed to magnify his already skillful pick-up artistry, he melts our hearts by showing off his new little lady.

    With so much love around us, we are living The Bonobo Way. As our love multiplies, we see the way it touches us, and enhances the good will and gracious spirit in others.

    I am absolutely honored to be included in The Bonobo Way Female Empowerment Outreach Project. Our kind benefactor touches the lives of women who can really make a difference in the world, and it is an inspiration to know that a stranger might stand behind my beliefs and encourages me helping others. Thank you, Dr Suzy, for granting me an opportunity to speak about my own fempowerment outreach, in which I help women harness their power in overcoming past trauma and PTSD. Continuing education in that field is my greatest aspiration at this time.

    Labor in the Womb Room rarely feels like work. I’m lucky to be in the 1% of human bonobos who celebrate the loins and the labia on a regular basis.

    So now it’s official! We’ve given rise to the new holiday ==> LABIA DAY <== !!! A new & improved version of the oligarchic, Cleveland-esque, boring old fat cat Labor Day. I mean, isn't that what weekends are for, anyhow? To recover and rejuvenate after working for the Man?!

    Let's give this holiday to the Women…Happy LABIA DAY, everyone!


  16. Ambush
    09 · 7 · 15 @ 1:27 pm

    So sexy…always liked your sexual energy and you still got it


  17. Chelsea Demoiselle (Raw)
    09 · 7 · 15 @ 12:52 am

    Dr Susan Block;

    You pinpoint what’s wrong with Labor Day… those of us with foggy ill-defined notions of the violent and manipulative origins of this date, who have remained ignorant or forgetful of the May 1st roots of International Workers Day get an eye-opener. Of the US’s out-of-sync September Labor Day you write:

    “… It’s more of a paltry pacifier from the 1%–the owners, Mafioso union bosses, greedy oligarchs and CEOs—one measly Monday where we theoretically don’t have to labor for The Man, but are expected to consume high-calorie processed foods from company stores like Walmart and Target, watch military-style parades and endure boring, hypocritical speeches….”

    As you know my niche and passion against those processed foods which I feel cause illness (and Big Pharma feigns any connection between diet and disease to boost profits) is a driving force behind my love of promoting raw vegan foods and more recently, urban gardens … A quick shout-out to the hashtag #PlantSomeShit and #GangstaGardeners a la Ron Finley who currently has me smitten. (Fellow bonobo Del Rey loves this too and contributes to the Bonobo balcony herb garden! :))

    Dr Suzy, since my teens I’ve improvised on the Wiccan and pagan holidays such as May 1, but growing up I only recall an emphasis on quietly placing flowers on friend’s porches at dawn, which is “nice” but not if it’s just a distraction to smokescreen out the significance of a more international observance of true workers’ rights… I like your cognizance of the fact that 25% of workers are in the retail industry and as a result often work overtime this weekend rather than actually have a day off…

    You had us remember the tragic Haymaker affair and as an energy worker, I perceive that by so doing a palpable hush of conscious awareness gently flooded the Womb Room–a subtle but beautiful shift during the broadcast as though your words momentarily became a still pond; then a resulting ripple within that space as a pebble of hope and joy seemed to drop into the family-like sensual state in the room–to create something more real and more immediate which will in turn ripple out to others in the world from now and into the far-reaching future… In one fell swoop as you say it resembled a “…far more suitable and bonoboësque name for this early September day off from the daily grind. Thus Labor Day becomes Labia Day. And a great, new holiday blossoms like a brilliant Georgia O’Keeffe flower in the verdant Garden of Bonoboville…”

    I LOVE Georgia O’Keeffe!!!! Especially her orange poppies!!! :)

    Thus #LabiaDay is born and the “Bonobo Way Female Empowerment Outreach Project” week two did commence. (Began on the auspicious Supermoon and Choctaw tribal “Women’s Moon”) … Over this past year I’ve been involved in the show I’ve seen a rapid development of massively more and more people noticing a sense of feeling they are at “home” when in contact with the growing alliance of bonoboësque folks

    Which brings me back to the Bonobo Female Empowerment envelope you awarded me with: Dr Suzy, I have literally met no one who works harder than you do–tirelessly for the bonobos and your clients as well as the working community of Bonoboville itself and to have you complement my work ethic means a lot to me.

    I’m so happy now that I’ve been a recipient of the Bonobo Way reader’s donation who was inspired to contribute to this movement with special funds earmarked specifically for women and making a difference in empowering lives…

    It means a lot to me to not only share my passion and calling on the air on The Dr Susan Block Show of how I aspire to be of service by promoting raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as a rejuvenating and highly effective illness-reversing protocol but to also have my educational efforts honored.

    It was so neat, the past two shows, when you asked the other women to share their passion and they shared their visions for how they too want to be of service to empower other women… it’s a really inspiring addition to your show I think… Many of us expressed the aspiration to be close-in in the Bonobo Way zeitgeist.

    From what myself and the other women are saying, we all feel a strong connection to The Bonobo Way and a synchronistic alliance with our purpose and wish to be part of and a support to The Bonobo Way movement.

    TBW is continuing to gain so much momentum since the release of your book by that name last fall and since Dr SerenaGaia Anderlini–ecosexuality icon–declared 2015 the first official Year of the Bonobo! … So much has happened–with the incredible traffic to your websites, the consistent juicy and wise content you are putting up and then the over twenty-six prestigious five-star reviews on Amazon, and explosion of coverage in the media about TBW and your sexological content…It seems to be a positive snowball effect where so many people are opening up to what once might have seemed counterintuitive… in this case “evolution” is actually returning to our primate “cousins” way of resolving conflict. Certainly hugs not wars and a more accepting embrace of sexuality for well-being… to learn from rather than try to *teach* the bonobos… seeing their track record of never having killed each other as a higher level of development than the oft-believed superior mode of human intelligence, is a step of humility but in the right direction.

    Your book is the succinct and page-turning manual for learning from the bonobos about some pretty basic stuff that human beings have to actually evolve our way back into. I’m glad there’s the twelve steps to recovering one’s inner bonobo to turn to. :)

    X ~Chels


  18. Del Rey
    09 · 6 · 15 @ 10:24 pm

    Happy Labia Day one and all,

    I’m so glad to be around such inspiring bonoboësque ladies & gents, it really is a wondrous thing to be involved with Bonoboville. Dayton Rains was delightful and such a giving bonobo gal, her drink was amazing and the fruit that she brought was delicious. Ikkor’s return to Bonoboville was nice, he has such a way with words. All in all this was an intimate show, and a nice way to shift into autumn.

    Lastly, the Bonobo Female Empowerment Outreach program is amazing. It really is great to hear what these ladies are passionate about. Cheers!


  19. Christopher C. Gagliardi
    09 · 6 · 15 @ 8:53 pm

    Dr. Susan Block,

    I enjoyed the program sincerely! I love your radio show and all that you do! I am grateful for your tireless support with my petition to end bullying and bully-cide, and I really thank you for a show not just fun, but hot hot hot and a whole lot more that you do! I cannot wait for next week’s show.

    From my heart, thank you so much for all you do!


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