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  1. Ben from NY
    06 · 6 · 16 @ 2:32 am

    You are one beautiful doctor hon!! do you like Italian men?


  2. Chelsea Demoiselle
    06 · 1 · 16 @ 1:50 am

    From the 20th anniversary appearance of Tara Indiana on the Dr Susan Block Show, (which I missed but viewed remotely) my world which had revolved mostly around the Male-Het-Dom/fs world began to shift… The costumes and impression in the photos began to trickle into my awareness and I’m so glad it did! I have LOVED like I never thought I would, the BONOBO WAY of FemDom, all that I have encountered brought to the surface to share with clients since becoming a therapist at the Block Institute, and then seeing the Bonobo Way female empowerment program, the way Dr Suzy showcases each guest and sponsor, then in an accomplished Dominatrix such as Tara Indiana and enacted in the women of LA’s dungeons!!! After she appeared on the DrSuzy.TV show last year, I signed up for Mistress Tara Indiana’s classes at DOI which were very interesting!!! I’m so grateful for the way she weaves being powerful in all things as a female in one’s life with the lifestyle of a ProDomme.
    None of this would even have entered my awareness in the way it did if it weren’t for the bonoboesque ways of Dr Susan Block and the human bonobos of Bonoboville living and working towards a peaceful world. As a result, not only has my therapy deepened which I offer on phone or skype via the institute, but my life has opened up a lot with more ability to communicate and put my voice out there while massively increasing female solidarity… again this is very bonobo as the females really stick together much more than chimps for example… hat tip Dr Suzy… xo great show, loved tweeting it from @chelseabonobo especially as you mention, on the heels of the FABULOUS FemDom Ape Paradigm talk you just gave at DomConLA 2016 last weekend…. Hoorah!!! Mwah, also to Dayton, Ono, Goddess LeeAnn, the luscious Jacquie Blu, as well wanted to say I DID see the clips of Ms Tara on the Daily show and it was so hilarious and powerful!!! She’s one hot Woman who indeed NEEDS to be our next Prez!!! Thank you for putting #Trump in his place!!!
    Love and Kisses fm Portland, OR!


  3. Dayton Rains
    05 · 31 · 16 @ 12:00 pm

    This was such a fun show. We had Donald Trump who I got to kiss… Whoo Hoo!! It was so nice to get to learn more about Tara Indiana, She is quite interesting. I think you have a great idea, Dr. Suzy. We should have Tara & Nina on the show. Not to mention the fun I shared with Jackie Blue & LeeAnn. I always have the most fun with my fellow bonobos & you Dr. Susan. We are the true life of the party. Good luck at AASECT we are all looking forward to seeing that talk. XOXOXO


  4. Randall Henley
    05 · 31 · 16 @ 11:47 am

    So funny! Love it.


  5. Cliff Ink
    05 · 31 · 16 @ 10:28 am

    I just returned from a trip into the future. Clinton beat Trump by one vote. The next day ten million Bernie supporters died from a well organized mass suicide event. Half an hour later six thousand thermonuclear warheads went flying. Three hours later no one was left to hear God finally address the world saying, “Its about fucking time”. A few billion years later two monkeys learned how to say, “Let’s do it the bonobo way this time around”.


  6. Mistress Sylvia Wolf
    05 · 31 · 16 @ 10:23 am

    Love it!!!!!


  7. MAX
    05 · 31 · 16 @ 8:19 am


  8. Del Rey
    05 · 30 · 16 @ 5:29 pm

    Finally a candidate that’s ready to put The Donald in a suitable position. Thanks for dropping by Bonoboville Tara Indiana, so glad to have caught an extended word with you during this Domcon Afterparty.

    Both Goddess LeeAnn and Jacqui Blu stunning in their evening dresses, très magnifique. I am constantly surprised by the amazing peace through pleasure peeps that swing by Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy. Good vibes all around.

    #GoBonobos 4 Tara! | ~Del Rey


  9. Alex Saglimbeni
    05 · 30 · 16 @ 2:10 pm

    Great to be back at the sex circus with my favorite ringmaster


  10. Antony Worm
    05 · 30 · 16 @ 1:53 pm



  11. Mistress Tara
    05 · 30 · 16 @ 1:50 pm

    Thanks for having Me! I had a great time. #greatmindsthinkalike


  12. Jacquie Blu
    05 · 30 · 16 @ 1:49 pm

    I had the most fantastic time appearing on the Dr. Suzy show! It was a most incredible evening. I’ll be back.


  13. Ono Bo
    05 · 30 · 16 @ 1:31 pm

    How exciting to have US Presidential Candidtate Tara Indiana, who graced DomCon opening night with beating Trump, as a guest who showed Bonoboville her skills. The DomCon after party came full circle with Jacquie Blue, a submissive, worshiping Goddess LeeAnn’s breasts for Bonoboville communion and Dayton doing that smoking pussy magic trick! Spot on after party!


  14. MAX
    05 · 30 · 16 @ 11:53 am

    Another great show…I’m always dumbfounded when I find an artist, especially an artist friend that supports Trump. “Why?” I ask. Because he’s going to build a wall? Because,he’s going to make America great again? I find Trump supporters very gullible.

    Definition from https://www.vocabulary.com

    If you are gullible, the joke is on you because you are easily fooled. It is thought that gullible might be derived from the verb gull, meaning “to swallow.” This would be a funny coincidence as gullible describes an overly trusting person who tends to swallow the stories he hears whole. The related word, gull, can be used as a noun “don’t be such a gull!” or as a verb “you can’t gull me into believing that!”


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