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  1. Daniele Watts
    12 · 14 · 20 @ 9:12 am

    Haha BeLive’s to comment…

    Also, awesome looking back on this amazingly therapeutic show is such a gift.

    Hugs ❣️


  2. Gail Stairs
    12 · 31 · 16 @ 4:15 pm

    *Hot wax Hanukkah* that’s so beautiful Doctor Suz. :)))


  3. Bob Gryszka
    12 · 30 · 16 @ 2:39 pm

    Dr Suzy is the ultimate!!!


  4. Gerald Brown
    12 · 28 · 16 @ 11:46 pm

    Oooooowwwweeeeeee I wish I could’ve been there for celebrating a special XXXmas party


  5. Gypsybonobo
    12 · 28 · 16 @ 9:31 pm

    Well just like most families on the holidays there was love, laughing,tradition, and of course tons of emotions and finding out secrets and facts you didn’t know about some of the people closest to you!! But our Bonobo Queen pushed through the blankets of distractions put on by Dani and I monkeying around lol, but it was no match for Dr. Suzy! She educated kept the chaos in order and I know for a fact gave me the best darn Hanukkah and Christmas to date!!! I love you so much Dr.Suzy you inspire me everyday! xox


  6. Paniscus Brecht
    12 · 28 · 16 @ 1:24 pm

    The things we say take on new life into futures so plainly uncertain to us. Perhaps we can hope that the animals of our creation, when uttered from the lips of our humanity, can evolve in a world less hostile to that which first inspired their naming.

    Words are a beginning to the frontiers of our certainty; that is worth fighting for.


  7. Harry
    12 · 28 · 16 @ 7:59 am

    As is often the case with the Dr. Susan Block Show, you experience a show that is poignant and becomes a part of you. If you could somehow harness the raw emotional force of this show you’d have enough energy to power all of Los Angeles. We got to witness some intense therapy live and in brutal color as Daniele confessed her sins and Dr. Susan helped heal a troubled soul. Afterwards, Daniele was immediately embraced by Bonoboville and the show continued back on its merry path of fun and fantasy– including Chef B getting some hot wax therapy on his “candy cane” which I guarantee was the first for many of viewers including myself. You never know what is going to happen on the Susan Block Show but more than that, every episode is like being among friends and family, as was this one. This show was a great way to spend the holidays and I can’t wait for the New Year’s Eve show which will be epic.


  8. Del Rey
    12 · 26 · 16 @ 5:26 pm

    This was a wonderfully intimate show. The candles, the confessions, and the hot wax on warm bodies, all of it was ohhh so yummy and quite beautifully orchestrated by Dr. Suzy. The inclusiveness of this holiday show was well represented and I’m delighted to have learned more about the history of Hanukkah and the sexiness of XMAS. #GoBonobos for holiday cheer!

    Wishing everyone lots of Peace, Love, & Sex.
    Del Rey


  9. Chef BeLive
    12 · 26 · 16 @ 11:10 am

    All I can say is “WHEW!!!!! What a Show!!!!”

    I don’t know if I’ll ever do wax on my cock and balls again!!! But at least I have had the experience and it made me realize that there are things on this planet that I BeLieve I’m just ok with NOT experiencing!

    Thanks Dr. Suzy & Max!!!!!


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