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  1. Radio Steve
    07 · 16 · 12 @ 3:31 pm

    See why I love Vanilla LOL ‪


  2. Linda Marie Smith
    07 · 5 · 12 @ 2:34 pm

    Vanilla and oral sex both suck… As does breast-feeding…


  3. Ivy Thornton
    07 · 4 · 12 @ 11:44 am

    Loved hearing everyone’s different ways of being non-vanilla!


  4. Tasia Sutor
    07 · 3 · 12 @ 3:28 am

    My flavor was a Hot Fuck Saturday with Extra Nuts!
    And sweet Amor Hilton’s flavor was as pure as fresh fallen snow. The sweetest little girl with the plumpest, purest, most delectable and immaculate pink hairless pussy I, and you, have ever and may ever see!!! I would recommend everyone partake in the enjoyment of something as perfect as Amor Hilton’s sweet, sweet pussy.
    Not only is she breathtaking but she is a true Bonobo! And will always be welcome back to Dr. Suzy’s Bonobo Ville! This precious little slut gave us more than we could have ever asked for when she Lost her Tranny Virginity to the beautiful Tiffany Starr live on the Dr. Susan Block Show! What a hot, steamy, kinky moment that was… mmmmmmm. What an unforgettable and huge once-in-a-lifetime moment for her to share with all us! You cannot afford to miss out on seeing this show!
    Well, I must say I do feel accomplished in our efforts to break free from Vanilla Marriage and Vanilla lifestyle and am proud to have been a part of a positive, forward movement into the inevitable Sexual Revolution that lies just beyond the horizon. Fight on Brothers and Sisters, Lovers and Sinners!!!!!


  5. paul
    07 · 2 · 12 @ 3:11 pm

    Hola Doc

    Today’s headline is “Vanilla Sucks”. you intend this to mean vanilla is not good, or maybe even awful? If we could talk long enough, i bet i could get you to stop thinking “sucks”is bad. It is actually one of my best things. I sucks nipples, pussy, the occasional cock, to name but a few. The recipients of my sucks customarily moan with pleasure.I am almost certain you must have had similar experiences. You could begin a campaign to discontinue the use of the word “sucks” as a pejorative, and then maybe strt using it as one would use the word “rocks”. so you would then say “hot sex sucks!” YES! we could start a conversation about how we use sex words, and try to change them all. for example, if someone says to me “fuck you” i am tempted to say “oh yes, please do!” and so on. fill in the blanks…..did i tell you I suck? I do, I do!


  6. Minette
    07 · 2 · 12 @ 1:45 pm

    This show made my ice cream melt. ;)


  7. Sean McNelis
    07 · 2 · 12 @ 1:09 pm

    your shows are always so much fun, esp with GFs like Tiffany Starr & TS Foxxy I wish I cud be there in the studio :-)


  8. Rich Woods
    07 · 2 · 12 @ 1:05 pm

    Thanks, Brilliant & Gorgeous Lady :) the pleasure was ours…. loved every minute of it…


  9. Tiffany Starr
    07 · 2 · 12 @ 12:06 pm

    your the best suzy, and your crew. the pleasure was all mine. Im glad I was invited back. Until next time xoxo


  10. Bella Vendetta
    07 · 2 · 12 @ 1:13 am

    thanks for having me made me wish I was there!


  11. Mary Forrest
    07 · 2 · 12 @ 1:10 am

    Thanks, Dr Suzy and Tasia for another fun-filled night. My friends love me okay, but they love me more when I introduce them to you:)


  12. Shani Reid
    07 · 2 · 12 @ 1:08 am

    Thank you soooo much for having me on your show last night! It was an honor! I loved it! Thanks for taking my virginity ;-)


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