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  1. Marty Ferguson
    11 · 15 · 06 @ 2:54 am

    Dear Dr. Susan Block,I read your recent treatise “The Table Turns: American Voters Say “Bush Sucks!” on counterpunch.org. I enjoyed reading you so much that I searched out a few of your other writings from the past published on counterpunch.I’ve forwarded this Amnesty International petition link to you because I was so moved by your “Bush’s POW porn” metaphor from 2004. I’ll be looking for more of your articles in the future.Respectfully,Marty FergusonPS STN is “Stop Torture Now”, and this group is actively opposing the CIA extraordinary rendition (kidnapping4torture) flights originating out of NC by Aero Contractors through peaceful activism, community education and open publicity at the state government level.


  2. adam wise
    11 · 13 · 06 @ 2:06 am

    brilliant piece! hope the dems prove deserving…


  3. BUSH
    11 · 13 · 06 @ 2:05 am

    Tired, gay and boring.


  4. American Moderate Muslims for Public Awareness
    11 · 12 · 06 @ 4:59 am

    Dear, Dr. Susan Block. We kindly request your permission to post your article ” American Voters Say, “Bush Sucks!”” in our website http://www.thefreecorner.com which speaks in the voice of our movement “Ammpa” the American Moderate Muslims for Public Awareness” .further, we would like to welcome you to write for our website. Finally, We appreciate your valuable efforts to clarify the truth. Sincerely, Mohammed Riyadwww.thefreecorner.com


  5. Catherine Sawyer, Ph.D.
    11 · 10 · 06 @ 2:54 am

    Dr. Block, I have read your columns in Counterpunch. You have been after these war criminals for years. You have brought many of us courage and laughter in these dark times. You deserve to celebrate this victory now, no matter what happens in the future. Enjoy your orgasm, and hopefully what comes next will not be too anticlimactic.


  6. tony p.
    11 · 10 · 06 @ 2:29 am

    Great article. FGW


  7. adamcolp@nb.sympatico.ca
    11 · 10 · 06 @ 2:28 am

    I say Dr. Susan Block sucks.


    11 · 9 · 06 @ 6:44 pm



  9. Robert McKinney
    11 · 9 · 06 @ 4:59 am

    Susan, I love your essays and I love the sexually suggestive manner you cut through all the bullshit that plays over the media as “the voice of freedom”. What the world needs now is love sweet love, no not for some but for everyone. And love means never telling a lie. I fully appreciate your deeply felt contempt for Bush and all of his cronies and Neo-cons who make of fetish of loving only themselves… Wish I could meet you one day, you must be a fabulous woman and human being. We need you in Congress!! Let’s move on same sex marriage and say, YES. Why is Canada and England so much more civilized? And France? And Germany? The mayor of Berlin is a charming homosexual who appeared recently at a major news conference with his male lover at his side. From the photograph in the IHT you could tell that they really were fond of each other, the younger man simply openly affectionate towards the mayor. What’s the big deal? Why can’t Americans grow up and accept homosexuality as another of God’s many blessings? We are sexual pygmies… Banzai


  10. Dan Chavez
    11 · 8 · 06 @ 11:47 pm

    Sing it, sister. I can’t wait til Bush and Cheney get impeached.Sincerely, Dan Chavez


  11. Deborah Sundahl
    11 · 8 · 06 @ 11:46 pm

    Alright Suzy Go girl I feel I can hold my head up high again in Europe – flew on election day so yours is the very first news I have xox Deborah


  12. Alamaine, IVe
    11 · 8 · 06 @ 7:43 pm

    “Bush sucks!”? Again, just more hopeful hyperbolic hype, more suggestive than satisfying, like wondering if one spits or swallows. And, knowing that he’s been most likely a sh*t dipper, a real “dip-sh*t,” we can only wonder about his propensities, how he is inclined when reclined. “Sucking” is something that one would not want to seriously consider, especially with, by, for one with a cruel brown drool drippy gruel grin. One just might be put off by the odeur and malheur of the cur’s impure yearnings. Somehow, leaving him to wallow in his own juices is unavoidable, to foul his own bed, to have to lay in it, to later lying about “it”, to flout a loutish pout, pretending a smile.We might feel some sympathy for the Bush-league fellow, but, with his penchant for the pinch between cheek and gum, the cuss will have to stay on the cusp of his cuspidor, even as it runneth over. “Underappreciated” his excuse, “underrated” his rationale, “underachieving” is an understatement. Always on the periphery, never on par at parlour parties, he remains aloof if only because of his goofs and gaffes, buffoonery and gaucheness. Seeming to be slow-talking and slack-jawwed, but slap-happy and sappy are realities. A Party favourite perhaps, but not one to meet Mom, left behind again he is, in his and with his cups. Only a sucker would throw caution up … along with everything else. Alamaine, IVeGrand Forks, ND, US of A


  13. SWSorrells (stumbleupon)
    11 · 8 · 06 @ 4:53 pm

    Where have you been all my life? I’ll look forward to more of these stumbles–the “election coverage” was… um… arousing to say the least. Welcome home, Doc. ~SWS


  14. Ivan Karnes
    11 · 8 · 06 @ 4:51 pm

    Dr. Suzy: I just heard that when the Democrats took the House the secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld resigned so Yes! there is a God. Ivan


  15. Cee Bee
    11 · 8 · 06 @ 4:50 pm

    Bush is now taking orders from you, Dr. Suzy! You told him to fire Rummmy, and hours later Rumsfeld hands in his resignation! Well done! Hip hip hooray for the USA!


  16. William Patrick Haines
    11 · 8 · 06 @ 2:38 pm

    Hopefully, this is the last inarticulate incompetent silver- spooned drunk that will darken the executive branch. I cannot wait to see him falter and his incompetence and negilence blocked for a change !!


  17. Rev. Bookburn
    11 · 8 · 06 @ 10:24 am

    Saying Bush sucks is giving him too much credit. Due to Laura Bush’s facial expression, it seems safe to conclude that Bush never sucks, licks or pleases. That could be why he overcompensates by being the bloodiest terrorist on earth, killing more civilians than even his father plus every officially-labelled terrorist group combined. However, he should be given credit when due. The picture of him going down for once is the best shot ever. He had those dazed cocaine eyes facing Uranus as he seemed to be trying to figure out what to do with his tongue. Bush is the most piss-poor impersonator of Forrest Gump imaginable. A simpleton figurehead for the worst regime in modern history. Will the other corporate occasional opposition party redirect the direction of the nation? That will depend on our voices. Yes, it has been like pre-World War II Germany and completely necessary to attempt obstruction of a madman. Now it is time to say that a diverse and serious range of damage needs to be undone.In the meantime, perhaps we can put our heads together and assist family-values touting, ‘moral’ crusading Republicans, as well as evangelicals (and the priests who are into adults) with creating personal ads, so that they can begin to live openly and honestly. Here’s one possibility: very horny, formerly abstinent Republican evangelist seeks choir girls and/ or page boys for evenings of tootin’ paddle action and missile/ silo games in the missionary position. Send photo and used crucifix toy.Rev. BookburnRadio VoltaPhiladelphiaReverendBookburn.com


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