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  1. Steve Karras
    08 · 21 · 15 @ 4:57 pm

    I’m Midwest chapter president of the Block Army


  2. Kamal Preet
    08 · 21 · 15 @ 11:20 am

    You are fabulously Awesome Maam. I am your great admirer Dr. Block


  3. Chelsea Demoiselle (Raw)
    08 · 15 · 15 @ 9:20 am

    After the Dr Susan Block Show in Bonoboville with Christopher Ryan PhD “Sex At Dawn” becomes “Sexy At Dawn” … !! :) https://instagram.com/p/5_eAHJySV3/


  4. Marouane Kadiri
    08 · 14 · 15 @ 1:19 pm

    I like your work very much!


  5. Trevaughn Sumrall
    08 · 10 · 15 @ 11:48 pm

    Dr. Susan Block is a genius, innovator, and philanthropist, she needs a Nobel peace prize!!! #REALTALK


  6. Del Rey
    08 · 10 · 15 @ 11:14 pm

    Wow! The pre-show interview that you did with Christopher Ryan is now up!

    This is the link: http://chrisryanphd.com/tangentially-speaking/2015/8/8/138-susan-block-the-bonobo-way


  7. Bonobo Betty
    08 · 10 · 15 @ 9:04 pm

    It’s up! Chris Ryan’s awesome interview with Dr. Suzy: http://chrisryanphd.com/tangentially-speaking/2015/8/8/138-susan-block-the-bonobo-way


  8. Parisianne Modert
    08 · 4 · 15 @ 10:53 pm

    People are your best color even when you are alone.


  9. Chris Ryan
    08 · 4 · 15 @ 5:48 pm

    Thanks for another wonderful evening.


  10. Natasha Juja
    08 · 4 · 15 @ 4:58 pm

    Great time! Thanks for inviting. You are so sexy and beutiful always


  11. Chelsea Demoiselle (Raw)
    08 · 3 · 15 @ 5:09 pm

    I’m so excited about meeting Dr Chris Ryan on the Dr Susan Block show!!! He is handsome, relaxed and exudes a health and confidence that is magnetic and hot!

    So great to see the yummy, lovely Tal OM again, and it was certainly fun to celebrate with her, other Sex At Dawn fans and writers, porn stars, healers and hot chicks!

    Here are just a couple reflections on this epic topic …

    As a teen I was part of a communal farm life with a group of artists and musicians and I already was in touch with my sexually adventurous nature.

    Within that small group my behavior was considered eclectic and egalitarian whereas once I ventured out on my own, my whole sense of balance, acceptance and place in society was sent flying.
    I intuitively sought progressive domestic groups, yet the modern economic / political structures made that extremely rare–particularly as I looked for a vegan and non-intoxicant household. For me, sharing a revolutionary lifestyle and message to the world as a group meant an intimacy I couldn’t pretend existed with someone who lived what I considered to be irrelevant to urgent global concerns i.e. superficial. I found if I did not respect a person as being part of creating a better world for example, then I could not, would not consider being intimate with them.

    I guess that’s a slice of why I don’t relate to the foragers, as I normally easily would, due to the state of the world today and problems which need addressing. I think that were I transported in time, or if there were not the mass destruction of earth’s ecosystems, I’d live like one of my favorite movies “Quest For Fire” …

    Thanks to Dr Suzy for her thoughtfulness and getting the word out there about the validity of diverse sexual preferences, activities and identities. And thank you to Dr Chris Ryan, for delving into all the data at hand and having the incredible passion and intellect to serve it all up with some real chunky food for thought…

    I love also the thoughts here http://bloggamy.com/sex-at-dawn#comment-7022 from the first Dr Ryan appearance on the DSB show of Stephen Snyder, MD, who I gather agrees with great portions of Ryan’s work, yet finds the current ambiance and social-biotics stew or yogurt, an unfertile ground for actualization.

    I hope this work serves indeed to lighten the immense stigma towards unconventional sexual styles and nonmonogamous choices in our world today… which just could–like the therapy services at the Dr Susan Block Institute–save a life!


  12. Seany Wad
    08 · 3 · 15 @ 4:58 pm

    You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. I want to spoil you.


  13. Elizabeth Aston
    08 · 3 · 15 @ 1:03 pm

    Our Bonobo Summer of Love swings on! It was a delicious gathering of beautiful people with their incredible contributions to the Sex Positive Community.

    Dr Ryan is an inspiration, detailing the true essence of sex in our lives and who we are as human animals.

    Arden Leigh is an impressive hybrid of muse and scholar. I am totally impressed and in-line with her views on dating in the modern world. She is definitely a ‘high-value’ woman ;)

    Tal Om floated in as a visionary goddess, a pillar in the Sex-Positive Community and the image of the divine feminine.

    Stefanie Special is indeed, just that! A dynamic girl-next-door with a kinky twist, she was entertaining and uninhibited…much to our delight!

    And speaking of uninhibited, I’m pleased that we were able to draw the shy little Natasha Juja out of her shell ;) She was enchanting, humorous and oh so flexible.

    May these powerhouse shows keep on swinging…all through our Summer of Love, here in Bonoboville.

    Until next week… <3 Biz


  14. Arden Leight
    08 · 3 · 15 @ 12:54 pm

    Thanks again for having me on the show on Saturday! I had a really lovely time meeting you and seeing Bonoboville – so cool to see someone really commit to living their fantasies. Truly seductive!


  15. Max
    08 · 3 · 15 @ 3:06 am

    Great show, great guests and some beautiful women all on one stage, all on one bed. All I can say is that I had some real hot sex at dawn when I went to bed. Thanks everyone.


  16. Del Rey
    08 · 2 · 15 @ 6:30 pm

    Great show! Dr. Christopher Ryan was delightful, his insights on sexuality and bonobos is just simply too massive for one show. I’m so glad that he was able to come back for a continued dialogue about his book Sex at Dawn. Listening to both of you speak about bonobos was something rather special as you are both advocates for sex positive culture.

    Big thanks to @MarsUnited, who called in during the show, was following along on twitter and watching live in the Bonoboville studio: htt://bonoboville.com.studio.

    All in all, this show was very stimulating show: Natasha Juja’s tatas were a sight to behold; Arden’s commentary on sex work were astute; Tal Om’s was a great addition to the conversation; and Stefani Special was deliciously delectable.
    Looking forward to the next broadcast of the Dr. Susan Block Show.


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