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  1. Chelsea Demoiselle
    03 · 18 · 16 @ 12:02 am

    Love. Gratitude. Go Bonobos! Dr Suzy looks so beautiful in this photo!


  2. Charles Coffman
    06 · 18 · 15 @ 1:10 am

    Dr Susan, you are doing such necessary work, counteracting the anti-pleasure, anti-sex madness of this confused world. This interview was so enjoyable. Keep on please. I really enjoy your intelligent , literate and witty approach to the subject of eroticism. Merci beaucoup! We need more of this!


  3. Layla Sin
    06 · 3 · 15 @ 9:41 pm

    I had an AMAZING time on your show you have such a great Energy so Magnetic !


  4. Nick Salazar
    06 · 3 · 15 @ 5:58 pm

    Dr Susan I absolutely love you , Max and your show! I really appreciate all of you. Thank you so much …Nick


  5. Del Rey
    06 · 1 · 15 @ 11:35 pm

    Yes! Oh my goddess YES! Is it too early in the year to start making nominations for the Suzy’s? Seriously, International ambassador for sexual pleasure Lalya Sin has a nice ring to it.

    Max, that’s amazing, 24 years!? This show is indeed bringing sex and sexuality to the people. I’m sure that you weren’t the only one who had great sex that night, the energy that Layla brought into the room was simply electrifying.

    Happy Birthday Abe!


  6. Armando Oporto
    06 · 1 · 15 @ 11:48 am

    I like your life it seems interesting


  7. Lucky Rendyca Putra
    06 · 1 · 15 @ 11:41 am

    she really is something special :) there are so many beautiful women out there… but only a few w/ beautiful hearts and personalities, I’m so grateful to know her :) she’s not just beautiful in physique, but her heart as well


  8. Max
    06 · 1 · 15 @ 1:24 am

    I can honestly say that I was expecting another corporate style “I’m under contract, therefore I can not be too sexual, even though I am an adult actress”. I’ve heard that a few times in the last 24 years that I have been producing Dr. Suzy’s show (by the way the longest running sex show ever).

    Layla was a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to all women to cast off the moralistic prison that they have been kept in since modern times have enslaved women as some kind of property. But hell…she was just beautiful and my goodness she exude sex. I just loved her. Elegant, smart and beautiful, oozing with feminine charm.

    Then of course she seduces the most beautiful and sexy woman I know, my on sex kitten Dr. Suzy. Boy did I have great sex when bedtime rolled around.


  9. Chelsea Demoiselle (Raw)
    06 · 1 · 15 @ 12:01 am

    I’ve never seen anything like it… nothing even close! I thought I knew what sensual meant or gorgeous meant… I thought I knew what heart meant, eloquence meant… but this Layla Sin is a delight who puts mere words to shame as she embodies these then breathes them to life for all fortunate enough to be in her presence!

    Well, yes, Dr Suzy, you are correct–I, too, fell in love with this Penthouse Pet of the Year! Smitten and happily entranced with her energy, magic and such love!

    I suppose I wouldn’t have to be speechless if the world was an overall friendly place for girls like her and we all didn’t have to bust out of a sex-negative shell… But she DOES it and it WORKS!

    She so fluidly moved between opening chitchat to enthusiastically riding the MadX Bike, reaching out to you to so sensually connect orally… and without the slightest hesitation wholeheartedly expressed her love for women and men, then modeled the most erotic postures and facial expressions … I also loved hearing her reading from “Penthouse Variations on Oral: Erotic Stories of Going Down.”

    I know–I realize I’m breathlessly gushing, but honestly, I’ve never felt like this before. She’s incredible, magical, sensual and beautiful and words don’t do her justice. :)

    With beauty like this, her repeated reminders to not worry about how we look just to make love and be involved could fall on deaf ears, but … she says to be real and to accept yourself, love yourself just how you are–lose your self-consciousness within your sexual passion… she has a message and I realize it’s from the mouth of an unusually stunning beauty, but nonetheless it was still advice that I believe is indeed a key to happiness and a great sex life… so thank you Layla Sin!

    I also LOVED your pronouncing her your new daughter and how hot it was doing the taboo fetish talk and bonoboville communion together… yes!

    I made a photo collage I shot of her on the MadX Bike ride and wow, did she ever come on to you… so cool!!!! She’s such a doll and a great role model for sex positivity… I can’t stop shaking my head … and I okay okay I admit, I TOO had a great end to Mmmm Masturbation May! :) XXX ~Chels


  10. Nikki Knight
    05 · 31 · 15 @ 11:14 pm

    The stage was insanely gorgeous last night! Layla Sin is like a bolt of lightning in the room, so electric and dazzling in her pure beauty! It was very hot to see how well Dr. Suzy and she hit it off!

    All in all this was my fave show to date, and not to offend any other Penthouse Pets of the Year but Layla is by far the most stunning winner of that title that I’ve ever laid eyes on. Birthday boy Abe sure is one lucky 23 year old!!! (HBD Abe!)

    2 thumbs up on this show! What a great climax to Masturbation May!


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