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  1. Ms. Crystal
    04 · 29 · 06 @ 7:10 am

    Dear Suzy,That Summer Solstice Sexorama was a lot of fun. It looks like I have pretty much been cured of my modesty issues. Apart from my translucent dress and baring my boobies on the set, I was really getting into it during the afterparty. I’m grateful for my body and proud of it!XOXOXOCrystalhttp://www.la-crystal.com/


  2. William Patrick Haines
    03 · 30 · 06 @ 11:12 pm

    To your credit, you are a great advocate for free speech and First Amendment rights. I agree with you about most things, but I am afraid I disagree with you on this. I do not appreciate the way a lot of people deify and canonize these “poor hard-working” Mexicans. The fact that they work cheaper that U.S. citizens brings wages down. Not all whites are priviledged folk. A large number – more so than the media will admit – live with their parents due to the astronomically high cost of just making ends meet. Many families have to rely on two incomes or having a fulltime job plus part time employment, or if they are tradesmen, they work on the side. Mexicans will often live 12 per apartment. They’ll take any job for any wage. Rich people love that because they don’t want those jobs anyway, and they’d rather pay less for the work. But how can lower class or lower middle class American citizens looking for work at a decent wage compete with Mexicans who will always work for less?


  3. the13morrigu@yahoo.com
    03 · 30 · 06 @ 5:04 pm

    You are the best. The LEAST I can do is learn to speak Spanish. I’m working on it.AND I am still trying to SQUIRT; hard to know which is more important; civil or sexual freedoms; well, it’s all freedom in the end.Love you Lady,Keep On!


  4. rafiq
    03 · 30 · 06 @ 1:53 am

    dr. susan,read your articles in counterpunch.comyou are baaad of the badest!!!love you!and hopefully will join your sexFun&wisdom soon too.


  5. Anna from Texas
    03 · 29 · 06 @ 8:40 pm

    Thanks for speaking out for law-abiding immigrants who just trying to be part of the American Dream. This bill is really bad for the whole Latino community, not just undocumented workers, and it’s really bad for America which is needs our workers. I am also a female ejaculator and loved your Squirt Salon. More Latina Ejaculators!


  6. Jake Cohen
    03 · 29 · 06 @ 8:30 pm

    Daphne Rosen is so hot. It’s unbelievable that a Jewish girl could be so nasty. I’m glad you have pics of her before she got her tits done


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