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  1. Bobbie
    04 · 29 · 06 @ 1:46 am

    So I read Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” book and learned about a little about Bonobos and immediately hit the internet to search for more about Bonobos and I wind up on your page! Not only do I LOVE that you’re trying to help save the Bonobos but I got to find out about squirting which happened for the first time to me several years ago and I had NO IDEA what the hell it was, except I was pretty sure it wasn’t pee and I really, really love it. I can’t thank you enough for your website, Suzy It’s just so awesome and I give it out to people all the time. I am so in love with Ethical Hedonism! And as if all that weren’t enough, when I ran across the Polyamory Article I just almost cried. I’ve been polyamorous for most of my life and I didn’t even know what it was called. The article really touched my heart because it described real life situations and people rather than just a dictionary entry listing details. We’d decided to keep our many year relationship a secret until just a couple of years ago (and still with some) because the area we live in is so very not open minded and people just freak out at the mere mention. That Polyamory Article on your page had been kind of like a canary for me. If and when a discussion comes up and I give it to someone, I know immediately by their reaction whether or not I can share that part of my life with them, not to mention that some people I’ve shared it with were soooo excited to explore the possibilities and grateful to have someone to share discussion about desires they’ve always secretly held. Thank you so much Suzy, You’re an angel and I have so much respect and love for you and what you’re doing. It’s my hope I can do my part to help advance freedom of loving expression as well because I do believe it to truly be the most beautiful, effective, deeply rooted, and certainly the funnest way to change the world. Long live Bonobos and all those who help to lift the limits and shackles on love.Peace,Bobbie


  2. MIchael
    04 · 5 · 06 @ 1:46 am

    Uh, Carlo none of that sounds like swinging… Usually your partner is aware of what’s going on because he or she is there participating (albeit usually with someone else). My experiences with it, while few in number, have all been positive. Amazingly so. It takes a special kind of relationship to pull it off, but when you have it there is an amazing lack of jealousy (at least in my experience). I have also seen swinging tear apart weak relationships. I would like to thank Dr. Suzy though, as it was after attending an Eros Day show and party a few years ago that my girlfriend at the time became excited about the idea. Ah, good times… It’s more than fun to run through the jungle every now and then. It’s probably healthy. Hope to have the chance to do it again before too long.Just my $.02.


  3. Carlo in Portofino
    04 · 2 · 06 @ 8:31 am

    Ahhh! Swinging, when I was a child, we didn’t know it as swinging, we knew it as an unspoken arrangement, every man had a mistress. Certainly the upper middle class and the rich, but the poor too were fucking each other’s husbands and wives in the village. This raised the question of who’s wife was he screwing? So everybody was doing somebody.Later it was called cheating, it was sort of a veil to hide the absurdity of all these people have affairs. I guess now people do it in the same room, which seems a whole lot more pleasant that beating your wife for having sex with the husbands best friend, while he in turn was having an affair with the wife, of his wives best friend. Everybody knew, nobody said anything unless there was a direct question. Carlo, did you know your wife was having an affair with Giovanni? Then of course there had to be drama, real drama. A lot of yelling, threats and beatings to defend one’s honor in front of friends. Then things would calm down and life would go on. Of course people wouldn’t think of getting a divorce.In the meantime the downtrodden poor were fucking everywhere. In the vinyards, the bakeries and on the farm.I remember a story from America a few years ago about a congregation in Bakersfield. It seems as if one half of the congregation divored and married the friend’s spouse. The congregation broke up but I guess the sex went on. The preacher left town, with one of the wives, his wife stayed behind with one of the parisheners.Honesty I believe is always the best road for some, and dishonesty the best for other’s when it comes to sex. Much of it depends on the individuals ability to have personal sexual freedom. Many people are locked into social situations that do not allow that kind of open conduct we call swinging.People wanting to have sex with other people’s partners is as old as time. At least, swingers don’t shoot each other over it. I’m not so sure about those polygamists. You think my English she is improving?Carlo


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