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  1. polybi5@yahoo.com
    04 · 5 · 06 @ 1:34 pm

    This is not Bagdad. This is how it is in many cases in this country everyday. SOmeone for some reason decides that you have disrespecded them, or a drug deal goes bad, or a marriage goes bad. People are shot in parking lots. Homeless people drug droim thier sleeping places and set afire. The violence is staggering, yet we really do nothing about it. We are more intetrested in preventing orgasms than deaths.polybi


  2. Your American Julie
    04 · 3 · 06 @ 8:01 pm

    So much trouble in the world…How fucked up! Yes its a tragedy. Yes it shocking, but thats only because we’re blessed enough (or privileged) enough to NOT see this shit everyday like other areas of the world do. Does it make Americans, Angelinos more evolved or more repressed? Maybe were just the same. Maybe we have better fronts to hide our own darkness. Maybe if we kill eachother wearing Armani instead of fatigues or using radiation instead of daggers, its all ok. Damn it! I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t have the answers. I just analyze the best way I can and hope I get it right. WOW, thats the first intelligent word I’ve written… HOPE. I need it. You need it. Its all we’ve got until Jah removes us from this hell on earth, or at least teaches us how to have heaven inside while we’re here.


  3. William Patrick Haines
    04 · 3 · 06 @ 6:13 pm

    Well, you have just wars and the unjust wars fought in the name of money, religion, megalamania or the thirst for blood. A just war is not be fought for pre-emptive reasons, but in self-defense only. We have a defense departmart, not a department of conquest. Also, throwing money at bureaucracy does not equate security. Iran just developed a speedy torpedoe with less than a fraction of America’s trillion dollar defense budget. They say history repeats itself . Is Iraq an echo of Vietnam? Or is it Somalia as featured in the movie “Black Hawk down?” Since Saint Ronald Wilson Reagan, there have been a few conflicts like panama and grenada where the media made it look like war could be fought with the ease of playing a Ninetendo home video game. Turns out bombing targets that cannot fight back is lot easier than actually trying to engage a populace that can and does fight back.


  4. the shadow
    04 · 3 · 06 @ 6:08 pm

    Death and tragedy is everywhere. Life is so precious, so delicate, so easy to lose. Thanks for the reminder.


  5. JustScott
    04 · 3 · 06 @ 3:43 am

    Normally when a brigade of Fire Trucks and Paramedics swarm the Speakeasy Alleys, it is in response to a dumpster fire that a homeless person set. But this was something else entirely different, this was a horrific scene. I witnessed a Paramedic dragging the Father from the burning vehicle. Unsure of what was really going on and unaware that it was a vehicle on fire, I assumed it was a homeless man being pulled away from a burning garbage can. After watching the man being wheeled away by the paramedics, we journeyed further into the alley to get a closer look. Now I can see the vehicle and it is swarmed with Firefighters, we watched for a moment and the one of the firefighters reported that there were two bodies in the vehicle. At the same time I find out from a witness to the scene that a Father, (the man the paramedics pulled out of the vehicle), had murdered his two children and set the vehicle ablaze.Although as horrific as it all was, I still managed to take out my cell phone and capture a picture of the Paramedics carting this total nutcase off to the hospital. And to look at the picture, the man does not look burned at all. I am guessing that the man murdered his children and set the blaze. I can not imagine that the Paramedics would pull only him from the vehicle and leave the children, unless they were already dead.


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