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  1. Dick Chibbles
    05 · 2 · 06 @ 1:39 am

    don’t believe what cnn tells you about 911. . some serious 911 stuff is coming out of the wood work.. if you’re an american’ and i know you are . you will watch these videos.. http://www.freedomunderground.org/memoryhole/pentagon.php#Main they’re fuckin unbelieveable i did some research for myself on this and wow. was i blown away. i lost three friends in the towers on september 11th due to that i did as much research on what happened to my home town that day you can see for yourselfDick Chibbleshttp://www.clownporn.net


  2. Rosetta Stone of 9/11 a False Flagg?
    05 · 1 · 06 @ 3:39 am

    Check this out regarding Mohammed Atta’s bag of evidence:http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_748.shtml


  3. Carlo in Portofino Iraly
    04 · 4 · 06 @ 7:31 am

    I was thrilled to see a response from one of my favorite women in the world, Dr. Betty Dodson. I wante to tell a little story about something I saw in New York on a recent visit to America.I was going through security and as you might have noticed they now have open holding areas were security does additional searches of suspect individuals.Straight ahead of me there was a cubicle with a woman who must have been in here sixties. Her legs spread, her hand in the air and a security officer running a metal detector between her legs. A few feet away were two young girls, their heads bowed down. As I was putting my shoes back on but out of the corner of my eyes I was watching and listening as the armed gaurd questioned this woman.As people went by they looked away, or looked down as if not to see what was taking place. One of the girls standing there had tears in her eyes. As I started to proceed towards the boarding gate I shook my head in disbelief. One of the girls looked up and whispered that my grandmother. I stopped for a second, I wante to speak but could not and continued on my way.I couldn’t speak because I was afriad, no one could look because they it was not something to be believed. We all denied that scene as we boarded our plane, after all we could be next and to speak or object would mean a visit to the holding area where no one could see what took place next.Yes Dr. Dodson, that is the sadness, we can’t believe it, we are afraid to belive it, yet it’s all taking place before our very eyes. These are the signs of freedom lost, there all around us.Sincerely,Carlo Filangieri


  4. Dr. Betty Dodson
    03 · 29 · 06 @ 6:41 pm

    Hey Suzy Honey, I sent the Charlie Sheen information out along with all the other websites questioning the 9-11 explanation by our sneaky nasty government to all my friends. Out of over 100 people who got it, only 4 have commented so far and you are one. What I’m wondering: Is the thought that this could happen in the good ole US of A just too unbearable that everyone wants to ignore it? Or deny it? Or what? When I first got the loosechange website and watched their documentary, I sat there sobbing, letting it all in. Yes, it was a terrible feeling, it hurt deep inside my gut. But we must realize the potential truth in what a hand full of brave people are telling us or continue to be ruled by power driven madmen filled with insatible greed. Love you, BADlyhttp://www.bettydodson.com


  5. Jeff Parken
    03 · 29 · 06 @ 7:04 am

    So glad to see you blogging (bloggamizing?) about this American Crime of the Millennium that has so many unanswered questions. There is an excellent article on this subject in New York Mag:http://nymag.com/news/features/16464/index.html


  6. Mar Sorell
    03 · 29 · 06 @ 12:50 am

    Fly by Wire by Mar Sorell Imagine you are an airline pilot. You just got to Newark Airport and your regular “equipment” was sent in for unscheduled maintenance. You get into the replacement 757 and fire her up. The plane looks like any United Airlines 757. You don’t realize for a while that it is actually the Cadillac of 757’s! The most expensive and secret retrofit that Boeing has ever conducted. So secret they had to do it at Area 51, incurring hundred’s of millions in cost over-runs paid for by taxpayers. Everything is nominal upon takeoff, until 20 minutes into the flight. The plane starts to maneuver radically. Turning left then right, and then wobbling uncontrollably. You yank on the controls – BUT NONE OF THEM WORK! The plane turns radically to the east! The plane is not out of control, it’s under someone else’s control! Imagine you are a Blue Blood American. Yale, skull and bones, not the brightest, but you made friends and influenced people from an early age. Air Force Academy, Honored in the Balkans, You can fly a B1 and B2! Your Commanders got you a cushy job making $250,000/year working for “The Company” at Langley. You were “appointed” to a high clearance classified position in DARPA, on a top-secret project working with Boeing engineers in Nevada. You haven’t slept all-night the night of September 10th. You’ve been made an offer you couldn’t refuse. You check your new bank account in the Cayman Islands and you’ve still got the $2 million in there, and they promised you $2 million more on September 12th. You’re deep in the basement under the Langley complex. You sit at the Boeing 757 flight simulator, but there is no Evans & Sutherland Flight Simulator here. The images appearing on the screen look remarkably real in front of you, as you head south towards Lower Manhattan. Meanwhile, back on the actual flight in the air now headed south toward Lower Manhattan. You and your co-pilot are white-in-the-face. The cabin crew figures something is up, and the senior flight attendant bursts into the cock-pit. She says the passengers are openly questioning why they just saw the George Washington Bridge below them. You’re a United Airlines Captain. You’ve logged hundred’s of thousand’s of flight hours in your career since the Air Force Academy. As the plane flies over the George Washington Bridge an unfamiliar sound can be heard below the flight deck to the right of the cockpit. It sounds like the landing gear is coming down, but it doesn’t sound at all like what a 757’s landing gear deployment should sound like. The flight control console monitor suddenly comes on: Weapons system deployed. Targeting system engaged. Cruise Missile armed! And the three of them watch in horror, as they have a front row seat to the opening salvo of the first great evil deed of the 21st century! Back at Langley, Your screens are blue — no signal! You’re done for the day. Your three “buddies” in the program are still “at work” in the other three “Simulator” rooms located 12 stories below the Langley Complex. On your way out your wife calls you and says, “Honey, did hear that two planes have just crashed into the World Trade Center! …and right at that moment you remember the end of the movie “Wag The Dog,” and you see a vision in your 6th chakra (The Mind’s Eye). The 7th chakra (Intuition) fires upward from the top of your head towards your Soul, and you see yourself lying face down in your swimming pool this afternoon, at home in suburban Virginia! Imagine the people who pulled off this coup. Imagine that America will now be secure when the oil starts running out, thanks to these “Patriots”! Imagine the riches and power they now have as long as they tow the “Company” Line. “Loose lips will sink your ship,” is the line that always gets a chuckle around coffee clutches at “The Company.” Attention Wizards and Muggles everywhere, Voldemort is back! But, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named PR department thought that it would be better for “Business” to name him Carlyle Chenney. Now more powerful than ever! But you wouldn’t know it, when the spokesman George “W” gives a press conference. It must be tough on “W”. Suckin’ down Prozac like M&M’s. All he can think about is his meeting with a guy by the name of Gabriel at a café called The Pearly Gates at the end-of-the-day. If you were going to take a long dinner meeting with the modern greats, Adolf, Joe, Mao, and your favorite — Pol-Pot, you’d be depressed too! Chances are that by the time you get down to the café, Saddam will be done with his meeting in Baghdad, won’t that be a trip! “W” is just like us; It’s coming down all around him, and for the life of him – he can’t do anything about it! It’s not about him. It’s about The Carlyle Group. Now our children will be able to experience life behind a 357 Chevy engine, just like we did… Hybrid-Schmuybrid! Carry on! / Move On!


  7. Nick White
    03 · 28 · 06 @ 12:37 am

    This whole 9/11 thing is just too weird. Did you see the Moussaoui testimony? Suddenly, he’s saying everything the prosecution wants him to say, saying that he was supposed to fly a plane into the White House with the bumbling shoe bomber Richard Reid? Before he said, he didn’t even know any of the hijackers and didn’t really know their plans. Now he’s working for the prosecution, saying “that is correct” to everyone of their leading questions. I know people call us crackpots for questioning this story, but it is just too weird…


  8. Jody Frank
    03 · 27 · 06 @ 9:26 pm

    I am so glad you’re writing about this, Dr. Block, and that Charlie Sheen is speaking out. I don’t think we’ll ever know what happened, but the investigations have been extraodinarily shoddy. Absolutely unacceptable, considering the enormity of the crime. Rudy Guiliani was a prosecutor, and I’m sure he would never have prosecuted a case that was so badly investigated. And look what we do with the guy who supposedly organized the crime – Osama – we let him get away! And now Bush says he doesn’t care if we ever find Osama. It’s kind of like the Kennedy Assasination, except on a much larger scale. We must continue to ask questions, and maybe eventually we’ll get some answers.


  9. William Patrick Haines
    03 · 27 · 06 @ 7:02 pm

    While the Bush adminstation should be impeached for gross negligence, incompetence and lack of honesty about WMDs and Al Queda links to Saddam Hussein, there is no direct evidence to the 911 tragedy. The Al Queda monster and it’s twin the Taliban would not have came about with out the Reagan adminstration’s assistance to the Mujaheydean fighting against the Soviets. The immigration policies that invite a sequel to 911 are criminally lax. The only reason the immigration policies are so lax is for the sake of cheap labor. These are the same people who tell us outsourcing is good for the economy . Outsourcing being good for the economy reminds me of an episode of the Three Stooges where their rowboat was taking in water and they decided to drill a hole in the bottom to let the water out.


  10. Joana Silke
    03 · 27 · 06 @ 5:20 am

    The bullshit level of the Bush Administration is knee-deep. We can’t trust anything they say.


  11. Carlo in Portofino Italy
    03 · 27 · 06 @ 5:19 am

    Just walked up to the villa from the village and read your new entry. As I’m reading, I come across the name of a wonderful scoundrel and fellow pervert, Alberto Ferro the lawyer and best known around the world as Lasse Braun. He’s made some wonderful films. I’ve lost touch with him but apparently he’s still around, I’ve known him for years. Goddess bless him !Yes Dr. Suzy, the neo-cons of the world have pulled off quit a coup. A bloody one at that, very bloody. The rest of us have been silent. Around the world the police are more like the army and they are masked like all bandits. They carry heavy weapons and the military industrial complex is building detention centers around the world. People are disappearing and in America, the land of the free everything that gives some joy or pleasure is illegal. You also hold in your prisons more than two million prisoners and so it is, Europe is not far behind.So what do you do ? It’s kind of simple. You wake up, I mean you have to wake up because no one is exempt from these governments who’s only interest is their well being. The Kings are arming themselves against the people and hiding in their bunkers ravaging the earth for a wealth that has little meaning beyond ego or the benefit of humankind. Believe me, I’m not against the rich but I am against religious warriors of whatever faith who rape and pillage mother earth.They are humans of double speak, they are dangerious to all of the citizens of the world. But when we win, they will be brought to trial if only in the pages of history.What to do ? Wake up, talk across the fences of your neighbor, publish, blogg, be out in the streets, protest, use their technology against them. After all as you can see they can hardly fight even a small group of insurgent crackpots in flipflops, let alone armies of millions. They are intellectually and spiritually broken. I don’t remember who said this but “You can arrest some the people some of the time, but you can’t arrest all of the people for the rest of time” :)In love, peace and light,CarloBy the way my parents were fascists during the war, they become socialists when the allies landed and some of my ancesters were war criminals, one of them was Carlo Filangieri. I’m named after him. On the other hand, Gaetano Filangieri was a great philosopher and socialist and a friend of your founding father Benjamin Franklin (he wrote about Gaetano in a book called “Travels through Italy.”)


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