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  1. Carlo in Italy
    01 · 7 · 06 @ 8:14 am

    Dear Dr. Suzy,You are intelligent sex by design. You are the civil war in America, the insurgency that represents sex. I am donating my villa and yacht for events here in Italy, if you are interested. This is where I grew up part of my life and met Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher, remember him?Perhaps you are too young to know, but they came here for their honeymoon ? She was pudgy and he looked like a nice boy singing his way through life. I was about 14, I ate dinner with them on the back deck of the yacht. It wasn’t my looks, it was my stature in life. I did want to fuck Liz Taylor and I masturbated after dinner but she was just married to Eddie Fisher what could I do?My father was an international arms dealer. He made his money trading American and German weapons to leftist & right wing regimes around the world.So I got to be on that yacht with Liz & Eddie. So much fun, so much excitement for a young man. Not much changes, and everything changes, life is a joy full of the same old wonderful stuff.Keep on writing, let them throw their shit pies. You are the best.Carlo Portofino

  2. Kate
    01 · 7 · 06 @ 7:58 am

    I am up late with a nasty cold so what else to do in the dark night but to do some net surfing…check out Dr suzy’s blog..Do not forget Anne Boleyn…2nd wife of Henry VIII. She kept that lusty king in an erotic frenzy for what I think was 6 years before she let him into her bed. She was a first rate temptress indeed. Because of her Henry divorced his first wife Katherine of Aragon, broke away with Rome and started a new religion. She must have been a master of the art of teasing indeed. She changed the course of history. She gave birth to a great queen. Her daughter too Elizabeth I was another great tease. Keeping all those men at bay but still keeping them sniffing at her skirts. Even on her deathbed she teased. She would not name her heir. Think also of the can can. The reason it was so popular a dance was not that the ladies would raise their legs in the dance. They pulled the seams out of the crotch of their pantalettes so that when the leg was raised the cloth would part and the men would get a flash of kitty. It kept them at the edge of their seats waiting. It was more erotic than a completely naked body. Also in that time a flash of ankle could cause a man to fall off of his horse.Time for bed…sweet dreams

  3. Diois
    01 · 6 · 06 @ 7:35 am

    I am not keeping myself informed of Gwen’s adventures _ if she is a teaser _ but Diane did have Henri woo her for eight years before satisfying his desires and then kept sending Henri back to Catherine’s bed, making sure the queen was pregnant most of her time and thus out of the lovers’ way… Gwen has a well-exercised body just as Diane who indeed not only posed as a huntress but truly was one.

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