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  1. Byron Russell
    01 · 21 · 15 @ 1:40 pm

    Dr Susan I use to watch you back when public access was a thing and I love you !


  2. Michael
    01 · 21 · 15 @ 12:47 pm

    So the other night when the subject came up I was tempted to jump in but as I’m new there and only there to take pictures I stifled myself…..

    A simple way to explain the ejaculate and what happens is this; there is a glad inside the vagina; it has been referred to as the “G” spot for decades and is located on the roof of the vagina almost directly behind the clitoris…. When stimulated this glad swells with the fluid that is the ejaculate – Sadly, Most women go their entire lives without ever fully realizing a full orgasm because when they feel they’re about to cum they hold back because it feels like they’re going to pee…. No one tells them that it won’t be pee but this other fluid

    I have a very atypical life, been on my own since I was 14 and “girls” always liked me so I was having sex early on…. As a-matter-of-fact I was fucking before I ever masturbated – The first few times I had sex I wore a condom which desensitized me so I didn’t orgasm – The first time I didn’t wear a condom blew my mind ☺ – Anyhow, I’m “well equipped” and can stay hard for a very long time so some “girls” (because we were both young) couldn’t hold back for so long, they would ejaculate, which would screw me up because I thought they just peed on me…..! It really began to happen more in my early 20’s and I didn’t understand it and the girls it happened with were always embarrassed because they thought they had peed, as well…. Being a nice guy and because most of these experiences happened after a night working at the nightclub (I was a bartender, door man, bouncer and DJ at different times) I just chalked it up to that circumstance. THEN, one day a woman who used to come unto a club I worked at moved into the apartment above me which opened me up to a whole new level of sexuality – Turns out she was a “squirter” and actually had plastic on her mattress under the sheets because of it. The first time I laid down nude on her had I could tell something was up and that’s when she explained that she ejaculated during orgasm…. WOW – I suddenly had some information I wasn’t aware of ☺. And that was the beginning of my research into this wonderful phenomenon….. I read everything I could find on the subject and when the internet came along it really exposed a lot. I even bought a porn video on the subject – Then one night I had an experience where I finally dialed in a perfect technique. I was with a woman I had been attracted to for a couple years and she had just gotten divorced – Unfortunately she’s also a bit of a drinker so by the time we got back to her place I had consumed too much alcohol to be effective with my cock (pushin’ rope) but I wanted to please her so I started using my fingers…. I stimulated her to ejaculate, which she had never had happen before… So we did it again…. and again, and again and so on for almost an hour She couldn’t sleep on her bed for over a week as it needed to dry out…. Ever since then I’ve been able to bring dozens of women to their first ejaculation – It’s wonderful and something I love doing – EVERY woman should experience this as I feel it can change their world – Once they can realize the full potential of their orgasm they become more empowered and free…. It’s like getting a new outlook on life ☺ – For a while I was doing full body massages with the happy ending but a bad motorcycle accident where I broke my wrists took that away for a while and I never got back to it…..


  3. Rainey Lane
    01 · 19 · 15 @ 11:06 pm

    Great article! Had a blast (pun intended)! Glad to help prove that squirt is not pee. I’ll check out the blog! I will continue to #Squirt4science and share the magic and romance of my squirting. Thanks for everything! XOXO


  4. Serena Anderlini
    01 · 19 · 15 @ 7:09 pm

    Hi all. i wish i could have been there and i’m happy you all had such a good time


  5. Dear Serenity
    01 · 19 · 15 @ 7:07 pm

    An Amazing Magical Night with many more to cum lolz. …XOXO


  6. Mark P
    01 · 19 · 15 @ 7:02 pm

    Chuck, I don’t know how you can survive in such a stressful environment!


    • Chuck Gio
      01 · 19 · 15 @ 7:04 pm

      ill take ya there one day. its a religious experience1


      • Mark P
        01 · 19 · 15 @ 7:05 pm

        Ill leave the roman collar at home…


  7. Lola Bastinado
    01 · 19 · 15 @ 6:59 pm

    Had a BLAST, jet lagged and all! Dr Suzy you are simply divine. The love and energy you share with everyone just magnifies the beauty you hold within, thank you, your husband, Baby Block and your “Bonobo Family” for being beyond gracious and welcoming. I’m excited to begin reading your new book, perfect cross country reading! love and light always sister! Xoxox


  8. Jeremy
    01 · 19 · 15 @ 3:52 am

    words always fail to describe just how perfect you are.


  9. Nikki Knight
    01 · 19 · 15 @ 1:08 am

    “Not that I’m trying to diss piss” – ahahahahaha! Some funny from the chock-fulla fabulous show last night! What a fun, fetish, fantasy filled show! Lola was absolutely breathtaking with that beautiful face, quick wit and skilled whip handling.

    Every guest was fun and unique, with Rainey Lane the highlight with her sensational squirting.

    So fun!


  10. Albert
    01 · 19 · 15 @ 1:07 am

    Right on Dr. Suzy. You sure do have a different style than any therapists I’ve been to. There’s all the SEX, people exploring. Then there’s the FUN. You always seem to have fun along with your guests and certainly with me your audience, I’m a big fan and the show is a lot of FUN, has been for years.

    Then there is the WISDOM, so much wisdom and knowledge, wisdom that in many cases was lost, you bring it back with such refined but rowdy SEX, FUN & WISDOM. Don’t know anyone else who does that.

    I can imagine that some of the straight sex-positive therapists, Drs and so forth might not be free to be on your show, out of fear that they are being watched by some institution, corporation or god forbid, FAMILY MEMBER. The fear of losing a career can be debilitating, you know what I mean.

    If I was the judge, I would have chosen you as the educator of the decades. I grew up watching you on tv. It was hard talking to anyone about sex in those days, but there you were every Saturday night delighting a whole group of eager minds to discover sex in a fun and full of wisdom way.

    Anyway thanks for everything. Especially for keeping it up. You’re doing great!


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