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  1. Cee Bee
    04 · 20 · 08 @ 4:32 pm

    Great blog, as usual, Dr. Suzy. You are the sexiest, funniest, most thought-provoking, and most sane woman on the web today.


  2. William Patrick Haines
    04 · 20 · 08 @ 4:31 pm

    Perhaps the pope is looking for converts especially those who ain’t familiar with the church’s hijinks http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080513/ap_on_re_eu/vatican_aliens


  3. brendan_frost@yahoo.com
    04 · 20 · 08 @ 4:30 pm

    Hello Dr. Block,I enjoyed your column on Rael, but I disagree that “handing out free condoms in schools” is a “sex-positive” activity. Condoms stink. They literally smell bad (chemical/rubbery), and they diminish and “plasticize” sex. Do bonobos use condoms? I doubt it. Giving them to students for free creates an atmosphere where childrenare encouraged to have anti-sex (“safe sex”) without learning about real sex, which is sex that is open to the prospect of creating new life. Not to mention that as free items pertaining to “school-sanctioned sex,” they will be used in fashions not as intended. I’m not looking forward to seeing these free condoms strewn into water fountains, choking turtles in the streams, etc. Ultimately, even advocating for “free”condoms is a violation of my rights as a taxpayer, as no manufactured physical object is really “free.” Sincerely, Brendan Frost Sanford, NC


  4. Steve Chill
    04 · 20 · 08 @ 4:29 pm

    Great stuff. I really enjoy you when you are on Skype. I haven’t had a chance to jump in and talk yet but I will keep trying. I saw you on Real Sex on HBO a couple of nights ago,”sweet”.


  5. Susan Elizabeth Siens
    04 · 20 · 08 @ 4:28 pm

    And who’s to say that some of us are not more closely related to dogs, say, than monkeys? I like the traditional practice of feeling your soul to be aligned with another species; I certainly never feel as though my soul is aligned with Homo sapiens sapiens! But most people seem to need to feel that they are not “animals” and that is the beginning of human ignorance and folly. And it has a lot to do with fear and hatred of sexuality.Just one correction: We did not “evolve” from monkeys. We share a common ancestor somewhere long, long ago, but monkeys are at the end of one branch on the (current) evolutionary bush, as we are. Dogs, pigs, and bears share a common ancient ancestor (and have a lot of habits in common!), but they are also at the ends of their branches. I love Richard Leakey’s analogy of evolution as a bush, with various living forms of life out at the ends of the branches.Where does your friend Lana live? I hope she is not isolated from other bonobos; they sound much more appealing and sane than humans or chimpanzees.


  6. LaraTerstenjak
    04 · 20 · 08 @ 4:27 pm

    Great Blog and no worries on your opinion:-) We are all entitled to that, I have no worries you are supporting our causes and we will see you in the future to have contact about more actions for Pleasure and freedom of expression :-)Thanks for your individuality and passion for peace and pleasure!!! It’s wonderful to know creatures like you exist on this planet!Hope to see you again soon!Love and Light,Lara


  7. Sun
    04 · 19 · 08 @ 4:26 pm

    well, if you believe in evolution, susan, then you must believe in relativity and if you believe in relativity then you would have to believe that nothing is absolute, therefore what we think we know about the totality of existance is in a constant state of change, that we are evolving and may still be in a rather primitive stage of development and that the religions were at one stage the ‘cutting edge science’ of their day that don’t want to expend the effort give up the way of thinking (believing) that they have become accustomed to and is comfortable for them…and so it may also be with some scientists and their ‘congregation’ of believers, puting up obstacles to ‘uncomfortable’ change and criticizing the heretics of non-orthodoxy, and so creating the religions of tomorrow. so if there is evolution then there must also be spiritual evolution as well, there’s evidence everywhere of a more subtle approach to belief systems at present, humanism for one, even contemporary western buddhism that is highly relativistic and comes across more as a science of the mind and spirit than as a religion. so be careful not to rattle that basket of eggs around too much, you might create an absolute omelet. i liked the article tho…


  8. Daniel Rosen
    04 · 19 · 08 @ 4:25 pm

    I enjoyed your article and very much support your interest in “pleasure, tolerance and peace.”I just can’t seem to resist asking you about your emphasis on the theory of evolution. First of all, the distinction between theory and fact is not merely a formality in science, as you imply. On the contrary, it seems to me, it expresses the very soul of that discipline. Nevermind how many scientists are themselves sorely confused on this point: fossils are a fact; Darwinian evolution is a theory. Science has been brought into considerable disrepute by scientists who, shortsightedly, obscure this point.I too enjoy seeing my kinship, not only with primates, but with all creatures great and small. Indeed, this kinship has inspired the idea of evolution at least since the days of the pre-Socratic Greeks. Even the idea of survival of the fittest dates to this early time. In short, this is NOT the distinctive Darwinian contribution to the subject. Rather, it is the mechanism of random mutation.But, how all of this might cause you so decisively to accept “the principles of change that Charles Darwin…identified” quite mystifies me. If it is simply “[your] faith,” as you say, then I wouldn’t quarrel. Faith, in the sense of belief, is hardly arguable. However, I think it may be worth your while to ask yourself what beyond this, quite concretely, in the way of evidence, leads you to such conviction? Yes, I know the great vast majority of scientists claim to have this evidence for Darwinian principles. But claims must be verified, no matter what the profession, and social authority, of the people making them. I’ve looked into these claims myself, as a layman, and found them surprisingly lacking. Just one man’s view, but there it is.One more quibble, if you don’t mind. To cite one folk tale as a representative expression of the religious attitude and outlook of Chinese civilization is not particularly helpful in the increasingly heated discussion of religion that people seem to be having these days. Like most of your other references to various specifics of religion, it amounts to a fairly gross misrepresentation of reality. Surely tolerance depends more on real understanding than it does on some sort of formal reliance on live-and-let-live ethics. With understanding, we learn that others, even our distant and superstitious ancestors, are not quite as dumb as we first thought they were. (Remember Mark Twain’s quip on how his father had grown through the years?) Isn’t such understanding a prime source of pleasure, and a much more reliable guarantor of peace?


  9. Carl Finamore
    04 · 19 · 08 @ 4:22 pm

    Great read! Have never seen your cable show but can see you it must be a lot of fun, providing good information without shame and lots of humor. You have a wonderful writing style that I’m sure helps open eyes.


  10. William Patrick Haines
    04 · 19 · 08 @ 4:20 pm

    There are two types of mysticism: dangerous and benign. The dangerous, virulent type of mysticism is currently being espoused in the new Ben Stein movie “Expelled”. It is another example of the Holy Rollers trying to impose their creationist beliefs on others while attempting to play the victim.


  11. Diane Block
    04 · 18 · 08 @ 8:50 pm

    Hey Cuz I can’t believe it’s been 16 years. I only wish I could be there with you both, to clink a glass and give kisses all around. Well, I can send you a million kisses and drink a bottle while thinking of both of you. Does that count? Listen cuz, I truly do send both of you my love and I really do wish I could be there with you.Love you always,Diane


  12. Erika
    04 · 18 · 08 @ 8:49 pm

    Congrats on 16 years of marriage–in this day and age that is truly AMAZING! Demi and I had a great time at your party.


  13. B-Boy Nuttso
    04 · 18 · 08 @ 8:47 pm

    Hey Dr. Suzy .. I think you’re the hottest woman alive.. since I was young middle school little bad ass ..and honestly I would actually be your slave .. and I’ve never said that .. let alone ever let a woman belive I would be her “slave” ever .. and god can strike me DOWN ! i can promise that…. but I wouldn’t be your slave all the time .. I’m too dominant and passionate for that …lol … I have to meet you and get an autograph and a picture of you someday at one of your events .. it would mean the world to me …. Luv you always and forever… hope you understand..


  14. anna
    04 · 18 · 08 @ 8:33 pm

    very much enjoyed your blog as well as seeing a few of your shows…So you’re a hottie AND you know Yiddish…amazing….


  15. Betty B
    04 · 18 · 08 @ 8:30 pm

    i admire the work you do and i believe sexuality knows no boundares…Thank you for what you do. You are both sooo attractive! Inside and out!


  16. Extreme Homebrew
    04 · 18 · 08 @ 8:30 pm

    I enjoyed your blog, and I loved your movie about the Bonobo Way. People have a lot to learn from those creatures! You are certainly helping spread the knowledge.


  17. Leon Mellul
    04 · 18 · 08 @ 8:28 pm

    Thank you dear Suzan ;-) Do you come to isRael? I watch your program on EGO almost every night :-)Last night, I returned from Turkey after a wonderful seminar with Raelians from all the Middle East countries and had a lots of fun :-)))) It’s always a great pleasure to see Raelians from Muslims & Jewish origins hugging each other :-)I would love to be in contact with you and meet if possible.Lots of loveLeonhttp://www.rael.orghttp://www.clonaid.comhttp://www.icacci.org


  18. Reverend Bookburn
    04 · 15 · 08 @ 8:26 pm

    Your Raelian encounter was quite interesting. I am incapable of converting to irrational thinking and hallucinating visions or messages. On the up side, I have completely converted to Lara worship, so in that sense, they have prompted a new person to talk in tongues.Your timing is great. People who should know better are using the ‘polygymist cult’ headline story to decry lifestyles that differ from their own vanilla exclusive means of relating to others. The call to crack down on all poly ‘cults’ was at Huffington Post, not a far-right crackpot’s site. It was a continuum of the porn-is-bad, the headline-scandals reflect ‘sex-addiction’ myths, and alternative lifestyles equal abuse posturing.Speaking of abusive, whacked cult leaders, did you notice the arrival of Pope Eggs Benedict? Instead of tar and feathers, he was greeted by war-criminal/ numbnuts Bush and approached like rock star. The Queenpin of the Church of Pedophilia did have an amusing side. That was the tackiest dress I’ve seen on television in decades. That’s one abusive cult that I would like to see better exposed and prosecuted. That will be the theme of the May 11 show (April 20: 420 With Rev. Bookburn; May 11: Pope’s Candy For Altar Boys US Tour – possibly including a classic Tour t-shirt).The bong salute for your anniversary went very well and the show will be at Radio4all.net in a few days. The DC Madam was recently convicted. Perhaps she’ll take down many pillars of state and church with her. That will make for much good radio material for both of us. We can have a humane, pleasurable, non-delusionalworld.Love,Rev. BookburnRadio VoltaPhiladelphiaReverendBookburn.comYoutube.com/revbookburn


  19. budman8@hotmail.co.uk
    04 · 15 · 08 @ 8:12 pm

    Dear Dr Susan, Firstly i would like to thank you for your excellent work, and being of pagan persuasion myself, i can fully agree with most of what your saying except for your ideas on evolution, i just cant believe that we came from apes, we may be related to them as another species but i cant see that we have come directly from them, because if evolution is a constant ongoing thing, then where is the in between half man half ape entity ? i mean, wouldnt there still be individuals in the in between stages ? Most indigenous tribes, dont seem to share your views, like the native americans, the aborigines, the maoris etc. We are definatley all related cousins but i reckon we, as humans are just another unique species in the great web of life, all evolving spiritualy towards awareness of life an infinity….. Love ,Light an Life to you.. jon. uk.


  20. William Patrick Haines
    04 · 15 · 08 @ 8:10 pm

    While I do not view mysticism of any kind as healthy, hedonism is certainly not immoral or unhealthy. Enjoying life should not be confused with selfishness. After all, the Christians are the most ardent supporters of capitalism which validates the Christian faith far more than hedonism. Also while I certain believe in life elsewhere via bilogical evolution and exoplanets, I am extremely leary of Von Danikenism. http://jcolavito.tripod.com/lostcivilizations/id26.html


  21. -MMB
    04 · 15 · 08 @ 7:54 pm

    SuzyQ! Thanks for a great night on your anniversary. We had a tremendous time and only wished we could have stuck around longer as the evening was certainly ‘heating up’ by the time we unfortunately just had to go – baby sitter was at the house more than an hour longer than planned. Luba:)


  22. ~J.J.~
    04 · 15 · 08 @ 7:53 pm

    Thank you for inviting me to join you in your 16th anniversary celebration! It was fun and great seeing you again! You looked just lovely in your lime green sherbet outfit. Good enough to eat!


  23. sara sioux
    04 · 15 · 08 @ 7:49 pm

    it was so much fun. great to see canaan, the melo kids, and of course you and your lime green.


  24. Mae Victoria
    04 · 15 · 08 @ 7:43 pm

    I loved how much fun you were having. So glad to see everyone feeling good. I can’t really party much at certain times but I hung out enough. The doc was a blessing to talk to..


  25. Mae Victoria
    02 · 18 · 08 @ 8:29 pm

    Don’t ever get septic shock again. Okay? I was afraid to ask what happened. Stay healthy. I want you around. The damn smoke is going to cut the time I will have with such a wonderful couple as you are. Your wedding album is the best. Thanks again…ox


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