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  1. Kate
    01 · 16 · 06 @ 7:57 pm

    I am not a Condoleeza fan myself but the fact that she is, after all, a powerful woman tends to shake up weak-minded men. Hey…didn’t they burn women like her at the stake back in the day? They accused them of being witches. Men of Zhirinovsky’s ilk always wants to get rid of powerful woman or demean them. Thank God a lot men are smarting up and appreciating the intelligence of women. They have better sex lives too I bet!!


  2. Liz
    01 · 16 · 06 @ 11:52 am

    Not a huge fan of “Condo” but this type of venom is usually reserved for use by those who are afraid. She obviously evokes great fear in him … probably not on a personal level but on the level of the clout that she carries of ours. What an idiot.


  3. Alamaine
    01 · 16 · 06 @ 9:08 am

    Seems as though Bush likes them strong-willed persons who provide him with that surrogate motherliness (when “Beads” Babs ain’t around (and we know what beads are used for!) to show off her pearls to scare her swine). Somehow, Condo-Leasuh seems perhaps to have missed her opportunity to hook up with the Phantom of the Opera — maybe her one and only Karmic Suitor — for a truly ghoulish duet! I think even the Addams’ Lurch would pass on the harpsichord offer.


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