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  1. Imtiaz Waris
    07 · 5 · 11 @ 12:43 pm

    I am beginning to think that all powerful men are womanizers,especially men in the political arena.I think history also confirms that,and race or religion has little to do with it.It comes with the territory.
    Sex and power go hand in hand.Dr Henry Kissinger is a good example,as by no stretch of the imagination was he an attractive man,but women found him very sexy and appealing.


  2. GuiRochat
    07 · 5 · 11 @ 12:04 pm

    this is pure politics: as much as Spitzer’s reputation was destroyed by Wall street because he brought out the miscreants when he was a state attorney general, thus DSK had the ‘wrong’ ideas about the IMF and had to be eliminated, which succeeded… they almost got Clinton in the same vice.


  3. Lauren M
    07 · 4 · 11 @ 3:49 pm

    Awesome blog, Dr. Block, found it on CP and now a fan. Here’s a poem that reflects your point about our politically correct witchhunting fervor turning all our politicians into Weiners. I think you’ll enjoy it:


    Keep fighting for our sexual freedoms!


    07 · 4 · 11 @ 3:46 pm


  5. Paul Roberts
    07 · 4 · 11 @ 1:26 pm

    wonderful article on DSK, found it on CounterPunch


  6. Harry W.
    07 · 3 · 11 @ 12:41 pm

    Why are lefties so outraged that a chambermaid might be a hooker? Something wrong with being a sex worker? It’s an old and historical tradition. You can be black or white, hookers come in all colors as do chambermaids.

    I’m a concierge at a fine hotel which I will not name in London, and I’ve sent many a chambermaid to visit a guest for a little something extra for a large tip. So here’s what I imagine may have happened…

    Strauss is in his $3000 a night suite, he just got out of the shower and like many men it’s a good time to masturbate. He is nice and fresh and clean. Strauss has to catch a plane so he comes out of the bathroom stroking his thing only to be faced with an intruder…he stops dead in his tracks, cock in hand and there she is looking at him. It’s the chambermaid who has let herself in.

    Oh I’m so sorry Mr. Strauss I thought the suite was empty, I didn’t mean to disturb you.

    No it’s OK, it’s OK.

    Can I, may I be of any service Mr. Strauss?


    She presses her hand against his and tucks the crisp green dollar bills in her pocket.

    I’ll be back later to clean up, don’t worry. Have a good day Mr. Strauss.

    Well well, sex workers are everywhere. Chambermaids don’t make a hell of a lot of money so in most cases they do a lot of extra things for the guests. Extra towels, more soap, shampoo, toilet paper, extra pillows or just a happy ending that happens thousands of time a day around the world.

    Ah but this maid is smart, or thinks she is, treacherous really. She’s out to make a bundle, she knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s after a big hit. Does she flub the play or is it all part of her plan? Is she in this alone?

    End run…time to sue Mr. Strauss…you must settle Mr. Strauss…it will end this whole nightmare.

    OK. I don’t know if that’s what happened, so many lies, I’m confused…

    By the way Doc, you should let your readers know that you don’t have be poor to be a socialist, you can be filthy rich and you can own a Porsche.

    your concierge
    in London


  7. robyn in MD
    07 · 2 · 11 @ 3:29 pm

    awesome, funny piece, dr. s, the only one that makes common sense in the aftermath of this debacle. bonobos rule!


  8. cliff warner
    07 · 2 · 11 @ 2:23 pm

    dr. block —

    have been reading you on counterpunch for years. always enjoy what you have to say.

    around here (saint john, new brunswick, canada), my friends and i have been wondering if DSK just made a mistake.


    is it possible he’d called an escort and mistook the maid for her?


  9. Camille
    07 · 2 · 11 @ 2:02 pm

    Are you serious?


  10. Nori
    07 · 2 · 11 @ 3:20 am

    America, land of the meek and home of the slaves. Hypocrisy and blind acceptance abound and the new cattle of America’s new Hegemony let another injustice go unpunished. I blame the youth for not having the courage or passion to stand up in outrage against the tyrannical boots of a fascistic government. And I blame the elders for not guiding the youth during this time. Where is the opposition? Where are the rebels fighting for freedom? When did America start wearing the bit and saddle? Wake up! You’ve been branded. The part I find most outrageous in the whole DSK tale is the apathetic response from the government and the US citizenry. Is this our government or not? “Oops, get the broom and lets sweep another social injustice under the constitution. No one will look there.” Thanks Dr. Suzy for granting me your insightful take on yet another political blunder.


  11. Carlo Bruno
    07 · 2 · 11 @ 3:09 am

    Shady past? That doesn’t mean she was raped…it just means we don’t know if she was really raped. It seems to me that this woman is not only a liar but also criminal that has committed enough crime in this country to be exported back to her own country. I surely wouldn’t want to see her thrown into Rikers island where she might indeed be raped. Mr. Strauss is an excellent target for all those who feel they have been slighted by life.

    By the way it is the prosecutors in this case who are casting doubt on their own victim…

    Good going Dr. Block


    07 · 2 · 11 @ 12:59 am

    By the way… Sexy Suzy : j’aime beaucoup ta manière d’écrire, witty and intelligent, as well as very funny in giving up some clear informations without the politiquement correcte attitude.


    07 · 2 · 11 @ 12:55 am

    Oh non, please, my dear Suzy, n’aide surtout pas DSKK (il y a là un jeu de mot trivial très français enfantin ici, car KK est prononcé CACA en Français et that is : that bowels hot and flacid offering with wich children of very young age play at first stage of their developpement to get to know themselves) So please do not help this guy (not even in thoughts) a la PRESIDENCE de la FRANCE….c’est un SUCKER…(ce qu’il a fait faire à la MAID, he’s done it against the Poors WORLDWIDE, sucked them up of their richess)he is a SUCKER, one of the worse lover of money, preuve de son complexe d’infériorité non encore résolu, qui cherche le pouvoir du dehors en dilapidant ses propres richesses essentielles et humaines d’intérieur…. Bref a donkey loaded with many books, like beaucoup qui font la course à l’echalotte pour des positions de vanité, sur des piedestals de richesses et de pouvoirs illusoires, tels que ceux que donnent L’ARGENT ROI du CAPITALISME CREVARD sur la MISERE du MONDE…..

    Sorry, I mingled French and English…this will be unreadable for some people….but DSK Politics deserves that no ?


  14. Pam C
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 5:46 pm

    Actually, Michael Donnelly, many of my friends affectionately referred to me as a “Mananizer.” While the term “womanizer” may be losing its negative edge, Mananizing is increasingly recognized, if only playfully so.


  15. Tom
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 2:08 pm

    Dr. Block: I am very glad to see your article on CounterPunch. I believe the alleged victim of DSK was betting on the power of her race. American blacks and the white-hating, male-hating American left would have burned the city down if an arrest had not been made, or at least part of Times Square. I’m not sure the police has a lot of choice about allowing DSK to leave the country or not. Thanks for the article and have a great 4th.


  16. Jonathan W
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 2:04 pm

    Awesome piece! You tell it like it is, Dr. Suzy, and make me laugh too. The “maid service blowjob from hell” indeed. Wonder if that housekeeper still works at Sofitel. Maybe I’ll stay at the Hilton, lol…


  17. Vladan Micic
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 2:02 pm

    He was a great candidate for president and other activities behind the curtains.


  18. Robert
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 1:53 pm

    How I Iost My Virginity. As a young boy of 14 my family traveled to Rothenburg Germany in the very conservative state of Bavaria. Unbeknownst to me, my father hired our beautiful chamber maid to seduce me. It was there in this beautiful town that I lost my virginity on a park bench overlooking the Tauber river. A memory I shall never forget and hold dear to my heart. Thanks dad…and thank you dear beautiful chamber maid, you changed my life.


  19. Michael Donnelly
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 1:31 pm

    Great work.

    Alex Cockburn (among many) has some egg on his face. I e-mailed him at the time and said it did not pass the smell test, yet he bought the official line and wrote this snark: “”Americans suggesting a conspiracy contain the usual percentage of citizens who routinely disbelieve the official account of any event, and whose current energies are primarily devoted to proving that Osama bin Laden was dead by the end of 2001 and that the Abbottabad raid was fakery from start to finish. Nano-thermite hasn’t been discovered in the Osama compound but it probably soon will.”

    He also led his anti-DSK piece with this:
    “The French are for the millionaire. The Americans are for the maid. Among the French, three out of five think the IMF’s former managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has been framed.”

    Guess 60% of the French were correct!

    And, btw, the very term “womanizing” is ridiculous. You never hear about “manizing.” And, loved your line about horny lesbians. One of my good buddies is a bewitching Bi-mostly lesbian who gets more women than anyone I know. I’ve seen her bewitch other women friends of mine in mere minutes.


  20. Jeff St. Clair
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 1:31 pm

    thanks Suzy!


  21. Lee Roskin
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 1:25 pm

    Vive La France !!!! You declare DSK innocent. How do you know this? Is that what the press is saying? Do you think a well placed, high priced clever lawyer has anything to do with this? Are you sympathetic to DSK family because you were in a similar situation as you suggest? Is there any power in truth, honesty, reality or is there only SEX and Drugs, self indulgence, egotism and arrogance and ,of course, gagner d’argent?


  22. Jon Catt
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 1:23 pm

    viex bouc may be more appropriate It means literally an old goat…It’s a Straus-Kahn of worms!


  23. Tim Crawford
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 7:55 am

    “…that should keep his baguette well-basted in the saliva of female admirers for many years to come.”

    You do know how to turn a phrase.

    The whole story leaves me shaking my head and wondering what will become of us. Thank you for your enlightened point of view.


  24. Jennifer Upton
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 5:27 am

    Is this a plot ?


  25. Strategicus Consulting
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 5:26 am

    I dont think that Dominique could have done this. The housekeeper was so unattractive that any any sane man could not have done it even if he was offered a million USD


  26. Frank Amante
    07 · 1 · 11 @ 5:10 am

    What can I say you’ve done it again. Great article. But let me say this, American justice has fallen into the hands of a police state like the world has never known, we in fact live in the most advanced state of fascism in history. Everything in America is against the law. You can be arrested for anything and God help you if you dare talk back to a jack booted thug in blue.

    In today’s America I don’t fear anything but the thugs in blue (yes there are some good ones, but the whole system is rotten) It’s worse than organized crime.

    I spent 8 months in the Los Angeles Twin Towers and watched the beatings being inflicted on inmates on a daily basis by shaved head thugs beholden to no one. Shame on us all as citizens who have allowed fear to turn us into a scared ignorant society who blindly follows orders.

    One day our Bastille day will come and we will free ourselves from these criminals that have perverted our constitution and turned us all into slaves of the state.

    Amanda Knox is complaining about her treatment in an Italian prison, she’s lucky she’s not in an American gulag.

    Most foreigners know that America has lost it’s way and that the shinning lights on the hill have been snuffed out by a bunch thugs who run the police state that we have become.

    Welcome to America, put your hands against the wall and spread you legs, you’re under arrest for jaywalking.

    Poor Strauss, poor inmates, poor ignorant cops that have turned against their own people. poor America, poor us.


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