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  1. Suzanne Hill
    07 · 31 · 20 @ 12:18 pm

    I am very interested in spanking therapy


  2. Marilyn Smith
    04 · 13 · 20 @ 10:01 pm

    I have had a need to be spanked by another female for as long as I remember. I still haven’t found the right woman to do this. It’s all I think about and I wish I could just get it done I already


  3. mita
    09 · 21 · 18 @ 4:35 pm

    What a wonderful, in-depth article on a hot subject! Dr. Suzy truly possesses an unbelievable amount of sexual knowledge!!


  4. Don Edwards
    01 · 30 · 15 @ 9:24 am

    Excellent article. It seems that all of the men on here have had these spanking experiences with women such as mother and aunts, but nobody really mentioned a father figure spanking them when they were children which leaves me to wonder why? When I was a child mothers and grandmothers did spank children as well as school teachers and nuns, but so did fathers, priest, police officers, and principals in your school but nobody mentioned any experiences they may have had with men and it leaves me to believe that they are too ashame of mentioning male on male spanking out of fear someone may thing that perhaps they thick it is gay for a man to spank his son. Just curious.


  5. mcm リュック 激安
    09 · 5 · 13 @ 4:48 pm

    I must get across my love for your wisdom as well as your kind-heartedness in support of those individuals that have the need for help in sexual matters, particularly spanking and BDSM. With this post, we all benefit. Many thanks; from each one of us.


  6. Self Help Sexuality
    02 · 12 · 12 @ 11:18 am

    Great blog. Spanking is so kinky and naughty. Especially in role play spanking is so hot.


  7. imtiaz waris
    08 · 12 · 11 @ 12:34 pm

    Even the Marquis De Sade would be proud of this article.A true philosophical masterpiece on the art of Spanking,which only the Good Doctor could have written.


  8. Spanking101
    08 · 12 · 11 @ 10:35 am

    Hello Dr. Block again! :-)

    So i wanted to finish what i started earlier, in my last post. I meant to add this in my last post, but what i think what brought my spanking fetish up, was the fact that i had a female butt fetish. I love female butts, i have liked girls butts since i was extremely young. When i was a child, and would see a nice girl’s butt, i would think to myself, I wonder what it would like if I had a chance to spank this girl’s butt? I love the feel, to touch, grab, poke, play, massage, slap, spank, prod, probe, etc. So just because of my butt fetish, that branched out into spanking and anal fetishes.

    Thank you,

    P.S. I’m looking for new management for my Spanking101 twitter account. Would anyone be interested in taking it over? Someone that would like to have discussions about spankings, paddling, whippings, floggings, bdsm, sub, slave, dom, domme, top, bottom etc you name it. Also be able to RT stuff related to spanking? Even post pictures, or RT pictures? If you think you can handle something like this, please get in touch with me! Thank you! :-)


    • Don Edwards
      01 · 30 · 15 @ 8:55 am

      Thank you for this! This is the best spanking blog I’ve ever read. My experience has been mainly the spanking of adult male butts if that makes a difference, but spankings are spankings regardless if you are spanking a male butt or a female, and I have found that a man who goes to someone like me for a spanking goes to keep his inner child in check


  9. Jon Catt
    08 · 9 · 11 @ 1:53 am

    I prefer a nice whippy cane myself wielded by a chubby but fierce governess


  10. Spanking101
    08 · 7 · 11 @ 9:45 pm

    Hello Dr. Block.

    One of the things that you mentioned, you said “Kids are dumber if they are spanked.” That’s not true, so you have someone that did a study on kids, some that were spanked and some that were not spanked.

    Sometimes when having to discipline a child, sometimes spanking does not work. That is true, sometimes you have to use other methods. I know back in my day, i was spanked. Looked how i turned out? I turned out fine, never went to jail, etc etc etc. Did me getting spanked a child start this spanking fantasy up of mine? I don’t know.

    So many things i want to mention in this article of yours, but so tired, long day for me.

    Spanking a child if done the proper way, is totally fine by me. I see nothing wrong with that at all. As long as the child knows that it is done in love, and not done in hatred. Only getting a few swats to the behind with an open hand, or for serious offenses a paddle would work. As long as they are not getting their butts busted, getting bruises etc. So i am not against spanking children, but I’m not for it either. I mean there are other ways to discipline a child. Using the naughty step would work on younger kids. I know your not supposed to use food, but using food as a bribe seems to work also for some kids. Like candy for example. Use candy as a reward, hey you did such and such for me, you deserve this.

    Thank you for letting me post a comment on here, will want to post another comment on here later. Thank you Dr. Block.



  11. That Nori Guy
    08 · 1 · 11 @ 3:46 am

    Sadly spanking 101 failed to mention the loving care that should be given to your partners red bottom after a good flogging. In that regard I would just like to thank the Chinchilla’s who through your tender hand soothed the butts of those rare beauties who graced us in the “Womb Room” on your birthday… I know for a fact those Chinchilla’s were in a better place that night. =)


  12. John
    07 · 31 · 11 @ 3:48 pm

    Dr. Susan,

    I late in life faced my spanking fetish after 3 decades of hiding it in deep fear and shame! By searching for answers on the internet I eventually found answers. I was told lies at first by people who believed spanking was just an inherited condition. After failing to find a female partner understanding and complimentary of my need to be spanked and being rejected by my wife as perverted and damaged and then learning in the blog sphere that many mothers completely separate and deny their own spanking fetish is creating an “extra” motivation for them to spank their children as a punishment I realized I have discovered that present and past generations of parents have mostly unconsciously and sometimes covertly consciously are sexually abusing their children by spanking them. I completely lost it emotionally and fell into depression and frequent post-traumatic stress disorder flashbacks. So, I went into 5 years of psychotherapy, I had no time for privacy so sessions were via internet Skype and phone but sometimes work made it intermittent so it took more years to work the most painful emotions out.
    The Webster definition in your article is so general it’s destined to continue to hide the more serious sinister act that creates the sexual violation in children, especially by spanking fetish parents. It in essence is a legal for of incest in victims who feel those childhood experiences as I do and as some of your patience do too!
    “to strike or slap the buttocks, usually with the palm of the hand.” You wrote very intelligently and supportively about advising parents not to spank! This dictionary description hides the common parenting practice in administering a child spanking and that is ritual physical preparation and intentional body sexual shaming by partially or fully forcing nudity and in most cases visual genital exposure. This created the psychological trauma with overwhelming shame and humiliation! More on this later. In my memory I had no concept of eroticism yet as my mother ritually forced me to stand near her and allow her to unsnap my trouser jeans, unzip my fly zipper, and pull down my jeans below my buttocks and then my underwear to the same position in the split second of fear and terror for the coming pain, was deep humiliation and shame sensed as being inflicted deliberately, mingled with erotic genital arousal that was fleetingly pleasant and unwanted. As intently as I recall my mother remaining verbally cold and commanding while ordering this punishment process all the while stating to me she hated doing this but believed it was the only way I would learn my “lesson” I can never forget the smile on her face at my helplessness she was trying to hide and the gleam in her eye!
    Today all the searching in the spanko world and BDSM world leaves me sadly unfulfilled. Many spankos are happy just getting a degree of fantasy interaction with another willing adult and receiving the physical sensations and pain. I my therapy I learned the psychology world views human sexuality feelings, and the emotion of love almost indistinguishable. Over the course of my childhood most spanking was by my mother as stated previously, I unfortunately associated the unwanted sexual arousal with maternal spankings and a deep sense of being loved. No other sexual or romantic exchange has ever been as intimate or emotionally bonding!

    As a victim who hates his age regressive submissive spanking fetish I sincerely thank you for offering proof and evidence of the harms of spanking. While you state you have many spanking fetish patients who claim they were never spanked it’s been explained they may not have had to have been spanked themselves to develop a trauma from spanking, the mere concept of it threatening them or sound or sight of another child could create the conditions that create this fetish. Also those who have a spanking fetish could have been too young to remember their childhood spankings. The concern in your article is that this fetish isn’t harmful, it’s helpful and despite your recommendation to parents not to spank their children it is based on harmful behavior changes in personality toward violence and lost intelligence but no mention of violated sexuality, a changed sexuality, nor incestual motives by parents to spank their children. I do applaud you for speaking about the role of religion in supporting spanking and thus potential for sexual dysfunctions. Please in the future challenge the spanking fetish parent for their motives and their sense of entitlement to take the risk of sexually arousing their child and altering their child’s sexuality without the child’s consent! For some it is pure ignorance, for others it is covert sexual abuse! I will live the rest of my life without ever knowing and experiencing the deepest sense of feeling loved and bonded to a woman emotionally for my spanking fetish and the regressive maternal chains of punishment it calls me to! I you have additional thoughts or recommendations I’m at emotimatly@yhahoo.com. Thank you! Sincerely!


  13. onur can
    07 · 29 · 11 @ 5:58 pm

    hey doctor,I am sick…please spank me…


  14. craig m.
    07 · 27 · 11 @ 12:26 am

    I had a session w/ dr. suzy, & 1 w/ bunny…. you both were caring understanding, compassionate,… you listened, didn’t judge, & made me feel better about my concern, I just want to thank u both…it wasn’t ez calling , or opening up, but you ladies made it ok…. thanks again, craig


  15. Lisa h
    07 · 26 · 11 @ 12:28 pm

    Dr. Suzy, first let me tell you how incredibly hot and sexy you really are! What a powerful, in charge of herself woman I think you are. I would love for you to spank me!


  16. Makabeu, Lisboa, Portugal
    07 · 25 · 11 @ 2:31 pm

    I can’t get over how sexy You are!!!


  17. NothingIs2Taboo
    07 · 25 · 11 @ 2:29 pm

    Love the blog. Would love to experience the playpen


  18. hotrox
    07 · 25 · 11 @ 4:56 am

    “Apparently, spanking kids also makes them stupid. Professor Murray Straus from the University of New Hampshire tested the IQs of 806 children ages 2-4 and 704 ages 5-9; both groups were then retested four years later. The IQs of the spanked toddlers ages 2-4 dropped by 5 points, while the IQs of spanked kids ages 5-9 dropped up to 2.8 points. The IQs of kids who were not spanked stayed essentially the same. So if you want your kid to be less intelligent and more accepting of violence, spanking is the child-raising technique for you.”

    Good word, “apparently”. Could be seen as a correlation in search of a theory. Let’s look for a theory. Consider the case of little Johnny and little Tristan. Little Johnny’s mother is not to bright when it comes to expressing herself, but she does know – perhaps from hard experience – what those around her probably will or definitely will not approve of. Little Johnny stands on the seat in the bus. “Get down.” “Why?” “Because I said so.” “Why?” THWACK. Little Tristan’s mother is far more linguistically accomplished. “Don’t do that.” “Why?” “Because your shoes are dirty from walking in the street and so they’ll make the seat dirty. Then, if someone sits down there in nice new clothes, […remainder of admonition omitted for brevity …].”

    Prof. Murray Straus’ findings might just be related to Basil Bernstein’s concept of “restricted” and “elaborated” linguistic codes transmitted through verbal and nonverbal channels, and demonstrate the cumulative effect of those concepts in real situations. But getting any sort of determination of that would involve bringing the nature and behaviour of the spanker, beyond just the act of spanking, into a falsifiable framework, not just a simple-minded sort and count of the spanked or not.


  19. BDSMfeen
    07 · 22 · 11 @ 11:21 pm

    I am interested in visiting your compound. What do I have to do?


  20. Michael Greenwald
    07 · 22 · 11 @ 10:47 pm

    I keep following your exploits. I remain in awe.


  21. Gary S
    07 · 22 · 11 @ 3:53 pm

    One of these day, I too would like the honor of meeting the good Dr. and getting a sound spanking from her beautiful practiced hand :-D


  22. Wayne Lander
    07 · 22 · 11 @ 12:30 pm

    Awesome work! ONE of these days…. I will have the honor of meeting the good Dr. :-)


  23. Unkle Sklar
    07 · 22 · 11 @ 1:14 am

    Dr. Susan, You are still one of the most beautiful women I have seen.


  24. Lainy
    07 · 21 · 11 @ 10:05 pm

    Thanks for an awesome article. Best thing I’ve read on the subject of Spanking. I especially love the physiology. Those cross-currents are hot!


  25. Daniel Keefe
    07 · 21 · 11 @ 10:02 pm

    Dr.Block ….. I Waded through your article( above ): though it may convince parents to finally stop spanking their errant children ( and that’s good), mostly it appeared to be about a life that’s unwanted, a sad bourgeois substitute for a life of at least some joy.Do your college Joe/Jos chose this fobbed-off substitute? If so, maybe they should stop going to college right now ? ! P.S.,This seems like a noboner to me,though I understand that this ” solution ” arrives too late for some.


  26. JSC
    07 · 21 · 11 @ 9:55 pm

    Have you read Robert Coover’s novella Spanking the Maid?


  27. Bitchy Girl in the Burbs
    07 · 20 · 11 @ 12:00 pm

    great piece!!! great pix!!!


  28. Larry in SD
    07 · 20 · 11 @ 11:41 am

    I found this article because I want to understand my girlfriend who likes to be spanked. Honestly I’ve never been particularly interested in it, but I want to please her so here I am. Anyhow I just want to say this is the best thing I’ve found in my search for spanking wisdom. Thanks for really breaking it down for guys like me who just don’t get it but want to learn. I may call you for more personal advice.


  29. Sgt. Stephen.J.Savage
    07 · 20 · 11 @ 11:34 am

    Doc love your outfits here, you make anything that you wear look Hot!!


  30. gene
    07 · 19 · 11 @ 1:06 am

    all this spanking talk makes me wanna get spanked!


  31. Kiley
    07 · 18 · 11 @ 9:05 am

    What a great article! As a professional spanker/spankee, I agree with much of what you have to say about spanking…it can be very erotic, can help the spanker/spankee move past some issues, and I also find it works as a form of absolution; the spankee comes to me with some guilt of a past misdeed (which is generally something rather mild) but through a spanking session, they are able to relieve themselves of that guilt and move on.

    Plus, spanking is just HOT !! Whether I am on the giving end or the receiving end, a good spanking never fails to get me started :)

    Thanks again for an informative and provocative look at a great passion of mine!


  32. Pattie Thune
    07 · 18 · 11 @ 5:05 am

    Hi Dr. Susan,
    Thank you for this amazing and extensive post about spanking that I read with much interest in both Counterpunch and Bloggamy. I am so glad that you opened up this subject, it really made me think.
    The Medical Center for Female Sexuality has created a series of frank videos in which Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, LMSW, MPH, PhD Clinical Director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality talks about issues relating to women and sex.
    I think that you will find them complementary to your blog.
    Let me know what you think.


  33. Mavis Clensy
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 7:21 pm

    Call me a perv, but I believe that butt-smacking on the baseball mound is homoerotic through and through. Otherwise, a pat on the upper back or shoulders would do fine. Its a sex gesture between men who are afraid to be gay, or at least they’re afraid to show how gay they really are in front of their beloved fans and corporate sponsors.


  34. Rev bookburn
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 6:05 pm

    All three women guests from Philadelphia’s Peek-A-Boo Revue were sexy, slightly high, and open-minded for where the show might lead. Scott the producer of their shows spoke like an animated ring master. We were live on the air on uncensored internet radio. Predictably, there was no formal structure and they had the funniest safe words. Each was spanked in turn. As the Reverend began the spanking, other hands from men and women joined in. Appropriate music was playing low in the background. The last recipient had a larger bottom that was perfect. The laughter and mayhem enhanced the effects and feel in the studio. I had wished the Bookburners could have seen the action. It was my best spanking show. Rev. Bookburn – Radio Volta


  35. Island Boy
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 4:01 pm

    Great blog, as always. Maybe your best for me, since I do enjoy a good spanking from the right firm but gentle lady. As to Scott’s question about spanking in sports, I would guess that its related to birthday spanking wherein the spanker is congratulating the spankee, but also giving him a little “push” in the tuchas to get out there and do even better ;)


  36. Mary P
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 3:57 pm

    Great, informative, hilarious and provocative piece, Dr. Block, so glad to see Counterpunch running your sexy smart POV. If only our politicians would spank each other more, maybe they’d quit spanking the populace – nonconsensually!


  37. Scott Frasier
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 3:00 pm

    So how does this all relate to that common sports practice of swatting each other on the butt during those critical visits to the pitching mound or rounding third base after a home run? It always amuses my wife and me when we see these group spank sessions during our national pastime. Is it “Spanking as Encouragement”?


  38. Ivy Thornton
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 5:11 am

    Lots of yummy photos. Who doesn’t need a good spanking every now and then? I agree with you on dominant people needing to surrender. I find that with often with clients.


  39. Richard D
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 3:13 am

    My very attractive aunt who raised me gave me pants-down OTK disciplinary spankings from the time I was 7 until I was 11 and started getting erections right over her knee. Great blog. Brings back memories.


    07 · 15 · 11 @ 2:49 am

    Décidément,tu aimerais bien me donner la fessée hein ? mais je suis couvert d’huile et je glisse comme une savonnette sous la douche.

    Catch me if you can hihihihihihi


  41. DaveTantric
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 2:37 am

    dr. susan, i was wondering if you ever have private session where i could give you the most wonderful sensual otk bare bottom hand spanking with a good warm up. and if you dont like it well…. paybacks are the best. having a gorgeous smart classy woman like you over my knee bare bottom, well… what could be better.


  42. Bear
    07 · 15 · 11 @ 1:15 am

    Spanking isn’t something I think I would ever do, or at least have done to me. I do have very bad childhood associations with the concept of being spanked, so it’s not something I would want for myself, but if the woman I was with wanted to be spanked, I would do that for her, especially if it pleased her.


  43. Sara Vibes
    07 · 14 · 11 @ 11:41 pm

    I love to be spanked and I love spanking!
    I was spanked as a child a few times… And I say a few because I learned how to not get caught, so it didn’t continue. ;) ;) ;)
    I came across as a good kid…

    Spanking was definitely a gateway for me into BDSM. Even as a kid my friends and I would spank each other during “house”.
    As an adult, in my home I spank my girlfriend, when we go to parties I might spank her in public, or I’ll arrange a scene with friend.

    Spanking is lovely before, during, and after sex. Other impact play isn’t.
    You don’t need any expensive or fancy toys for a spanking; you’re always ready to give or take a spanking! Having my outlook erotically charged as such makes the day much for interesting.
    Found objects are fun for spanking too! Spoons, spatulas, wearing leather or even latex gloves can change the sensation for the bottom.

    I love how a good, low, heavy thwack moves through my whole body and jiggles my cunt!

    Plus, I have a big, tight ass and I can take a lot!



  44. Charles
    07 · 14 · 11 @ 11:29 pm

    My uncle was spanked just once when he was caught masturbating by his governess but that one time changed his sex life forever as he could not come without someone wacking his butt when he grew up.

    As always great article Doc.


  45. Jane in Portland
    07 · 14 · 11 @ 10:11 pm

    I’m a feminist and I love to be spanked. Is that related? I like the spanking to take place on my own terms, of course. But if the spanker is good, my surrender is sweet and total, at least for the moment. I’m very type A and I think it keeps me balanced.


  46. Paul
    07 · 14 · 11 @ 10:02 pm

    Hot blog! I can relate. Will tell you more later, but meantime good luck with all this. And many spanking returns…


  47. CeeBee
    07 · 14 · 11 @ 9:58 pm

    Brava, dear Docteur! A spanking tour de force. And how apropos that you release it on Bastille Day (at least its still Bastille Day in California). Between your erudite and evocative prose and the vivid photos of your carnavalesque world, I am spanked into ecstatic submission.


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