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  1. William Patrick Haines
    02 · 21 · 06 @ 1:11 am

    I have yet to see the Walmart movie. Unfortunately such a film will not be shown in the local theater or on cable or ever brought to television (tell lie vision), since it offends a major corporate entity. In general in movies, the everyday person has been forgotten. Movies like Walmart are far too rare. Instead, corporate America would rather show bug-eating reality shows that anything to do with real reality. Since Reagan, the American people have been lulled into accepting religious and corporate extremism that really counters the values America and western culture in general were founded on. How can Americans accept that the ownership of a port can be sold to people who undoubtedly have ties to terorists. The mainstream media has treated the Bush adminstration with far too much leniency. More and more, the media acts likes it has plunged into a corporate and religious twilight zone


  2. Jan and Rich
    02 · 3 · 06 @ 12:24 am

    What a different, wonderful evening at the Speakeasy. Very serious and educational in the first part, and a sexy sensuous soiree in the second. Thank you, Dr. Block and the gang, for mixing the intellect and the libido into one fine evening.


  3. Self respecting
    02 · 2 · 06 @ 11:55 pm

    hi, got there early. 1st time in over 5 years. went up to the host to introduce myself. i noticed a similar interest i shared with the host pointed this out to her. I was fairly reserved said I had two questions i got the impression that my host didn’t want to hear anything that I was saying and didn’t hear the other half she walked away in the middle of sentences twice I am about as progressive, intelligent and progressive as they come very unassuming and modest in my approach but the welcome was about the coldest I have ever seen. Baring any misdirection to not address this by throwing blame on this writer I am simply wondering… did i miss something. Was my host having a bad day, hard of hearing and even if so – just not interested in people who are new. I brought a fine bottle of expensive scotch as I was strongly encouraged to do and was enthusiastic to meet new people baring a considerate acknowledgement of this experience I would see no reason to approach the host again unless she had some required advance knowledge of one’s worth to her. sr


  4. Robert Greenwald
    02 · 1 · 06 @ 3:35 pm

    Dr. Susan Block is an old friend, in fact I knew her before she was a doctor! So when she extended an invitation for me to screen the Wal-Mart film at her downtown loft and workspace, there was no way I could refuse the invitation. The diverse audience sitting standing and watching from all the corners, couches and crevices of her loft were as focused and attentive as any audience I’ve encountered around the country. Thanks Dr. for bringing this medicine to your fans


  5. Michael A
    02 · 1 · 06 @ 4:13 am

    Robert Greenwald speaks for the downtrodden. Plain and simple. Thank you for having him and the Walmart film at the Speakeasy. And to top it off, it was a really fun time!


  6. little shiva
    01 · 31 · 06 @ 11:57 pm

    I love that song by Khia, “My Neck, My Back”. The dirty version, of course. WalMart night at the Speakeasy sounds fun. I like your explanation for choosing a seemingly odd subject: the way you connect the two as being things people are afraid to talk about (sex and WalMart) is right on the money. Tonight Jenn and I watched some really great retro art porn, “Night Dreams” by Rinse Dream, director of the cult classic, “Café Flesh”. I’m still looking for a scene I remember from my art porn explorations back in the 90’s, and I thought it was from one of those two movies, but it wasn’t. Same style, though. It was a scene where this heavily made-up woman with shiny red lips is sitting in some kind of surreal bedroom setting, fully clothed, and she’s filmed up close saying the word “suck”. Then in the edit, it’s repeated three times in a row, so you just see her face close-up saying “suck/suck/suck”. I use that trick in my own edits and wanted to track it down. Guess I’ll go back to researching vintage art porn.


  7. Carlo Filangieri
    01 · 31 · 06 @ 6:37 am

    Ah Dr., I have figured out your stratagy! You use sex to sell politics, how brilliant! The great equalizer sex and it seems that your right wing lovers are inhaling every word, and they get excited and write dirty, nasty letters probably in their pale pink panties…Carlo in Portofino


  8. Kim
    01 · 31 · 06 @ 5:07 am

    I want to thank everyone who attended my B-Day Party. It was the best celebration of life I’ve ever experienced! The music was awesome, Thanks to DJ Dog. I love that old school house music. The people were so eclectic and beautiful. Thank you, Susan and David, for 8 inspiring years! Oh yeah, the gifts are great: jewelry, smell good stuff, drums, cow bell, clothes, champagne, and more! Thank you, staff and volunteers for your help with food, and Gene, the cake was sooooo good. I feel like I’ve won an award or something with all the thank yous. My recovery from that evening? Well at 42 years, I’m sore, but I feel GREAT and STILL SEXY! Peace, Love, Humanity, Art, Erotica!Kim


  9. You've done it again!!!
    01 · 30 · 06 @ 10:25 pm

    Dr. Suzy has proven that one can live life in pursuit of pleasure and be a humanitarian along the path. The Block Institute promotes equality and awareness in all forms. Even the simple screening of a documentary that exposes the suffering of retail workers here in the US as well as the hardships of those who make the products we take for granted. ODE TO ROBERT GREENWALD!!!And to you Kim…. You inspire me. You’re strong, caring, intelligent, and a pleasure to work with. Your party was AWSOME!!! Can’t wait until the next…Your American Julie.


  10. Betty Dodson
    01 · 30 · 06 @ 7:07 pm

    I bought Greenwald’s tape through truthout.org. It’s a winner. You have nice friends. Look forward to our time together. Love ya, BADly


  11. Kate
    01 · 30 · 06 @ 12:55 pm

    I hope you have more screenings. There are a lot of incredible indie movies out there that deserve to be screened and for one reason or another never get one. Saturday night was a wonderful. Seeing that movie brought back memories of when I worked for Lord and Taylor…owned by the May Company. Making the health insurance payment would take up almost half of the pay cheque. Needless to say I only stayed there till the Teamsters Strike that practically killed the entertainment industry in NYC ended. More Birthday Blessings to dear Kim. She’s a gem!!!


  12. bill
    01 · 30 · 06 @ 5:55 am

    Suzy, I am so glad to see you get down with your guests. It is so exciting to see you having fun. You have a nice body, please show more of it when you get it on. Thanks.In lust bill


  13. Crystal
    01 · 30 · 06 @ 5:49 am

    Thank you! I had a wonderful time last night. Again. XOXOXO Crystal


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