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  1. Vivien
    03 · 18 · 16 @ 10:12 pm

    Hi Susan

    Thanks for your last article (which I found on counterpunch), very funny.

    As most 100% western white, the French are / a mix of celtic, white ‘latin’, or / and alemanic (the Franks) / nordic, at the middle of west white mix, I am uncut. Never in England most men were cut. Never at all in whole euro continent. In Australia, NZ, even Canada, it is ended, white Afrikaaners similar.

    So, WHY the USA white (not jewish) obsession with circumcision even if it slightly declines in progressive states? Is it the not jewish trying to cast themselves as the elected chosen by a mighy which does not exist ? (in Fr, most atheists in the West) Could this minor/symbolic castration – which in some cases leads to medical accident and real emasculation – explain USA war-mongering ? The irony : it is a French Dr from oldest medical university in Montpellier in south mediterranean Fr in XIX th century who launched this obsession trend.

    The difference between uncut and cut ? If uncut, you can choose cut, not the reverse. It is said cut reduces stds, right for some, not all, and only active cut men with unbridled sexuality have stds. Cut loses sensitivity. It is the dirty who need cut, as the clean uncut are cool as they are.


    • drsuzy
      03 · 18 · 16 @ 10:28 pm

      I agree with you. I prefer natural and “uncut,” and I believe it is wrong (and very unbonobo) to “cut” or circumcise a male infant or child, just as it is to circumcise a female child. I believe it is an attempt on the part of certain societies to curb male masturbation, and no, it doesn’t work at all.


  2. Pat Jankiewicz
    03 · 17 · 16 @ 11:01 am

    Hey, Dr. Block, just wanted to thank you and Dayton for the appearance. Have done over 200 interviews as a writer and never had one like that! You two are charming, smart and funny.


  3. I Own Your Manhood
    03 · 14 · 16 @ 2:52 pm

    Trump has hands too large for any office other than ruler of the universe.


  4. Trump Tiny Hands PAC
    03 · 11 · 16 @ 7:57 pm

    We do not understand what this is, but we appreciate anything that brings more attention to Donald Trump’s tiny baby hands.


  5. Chelsea Demoiselle
    03 · 10 · 16 @ 1:50 am

    Speaking of beauty with brains! That would be you Dr Susan Block! I’m once again floored by how you operate… where some might create fluff for a show or to try and go along with a big current event or two but with no content, you blow us all away just because of how centered, clear, connected, concerned, conscientious and on-the-mark you are. You’re authentic and a humanitarian, sexy doesn’t describe your depth and what I feel to be ethereal beauty with a metaphysical powers of political seduction… One more week I’m almost in tears of pure joy with not just the deep content of the show itself but with how you put it down on paper and then it becomes larger than the larger-than-life it already was… yet you do this while being down-to-earth!
    Thank you for your unique and powerful way of sharing and being your message… very inspiring to me as I seek to bring raw vegan rejuvenative education to the public in as dynamic way as I possibly can… yet I am assimilating the contagious love you share of #GoBonobos as well as #Ecosexuality which are becoming part of me now and infiltrate naturally align with a clean diet and lifestyle message I embody …
    You and Captain Max and the Dr Susan Block Show helped me grow from a very dependent needy fetish-sexual consensual lifestyle slavegirl into a goddess and dominatrix with a mission … I didn’t mean this to go into being about me but it’s been on my mind a lot lately… (and ideas of bringing you to Portland, OR, to launch a BonobovillePDX compound and show of maybe a monthly frequency linking back to mothership Bonoboville W.LA–and I intend to go into detail about this gratitude I feel inside elsewhere, because I hope it helps others, as well as testimony to The Bonobo Way and its unique 12Step Recovery Plan in the book …
    for now, I’m excited to share the CounterPunch links who have picked up this week’s blog you’ve penned and crafted…
    I’m so incredibly distraught that the US people are even considering someone like Donald Trump! It’s a tragedy and I hope that your article is part of opening the public’s eyes … his wanting Adolf Hitler’s speeches by his bedside??? OMG!!! WTF!!!
    The list goes on and on of reasons why this man can’t be trusted…

    I’ve wanted to say that I really love seeing Dayton Rains blossom there at Bonoboville. She’s always been stunning and beautiful of course but each week that she is on the show and I know she is grounded in the structure of Bonoboville during the week, I feel she is becoming more and more poised, more and more gorgeous and healthy … I can’t WAIT until her birthday next SATURDAY!!! It’s going to be amazing and she deserves it!!! :)

    DrSuzy this show with Pat was quite a fun one and with lots of lighthearted, contagious laughter while its political messages will reach many many folks far and wide across the globe because of its enticement and uncensored unscripted frankness… I enjoyed it so much and tweeting coverage from @chelseabonobo on Twitter… love to you and congrats to Gonzo who is such a man of honor I love him to pieces… love you too!!! xoxo


  6. Jack Nice
    03 · 9 · 16 @ 9:12 pm

    Well seeing the sybian in action I’d say if that catches on auto assembly won’t be the only job that was once done by mostly men that is now performed only by robots.


  7. Bambi Bonobo
    03 · 9 · 16 @ 5:45 am

    Awesome show Dr. Suzy! Entertaining pillow talk filled with myth busting educational commentary and sensuality sprinkled with a dash of humor. Can’t wait to tune in to next week’s show!


  8. Ono Bo
    03 · 8 · 16 @ 2:18 pm

    The discourse on size continues! I agree with Dr. Suzy, penis fencing surely would resolve matters better than the testosterone fueled wars. These performing politicians need to get on with already, pull down their pants and give us a real show. You know they want to, why else would they keep talking about their penis’s if they didn’t want to whip them out and fly them around?


  9. Dime
    03 · 8 · 16 @ 11:27 am

    guess i keep my hands my pockets & I agree that Trump is a Big Dick !


  10. Bob Gryszka
    03 · 8 · 16 @ 11:03 am

    My beautiful Doctor…you are soooooooooo beautiful


  11. Jeffrey Winters
    03 · 8 · 16 @ 1:51 am

    You are awesome, brilliant and beautiful. Just wanted to tell you.


  12. Gonzo Bonobo
    03 · 8 · 16 @ 12:57 am

    Love my Bonobo Family!!! Great 3 years! To many more.


    • Chelsea Demoiselle
      03 · 10 · 16 @ 1:32 am

      Congrats Gonzo … and we *all* are glad you are in Bonoboville xo thanks for all you do!!!


  13. John Scott
    03 · 7 · 16 @ 10:28 pm

    Dr. Block, You are so wise and beautiful….I will learn from You and by example.


  14. Dayton Rains
    03 · 7 · 16 @ 10:00 pm

    Thank You Dr. Suzy for always having a great show & including me :) Also, I would like to thank our fellow BONOBO Gonzo for being the wonderful BONOBO that he is “PEACE THROUGH PLEASURE”
    Next, This show was so great, I had to call my father so I could tell him about Hitler’s penis, since he is a avid WWII collector. I was raised in a home filled with Hitler memorabilia!
    When I called my father, all he had to say was “where did you get this information?” I thought to myself “Of course…”
    On another note, Patrick Jankiewicz was a BIG HIT!!!! Especially when he laid all 6″9 of himself on top of me, “LOL” Thank you Joe Williamson for introducing us to this AMAZING GIANT,
    All in all the show was so much fun!!!!
    I hope you all tune in for my Birthday Bash on March 19, 2016
    XOOXXO Dayton Rains


  15. Panty Boy
    03 · 7 · 16 @ 6:54 pm

    Dr. Suzy is BEST NIGHT SHOW


  16. Del Rey
    03 · 7 · 16 @ 2:09 am

    Pat thanks for dropping by Bonoboville. You’re a tall man with big shoes to fill. Great having you here. Cheers!


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