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  1. big A
    12 · 7 · 12 @ 12:03 am

    just rewatched ur Memorial Day show Dr Suzy …goddamn ur the sexiest soldier ever…good thing u don’t go over seas, couldn’t lose ya ;)

    on the flip side, if u were over there and not the ugly female soldiers they have out there.. The terrorist might like us ;)


  2. jason
    07 · 13 · 12 @ 5:48 am

    dear dr suzy,
    i wanted to thank you for the very informative show you’re producing, and also wanted to become a member for the clip-orama section i was wondering if you could give me any hints as to what type of clips you’d like to receive.

    p.s i wish you could get the persian girl to actually perform what she researches, because afterall, you only learn by practicing ;)


  3. William Patrick Haines
    06 · 5 · 12 @ 10:14 pm

    Dear Dr Block
    Please place a well deserved curse of the repubilcan party that brought trickle, on economics and obcene gap between rich and poor. I really hope them all the misfortune they deserve


  4. Tracey Sweet
    05 · 30 · 12 @ 6:32 pm

    I had so much fun on the show! My new vibrator is making me very, VERY happy. Cannot wait to see you soon. :)


  5. Tasia Sutor
    05 · 30 · 12 @ 5:33 pm

    I took one for the team this show. Our headline pornstar became all frosted like a flake at the last second. Thank Goodness my dear pal, Tracey Sweet, came over to play with me that night! She and I pulled through and were able to saved the perverted portion of the show with our ever so lovely Butt-Holes!!! Tracey’s proudly spread apart her ass cheeks and properly displayed her tight, pink, little ass-hole. I, on the other hand, was able to use the tight pinkness of my asshole as a tribute to the Troops by sticking a flag up my ass and using my anus as a flag post. I could feel the emotion swell up in the room as they saw that plastic glow stick flag poking out of my ass with a shriveled up, baggy, dangling condom from the flags pole. We don’t know what we are celebrating here at the Dr. Susan Block Show for Memorial Day but we DO go out there and do our darndest!!! For The Memorials!!!! or maybe, For the memories!!!!!!! Don’t matter


  6. Ivy Thornton
    05 · 28 · 12 @ 7:45 pm

    Loved Marcy’s amazing booty!


  7. Marcy Diamond
    05 · 28 · 12 @ 2:12 pm

    Hey suzy thanks for having me on the show! I loved shaking my ass for you guys! If there are any big booty fans, ck me out! and you can follow me at @marcydiamond too! I do special request vids marcymiami@gmail.com


  8. Bob Gryszka
    05 · 28 · 12 @ 12:09 pm

    I will celebrate MM finale by thinking about you, Susan….But I don’t have to stop after May, do I?


  9. William Patrick Haines
    05 · 28 · 12 @ 1:50 am

    Dear Dr Block
    One of the most insidious aspects of any religion is they want to impose their values and beliefs on others usually through force or legislation . Also how do they find masterbation sinfull /amoral when it is on done privately and in manner where it does not interfere with a persons daily rotine/.functionality a great moral offence /
    Iam have long been against Religion because it is against being against the pursuit of knowledge and pleasure and standing up for yourself and thinking for yourself . Yet do to its flaming hypocrisy that same religion that is against somebody standing up themselves will endorce a war in which you harm others that never did anything to you or is any way a threat to you .
    It is amazing how strongly religion condems that practice of homosexuality as amoral and unnatural . Yet it it ignores the amoral and unnatural practice of selfishness .


  10. Helen
    05 · 28 · 12 @ 1:24 am

    Many flags were planted on conquered territory through means of violence and rape.

    I am bathing in the memory of Flag Anal on this show.


    • William Patrick Haines
      05 · 28 · 12 @ 4:45 am

      As long as the economic rape of the working class is tolerated you will have the rape of other nation states known as undeclared war /corporate errands not just tolerated but endorced . I reccomend The Gore vidals books Perpetual war for for peace how we got to be so hated


  11. Yasi
    05 · 28 · 12 @ 1:18 am

    It was my great pleasure to be on the show with you guys! Amazing shows on masturbation all month long ending with an amazing masturbation climax! Have tons of fun next week on your bday dr suzy!!! Hopefully I will see you guys again soon!!much love


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