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  1. William Patrick Haines
    01 · 8 · 06 @ 10:46 pm

    Since Reagan, the media has been getting more timid when comes to simplly reporting truth, whether it is challenging religious extremist or inquiring into the actions of government officals or portraying the standard of living. A large number of americans do not have stocks or investments and are so far in debt, they have hardly anything saved let alone invested. So why wasn’t the scheme to privatize social security more heavily scrutinized? The mainstream media is so incredibly inacurate and out touch with the common man, it would be laughable if no one believed their lies. But thanks to a great extent to the media, this country has lost it’s manufacturing base as well as it’s mind. Here is an example of the lowering of the bar and the dumbing down of television or tell lie vision: There was this overweight ball-busting bald bully of a psychiatrist who chastized an adult for living with his parents, but failed to inquire as to his hourly wages, marketable skills or education. You are not going to be able to support yourself on the low skill fast food mcjobs out there. Another television irritation a rather arogant ignorant ill-mannered and – let’s face it – unattractive judge. She was against providing legal assistance for the poor, yet she complained when when the police roughed one of her relatives. We all care about family but is that not hypocritical to complain when your family members get roughed up by the police but remain silent when injustice strikes the poor.These are just a few of my pet media peeves. But it does seem that in general, since Reagan, the truth has been abducted, starting with the truth about Reagan himself. It seems likee vast number of Americans have been given the false memory of Ronald Reagan being an American saviour instead of the idiot who helped us dig a hole so deep we could not get out of it.


  2. Carlo Filangieri
    12 · 30 · 05 @ 4:51 am

    Sei cosi bella. What a voice for sex. CRIMANAL ACTS but not SEX ACTS…what crimes we perpetuate in the name of self grandness. What is that reporters name from the NYT?is it Miller? I don’t know names very well but I do think she should be spanked, then perhaps fired as a writer, although she should keep her pension and her 30 K, retirement fund. She would need it to defend herself for her unethical behavior.You know Dr. Suzy, it’a good thing that I am a rich man, I live in Portofino, just south of Genova. I would like to invite you and your friends to come visit. I have plenty of room it’s a rather large ostentious ? villa.Facia TostaPortofino, Italyaka Carlo Filangieri


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