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  1. Alamaine
    01 · 14 · 06 @ 7:48 pm

    Interesting that George and his buds would be identified as “Peeping Thoms.” As if they were able to “peep” and “pull” on the right people, not those who would represent a serious danger to the Americans but to those Americans who are represented by being dangerous with him. It’s as if the old excuse that “everyone does it” is being touted as the rationale for doing anything, as if the unreason is justified by making the appearance that their behaviour is somewhat and somehow universal and is therefore authorised. But, I could be considered a threat to State policy, being a “Doubting Thom,” one that recognises and understands superfluous admissions, offering my own admonitions.We know that there were efforts early on to get everyone to be everyone’s best informant and information source, but in a private, sneaky but gossipy way. The spectre of the Stasi, that old intelligence component of the East German government, was raised. As we’ve read at,http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20050216.htm Ex-Stasi “expert” consult with U.S. on homeland security[Excerpt] “It was reported last December that former East German Secret Police (Staats Sicherheitsdienst, or Stasi) Director Markus Wolf was being considered for the top post at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The rumor caused such a stir that the Bush administration chose Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Michael Chertoff to replace outgoing Tom Ridge as Director of Homeland Security. “Wolf was, at one time, considered by the U.S. State Department to be a terrorist.” [End]Somehow some people sometimes think that the olden dayze of sexual tittilation is or are still with us, people being able to be blackmailed and otherwise coerced because of their sexual orientations or activities, usually reserved for intimate times and places. We’ve all heard about the “Lewinsky” and now we have the “Jack ‘[fill in the blank]’-off,” both representing actions that we would rather not hear about nor see simply because of the unappealing images that reside in the minds of the rest of us. “Intimate” is imperative in those situations, if only to preserve the public’s higher standards and expectations when thinking about the government and its officially sanctioned representatives. We note that “Abram” was just another client, one Jack now is relying upon to intercede for him with the Almighty of the spiritual kind, now that the Almighty Dollar, his “Golden Calf,” has begun to flake and reveal its mystery mettle. If only Monica would have swallowed her “pride.”These are, after all, very emotional times for the Republicans, what with the “Duke” Cunningham breaking down on camera, in public, admitting he had betrayed the trust of those who believed in him. The immediate reaction that many had was that he had violated some code of ethics relative to his primary job, that of being a House Representative. We’ve found out since that it was more likely because he was caused to “rat” out on his fellows, wearing a wire and enabling the recording of even more secretive and intimate details of the the inner workings of the Republican Party. Nothing like a Party pooper. There has been much ado about the tears being shed by Mrs. Alito during the introductory remarks by South Carolina Senator Linsdey Graham, formerly one of the House impeachment managers who was equally eloquent during his remarks at the Senate confirmation hearings. When he was still a House “manager,” I wrote to then- Representative Graham and told him that his efforts were not unlike getting his car stuck on the Myrtle Beach, tires spinning, tach pegged, and sand all over the place, no progess in the desired direction at all. Stuck. The only evidence of anything having been done would be to be dug in deeper. We know about South Carolina and its history, even that pertaining to coming to the aid of so-called “white” women whose dignity and honour are threatened and impugned, even by America’s first “black” President. We also know that there are so-called “Christians” who are attempting a political take-over and make-over of that state, something that will be accomplished by referring to the innumerable details of political action and activism listed and itemised in their manual, the “New” Testament. Mrs. Alito’s reaction may have been a testament to Senator Graham’s cavalier attitude and perhaps to Mr. Alito’s true beliefs, a-feared of being a-found out. Party pooper? It was, after all, her husband’s party and she could cry if she wanted to, cry if she wanted to. You’d cry too if it happened to you!Apparently, privacy and intimacy are conventions intended to be separately but equally applied. Once again, we see evidence of private and consentual behaviour being exposed all the way down to the angle of the dangle or to the DNA. But, when someone like a judge who will be performing his acts, intended for the public eye, there is no amount of effort spared in order to hide or deter detection of malfeasance or malicious intent. Secrecy is, as we well know, something on which the Buscists thrive and in which they revel. The whole administration is one big Skull & Bones society, kept secretive in order to ensure that no one really knows for sure who is the “skull” for the “boning.”We can make all kinds of assumptions as to who is doing what to whom and how and why and where but the secret is to keep all of those details about the Oval Office and orifice away from prying eyes, out of the public eye. But when secrecy is one of the mainstays of the administration and others’ privacy is not supposed to be an issue for discussion, we can only hearken back to the dayze when various enquiries were made in order to get on top of rumours and propaganda in order to get others to submit to the will of those most informed and most likely to be best connected. This is something right out of high school or some sophomoric social setting, setting others up with false, immature, and insignificant standards of conduct, only to determine who’s to be allowed into the club and to remain therein by adherence to the rules and the pecking order.The trick? Admit you have no clothes on! Then you have to be sure to keep clean!Attributed to Margaret Mitchell: “Until you lose your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is.”


  2. William Patrick Haines
    01 · 9 · 06 @ 12:19 pm

    Psychiatrist /psychologist put teenagers in a no win situation if they have no inanimate relations like myself there is something wrong with them and if they are sexual active there is something wrong with them.I do not see with adult movie performers being paid to do sexual acts in front a camera why prostuition is illegal ? An example if you did work on this old house or hometime or any home reapair show or are you any less of tradesman ? If cameras do not make it a form of prostuition, how come they are used in banks and various stores to gather evidence of a robbery should it take place . Talk shows have a major annoyance. That is a drill sergent going to straighten out a troubleed teen . . How is this instuition going to be defined as therapetic ? It was has been primarily since it’s inception been designed to get people ready to kill and be killed . True you have had the scared straight program for a while. Although I was 19 I was proff that the boot camp enviroment is not agreeable to every one . I joined the navy and was discharged on a non adaptable to military life discharge.


  3. William Patrick Haines
    01 · 4 · 06 @ 6:48 pm

    Dear Dr. Block:It is amazing how conservatives believe that laws that protect the consumer, the environment, employee rights and that demand the wealthy pay their share are oppressive. Yet they will give the green light to proceed faster than any test pilot or astronaut to spy on people without warrant or probable cause. They will give the line: Why worry about being searched if you’ve got nothing to hide? Of course I have no links or contacts with terrorists. However I do not want my private telephone calls, emails or especially MEDICAL RECORDS, FINANCIAL HISTORY OR ACADEMIC RECORDS, spied upon. Nor do I desire that the government pass this information onto another government or private corporations. Furthermore, has this eavesdropping yielded any viable results? 911 was the result of inept airport security and disgracefully lax immigration laws and virtually ineffective border protection. Real police officers with at least 5 years active experience should be security, not unskilled I-used-to-work-at-McDonalds individuals.Now I think I will cut and paste some of this and send it to my congressman. Sincerely yoursWilliam Patrick Haineswha5965948@aol.com


  4. Shaniqua Jones
    12 · 31 · 05 @ 5:34 am

    I was thinking there was something sexually creepy about tapping so many people’s phones like that. So it’s Peeping Tomfoolery? Sounds like a good explanation. Behind every President is a Pervert. Watch your cable show. Does it have a regular schedule or what? Happy New Year and thanks for the blog, very eclectic. Shaniqua


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