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  1. Pastor Jon & Raquel Devine
    10 · 23 · 15 @ 12:11 pm



  2. Rose
    10 · 21 · 15 @ 4:59 pm

    I love that religion was featured in this week’s show… I like seeing that it is possible that the sex industry/sex positivity movement and the church can peacefully coexist and respect eachother…a rare sight indeed! It does seem like people who are searching for meaning in life turn to an exploration of their often times repressed sexuality- or seek God on a spiritual path…sex and religion can go hand in hand. This episode proves it! And I find it thrilling to see Pastor Jon representing Christianity in such an open minded, loving, SEX POSITIVE way! He relieves a bit of the terror I tend to experience from organized religion. He gets the fact that sexual empowerment brings more joy, self love and peace into one’s life…the same ideals that are touted as benefits from devotion to God.

    A big THANK YOU to Dr. Suzy, Dr. Diana, Bill Mahr and Jessica Lin for continuing to be political and spread the word about the massive peace potential through sexual satisfaction/pleasure for all! So critical that we decolonize our minds from our society’s judgments and fears around sexual freedom and sex work itself…instead of substituting pleasure with violence.

    Great and dynamic show!!

    And I love Helly’s embodiment of sadism…tempered by her capacity to be an angel ;)

    Love, Rose!


  3. Parisenne Modert
    10 · 21 · 15 @ 4:33 pm

    Why am I fantasizing about gettting spanked to the song called, “Tangerine”? O, right ! God, I have good taste in music and women ! https://youtu.be/YdapOGbEtYw


  4. Chelsea Demoiselle
    10 · 21 · 15 @ 12:01 pm

    Great show this week. Over the top links and metaphors between sexuality, religion, peace. As a minister’s daughter I was especially in sync. Mm live to Preacher Jon, btw!

    Fabulous stage team and guests creating an insanely hot seductive field of energy.

    Kudos to Stockroom. KinkMonth is a keeper and you wear it well Dr Suzy!


  5. Ken Kuptis
    10 · 21 · 15 @ 11:30 am

    Drrblock! You rock!


  6. Elie Simon Antoun
    10 · 21 · 15 @ 12:26 am

    Looking great Dr & sounding awesome :)


  7. Elizabeth Aston
    10 · 20 · 15 @ 10:27 pm

    Testify! I have witnessed the greatest gathering of bonobos: a rich, beautiful, MILF-y FemDom Celebration! The stage was sizzling with sensuality, the show was a thrill a minute, and I just didn’t know what would happen next.

    Such a fun bunch…It was a treat to play with this diverse group. Hellfire and Religion came together on our Womb Room Stage, and as our conversation progressed, we all agreed that shame has no place in our game! -regardless of our age, race, creed or religion-

    Huge and deep thanks to our variety of guests. We are coming for the kink and falling into fetish!


  8. Toto Qlad
    10 · 20 · 15 @ 3:55 pm

    Reina …. idola

    diosa total


  9. Ikkor the Wolf
    10 · 20 · 15 @ 1:25 pm

    I love it Dr. Block…!!


  10. Ono Bo
    10 · 20 · 15 @ 12:04 am

    How great letting religion be eroticised, certainly the Bonoboville Communion this week on the DrSuzy.Tv had heightened meaning with a Preacher present. But this didn’t stop the bonobo way, it got it going.

    With the Halloween feel in the air, and in celebration of Kink Month, DrSuzy.Tv was right on way with Mistresses, Pornstars and a Preacher.


  11. Bob Gryszka
    10 · 19 · 15 @ 10:43 pm

    Awesome group, especially the Queen in action


  12. Joe Simons
    10 · 19 · 15 @ 3:00 pm

    #DrSusanRocks! #FanForLife!


  13. Ron de Jeremy rum
    10 · 19 · 15 @ 2:59 pm

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Cheers!


    • Peter
      10 · 21 · 15 @ 3:23 pm

      Great Ron!


  14. Tracy Vanity
    10 · 19 · 15 @ 2:56 pm

    Dr. Suzy is the #1 sexual healer on the planet.


  15. Del Rey
    10 · 19 · 15 @ 2:09 am

    Hallelujah, and amen and awomyn for the lovely bonoboësque rituals that are celebrated in Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy. From start to finish this show was sweet, sincere and sexy. An evening of true peace through pleasure.

    Much like the bonobo sisterhoods are strengthened through hoka-hoka, Dayton and Helly’s lip-locking seemed to ease some of the tension between the two ladies. The angelic meeting of lips, Dayton’s pussy and Helly Hellfire’s mouth, was a welcomed sight to those sitting in the speakeasy as well.

    On the other end of the broadcast bed, the preacher and the porn star, Pastor Ron and Raquel Devine brought a bit of humor, to the womb room. Yes, porn star is a normal job around Bonoboville, just ask our Mayor Mr. Ron Jeremy. :D Spiritual or not, porn star or otherwise, in Bonoboville we are unified by our love for peace through pleasure.


  16. Christopher C. Gagliardi
    10 · 18 · 15 @ 9:29 pm

    Dr. Susan, Chelsea, Capt. Jack, and the gang:

    EVERY time I listen to your show, I always appreciate every time you do shows that really make me appreciate love and more. Awesome show last night, and I really enjoyed it very very much.

    Keep it up, and once again, thank you so much for your support against bullying/bullycide. To let you know: 1,391 have signed the petition!!!!


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