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  1. block_films@yahoo.com
    08 · 3 · 06 @ 4:53 pm

    We cleaned up only the technical glitches and left ALL the hard stuff — uncut, uncensored reality. This is what a show at Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy is all about. If you can’t make it to LA to see it live, then this is the next best thing. Follow the links and get the DVD or just click and download it. Keiko has that girl next door kind of feel. Hamilton Steele is harder than the steel mills of Hamilton Ontario! I thought Cleopatra was full-figured, until I saw the footage of film actress Venesa Talor doing her tongue-in-cheek tune “Spank the Doggie.” …and then the demo by Dr. G, and his secretive ejaculating female friend Amrita. Dr. Suzy pulls them all together for an entertaining evening of “Sexucation.” You can’t find this kind of show anywhere else! More raw editions to come! Lots of ’em. Get some more disk space folks, we’ll have a ton more downloads shortly! Enjoy the pleasure…-MargoEditor/Clip WranglerBlock Films


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