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  1. William Patrick Haines
    01 · 16 · 06 @ 7:27 pm

    Everybody is a little prejudiced but rascism when you fail to see another nationalty as human is utterly insane. Martin Lurther King did manage to chip away a little at the insanity of extreme rascism. America despite it’s advertizements has never really been the most enlightened but despite it’s detractors it has tradtionaly shown progress ot the potential for progress and has two of the most enlightened documents ever written . Ever wonder what Thomas Jefferson, Benjanmin Franklin or Martin luther king would say about George W Bush and his war in Iraq and his potential attack of Iran ?


  2. HR EMP weapons
    01 · 15 · 06 @ 1:48 pm

    Iran, lemme see. The AEI groups have been pushing for regime change thru Wolfowitz for some time. Let me repeat that RHEA SHAZ and the pro-israeli lobbying groups have been pushing for regime change for some time. One must google for Mikhail Khordovsky and the Yukos oil Scam, Delay involved with “operation sunset” as well as Abramoff since 1997. OIL pipelines. China and Russia depend on Iran for Oil. Yet Bush has Plenty of Nukes so Air Strikes are most likely. Perle wants Total War (AEI)Condis latest trip to russia was a Flop. Russia HAS and this has been in the HR Congress transcripts as of this year about High Altitude EMP weapons. This would FRY every power Plant, computer chip, circuit board around. America would be thrust into the dark, destroying the economy (HUGE powerplant parts are custom built Capacitorsetc)Iran, thru little known UN documents has had Plutonium for years. They will not strike US of course because they would be nuked by bush. Isreal However plans to strike at the End of March 2006. Yet Israel hasnt signed any nuclear pacts.Confusing isnt it? it all depends on Bush and Israel, Netanyahu is actually more dangerous than Sharon for if one looks Netanyahu and Cheney have been drawing up plans since 1993, the first was rejected “A clean Break”.Its hard to say what will happen, Much depends on the end of March and the Israelis, if BUSH is impeached, the even crazier Cheney gets a chance at the Helm. Since Bush has no credibility he cant do much. If he another attack on American Soil occurs it will Backfire on Bush, but he may be crazy enough to let “one” thru, if you know what I mean. It comes to this PNAC and ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’.* Gibbor. Use this Symbol. Visualize it in your mind.Peace. (the Giver) As we see light and hear soundthey see sound and hear lightthey being your deity, scientist, Buddha, or whatever your choice might be. It matters not the God. But your thoughts as manifestations thru space and time. Remember that our universe is TINY 10-27 power. We are all really very close. We have 10-15 power of negative energy that flows thru us at all Times, our AURA, kirlian photography.Plato called this AuralKrome or something to that effect. Now you see what he spoke of.I can relate this to other Texts, you being into the greek deities is the match I know of for you, –Acksyn Jacksyn


  3. Willaim Patrick Haines
    01 · 14 · 06 @ 8:17 pm

    Any body care to make predictions about possible actions against Iran? I think Bush really does not have the manpower to deal with Iran and Syria. I wonder whether such action could bring about the reinstatement of a military draft…


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