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  1. Space Twink
    04 · 2 · 10 @ 3:14 am

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a sexual practice like that outside of apocryphal stories about 17th-19th century libertines. I guess I sort of never believed it was done. If not for the appeal to animal cruelty, I’d imagine terrified claws and teeth are the last thing I’d want to give an express rout into my guts. Then again there’s that video I saw of a man using a glass cup to pleasure himself and it breaking inside him. I don’t think that was the intended consequence, it looked extraordinarily painful, but one does think he knew what he was risking.

    Mass media and the internet continues to remind me that there is essentially no amount of creativity that is sufficient to come up with a new sexual behavior. I suppose that means there’s no such thing as a hypothetical sexual practice, so long as it’s biologically possible there are probably devotees who practice it regularly, and an online dating site full of lonely men looking for partners to do it with.


  2. Sandra Davidow
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:29 pm

    Great blog, Dr. Block. Very intriguing and cogent theory. Yes, it’s disgusting, but that doesn’t mean it’s not plausible. These people who represent PETA are a little crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. But this Robert Cohen who calls your article “disgusting” is a nutcase. He’s implying that Raymond Clark murdered Annie Le because he didn’t like how she was treating the mice, and that’s almost OK. I know PETA people are over the top, and prefer animals to humans. But please! Keep writing, don’t let these nuts censor you or make you want to censor yourself. Yes, rats up the butt are disgusting. But murder of a human is much more disgusting.


  3. Robert Cohen, Minneapolis, MN
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:28 pm

    Read your article concerning the murder of Ms Le in CounterPunch…which I used to think was a respectable newsletter. Am having doubts now. What a disgusting article. There are numerous reports that her alleged murderer was engaged and living w/his fiancée…and yet you promote this very sick, pornographic, psycho scenario for no legitimate reason. Considering the millions of dollars Yale gets in grants to torture animals…perhaps it was Le who was more of the sick one than the one who murdered her…and it had nothing to do w/sex. From PETA:

    At Yale University, experimenter Marina Picciotto has received more than $17 million in taxpayer money since 1996 for experiments in which she forcibly exposes mice and rats to nicotine by injecting it into their abdomens, placing it directly into holes cut into their skulls, or forcing them to either drink water laced with the drug or die from dehydration. One study by Picciotto and her colleagues involved administering up to 17 packs of cigarettes’ worth of nicotine per day to monkeys.

    Another POV from NOTMILK.com:

    There is never an acceptable justification for the action of one human taking the life of another Never. Not in peace. Not in war. By accepting such rationales, we support violent war as a logical way of settling differences. It is not.

    There is no rehabilitation for one who kills another human. Acts of anger, passion, revenge in which lives are taken are the least logical of solutions, and those who take another’s life are capable of repeating that same action in the future.

    There was a recent murder which captured the interest, compassion, and then mourning spirits of Americans. A young girl about to be married was murdered in her Yale University animal research laboratory by a lab technician who had previously been angered by her inability to follow research protocols.

    That much has been released by the media.

    What exactly were those protocols which the young woman refused to follow? Will we ever be told?

    Annie Le was experimenting on mice. What exactly was she doing? Was she training them to turn right or left in a maze or press a Skinner Box lever while being rewarded with a food pellet? Or was she treating her research mice with one drug or another, then killing them and cutting their bodies open to learn the effects of her experimental “protocol?” I want to know.

    Does it make a difference? Not really. Annie died a horrible death in pain and terror. Many laboratory animals experience similar emotions during the final moments of their own lives. To these gentle creatures, Annie Le was the one wearing the butcher’s apron.


  4. R. Astley
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:28 pm

    Dear Dr. Block,

    I believe that he just wanted to tell her how he was feeling, And had to make her understand, that he was never going to desert, run around or hurt her. And the only reason she is now dead from this tragic incident was that she could not tell a lie, or say goodbye.

    My prayers go out to the families of both parties.



  5. Robert C. Bello
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:28 pm

    Dear Dr. Block and readers,

    Let me give you some more interesting fantasies. As I give you these. think about your own work and the fetishes associated with it. Ask yourself why do I really do this work? Cops: s&m, b&d, uniforms, murder and ? Surgeons: Mutilation, knife play, blood sucking, murder and? Nurses: Scatology (shit eating, shit smearing), body fluids, murder, blood, needles and? Janitors: Scatology, body fluids, peeping toms, lab animals and? Farmers: animal sex, shit play and? Undertakers: fucking dead bodies, needles, blood and? the list gos on. Maybe your more delicate readers would be enlightened by picking up a copy of Brenda Love’s Encyclopedia of Sex.

    Dr. Block, you are very courageous, but you bring up nothing outrageous nor disrespectful, but only possible behavior of otherwise normal and productive individuals. For all of those who are shocked, just stop and think about what your most secret and pleasurable nightmare is. Dig deep in the dark hallways of your mind.



  6. Frieda M.
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:28 pm

    I know men like this. I don’t know if they do THIS exactly. But you’ve hit on something about certain men, something most of us consider too vile to even think about. But it’s real. It exists. And maybe, with social alienation on the rise, it’s increasing.


    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:28 pm

    your “theory: (to demean that term) is murder, due to—-) here you speculate wildly and randomly based upon one piece of bizarre anecdotal “evidence”, with no foundation in reality whatsoever, truly a form of verbal masturbation)— a sexual obsession with rodents.

    you epitomize the definition of shameless. I need a shower after reading your gross, self-obsessed drivel. Would that a simple thing as water would clean YOU up.


  8. Abe Pogos
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:27 pm

    I’m an Australian scriptwriter, but – without meaning to trivialise the horrific and tragic events in question – if I were working in the States I’d seriously be pitching your scenario to CSI regardless of what is eventually revealed about the case.

    I found your speculation on the background to the murder remarkable for its imagination and the compassion shown for the individuals in question.

    p.s. The Richard Gere rumours made it down here too.


  9. Jonathan Vasalia
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:27 pm

    Thank you for your fascinating, kind of crazy but plausible theory of the motive behind the murder of Annie Le. If Clark and Le did not have a romantic relationship, as the police say, then there doesn’t seem to be any other plausible motive. Hopefully, you have forwarded your article to the NHPD.


  10. Sylvia Marycarbon
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:27 pm

    Dr. Block, I suppose I cannot question your intelligence being a Yalie and all but sometimes American ladies like you just don’t know where to stop and when to just remain quiet. There was a lady (American) a few days ago saying that Clark was trying to get an Asian girl so he could dominate her. Now, you have really taken the biscuit with this rat theory. Please, a woman of your status in life should have some sense of dignity and probity. Firstly, it is very far-fetched, and Clark has a live-in girl friend. Secondly, even if Annie really caught him “in the act” as your over-heated fantasy called it, I don’t think she is the type to blab; she was more likely to be compassionate and keep his confidence being the kind of girl she was as described by people who really knew her. She does not seem to have a single enemy; everyone was in love with her. Dr. Block, I am no saint, but I would do just that, be compassionate and understanding. Remember, Annie is an educated young lady, not some village gossip. Maybe your job (radio therapist?) gives you a warp view of humanity. But an article like this is uncalled for, has little chance of bearing any revelance to the case, and very insensitive. Annie’s family deserve some respect and this is not helping it. Btw, I have a brother who graduated in Yale in 1975, what class were you in? Maybe you two know each other, he is a medical doctor now.


  11. Amrita Douglas
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:27 pm

    I think his his sister, brother-in-law and fiancée may have had a hand in it– the murder, though, not so much his ass.


  12. Bromeo
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:27 pm

    Very interesting theory. I may need to look into relieving my own stress now.


  13. James Binder
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:27 pm

    I am so thankful for your infrequent articles on Counterpunch since otherwise I would be so much more clueless in matters of sexual activity.

    I think I am about as shocked as you must have been with your caller Ben’s disclosure. Actually shocked is such an understatement in my case. This activity for me suggests a new meaning to “bite you in the ass”. I have no experience with anal sex whatever but good grief, are these people nuts? I’m temporarily assuming that your suggested motive for Annie Le’s murder might be the same type of case.

    Colleges are like heaven on earth for meeting women, girls, chicks or however one classifies the female half. And these dorks can’t manage to find even one woman they can relate to or who can relate to them? Unfreaking believable!

    I’m 71, hardly leave the house except to shop for food and take pictures of houses and I meet or talk to at least one woman every day, not counting a really young hottie cashier who seems to dig me a little but not nearly as much as I dig her. What I mean is that it’s practically impossible to not meet women, and how a literate graduate student can get to where he is without at least a part time girl friend and something that approximates a normal sex life is positively perplexing. Does no one notice these guys might need a few consultations or at least make the switch to de-caf?

    What sexually paralyzing forces must these guys have endured in their formative years, not that we ever stop being formed. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness until I left home for the Army and I thought I was screwed up, but the tunneling rodent crowd takes the cake. Can it really be possible that a girl could be killed because she didn’t wipe the feet of the mice.

    The hell of it is that nothing can bring back Annie Le, so what punishment could there be that would give satisfaction, except for possibly a short time. Isolating the killer from society is about all that will do any good.

    My first sexual experience would be considered traumatic child molesting these days. When I was five years old my only playmate, a girl about the same age, decided we should have sex like the grownups.

    So in the doorway of her garage, with her doll baby carriage to block the view, we got naked and assumed the correct positions but apparently Mr. Johnson wasn’t mature enough to be called mister and so insertion was instead merely compression. But at least the experience taught me what girls look like and how certain parts were supposed to fit together. Thank you Jesus! And thankfully we didn’t get any other ideas for experiments.


  14. Marcela Fiore
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:26 pm

    Brilliant theory, Dr. Block! And you have opened my ideas to a new idea of sexuality. Not a very erotic type of sexuality, in my opinion, but something real that we who try to understand the dark sides of humanity should know about.


  15. Adel Hanna
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:26 pm

    Interesting idea, Dr. Block, and anything is possible, but in my humble opinion, a possible good motive for the murder of Annie Le is racism amplified by male chauvenism or male chauvenism amplified by racism. Here we have an all white hot blooded guy, and may be Annie Le gave him an order or critisized his work in not a diplomatic way that led to a verbal exchange that escalated out of hand and he got unhinged. He might have said to himself “who she thinks she is that yellow slanted eye bitch”.


  16. Jeffrey St Clair
    02 · 24 · 10 @ 5:25 pm

    Excellent piece! I’ll run it tomorrow.


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