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  1. William Patrick Haines
    03 · 16 · 06 @ 7:59 pm

    There is a semi-hidden agenda regarding why they are going after porn. It aint the porn. Inside Playboy, Penthouse and Gallery is journalism that puts a lot of mainstream media to shame. Come on, you really think Bush is going to give up an opportunity to silence anyone who dares to question his lack of competent leadership? You think that Maxim, with the way it licks Bush’s boots without question, is going to be a severely persecuted? People who actually read the articles in porno mags are people who actually read period and people who usually do not support Bush in general.


  2. that666guy@hotmail.com
    03 · 16 · 06 @ 12:30 pm

    If the porno industry had any guts, they’d pay $ to initiate an investigation into child molestation by fundamentalist ministers associated with Jerry Falwell. Placing special emphasis on ‘who knew what and who deliberately turned and looked the other way’. There are articles about this, and personal experiences, that I could write about, but since I detect a ‘ho-hum’ every time I mention it, I won’t do it this time.The independent fundamentalist movement, that Falwell used to be a part of before retreating into the Southern Baptist Convention, has no central authority. Consequently, when a minister abuses a child, or a member of his congregation, there’s no body of authority anyone can complain to. They won’t go to the police since the police are generally friendly to ministers. Plus, they have a fear against government (rightly so) turning the tables against them.It really is akin to the Catholic Church scandal and would keep the media ablaze for months. Well, that is if reporters really are being reporters.They’re gonna do it to you guys! This is a suggestion that perhaps the tables should be turned? Who will investigate fundamentalist abuse? For the children??????They certainly wouldn’t be expecting such an investigation, that’s for sure. . .


  3. Carlo
    03 · 15 · 06 @ 9:05 am

    Dear Susan,once again thanks, I watched the Purim show here in Portofino. Have you been here… I think you have. Great, funny, jaw twisting, twitching. So much suspense, the actors were great. Was it done on purpose or was it really improv? Now on to an equally serious piece of history. The American, Italian, Dutch and other groups of neo-cons around the white world had every intention of distablising the middle east and bring about a civil war, not only in Iraq but throughout the Muslim world. War makes money, lot’s of money. The sad truth is that the military industrial complex which Eisenhower warned us about has almost taken over. To the credit of the military and it’s stable socialist system a lot of the top brass did not want to go to war. It was the religious right and shame on them for in fact Jesus might rise up and barbaque them for their sins.Bush put several teams at the Pentigon to instill fear upon the Generals and their socilist system. After all military life is good when there is no war. What we are looking at for the future is indeed perma war, death and billions of wasted dollars to tame these barbaric religions. Hitler was pretty good with his propaganda, these guys are the masters of “The Big Lie”. Everyone has been sedated with an unstsutainable life style that will eventually collapse. Probably America along with some other short lived empires has let arrogance and military power overtake the real work that has to be done in order to find our own freedom as individuals. The power of media to change lives in a postive and revolutionary way, as they see it has to controlled and manipulated.In the meantime I will dream of you and Amber and the rest of the women from your clan as revolutionary fires that burn in our hearts and the V of our crotchs. A lot may die, but win, will the the enlightment of human kind. Even if not all of us. Clearly many religious people will burn in their own hell.Peace,Carlo Filangieri


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