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  1. John Adkins
    03 · 25 · 15 @ 2:33 pm

    BRILLIANT. A masterpiece of fact.


  2. Drew Rosecranz
    03 · 24 · 15 @ 5:54 pm

    Dr. Block, great stuff, love your work BIG TIME!


  3. Citizen LA
    03 · 24 · 15 @ 12:32 am

    Glad to know one of our most important sex-health icons is still at the forefront of this re-birth in sexual consciousness!


  4. Myster Tim
    03 · 21 · 15 @ 2:07 pm



    03 · 21 · 15 @ 1:28 pm

    BON O BON O = GOOD O GOOD O in English, c”est BON OBO O BON BO, nice start for a new song hey ??? THANKS DeaR SUZY


  6. Dr.Mars
    03 · 20 · 15 @ 4:22 pm

    Ahh the refreshing smell of spring, which brings the hope of eternal love&brighter days. This article is one that reflects those values so lost upon society,in everyone’s need to bomb,hate or troll. The essence of the Bonobo way is to find that which we restrain our sexual desire&nature,and release it in full beautiful ways. this article speaks to me where as no matter the differences we share so many similar traits. Surpass the need for war, embrace the need to feel pleasure, joy,excitement&less violence. And if you have multiple orgasms in the process bully for you. It’s time we look inside our wallets,by pass need to debate buy this book and enrich our lives. the bonobo have found a way to bring joy&coexist why not follow suit,and exist through love&sex.


  7. Del Rey
    03 · 20 · 15 @ 12:38 am

    So many insights, where to start?
    I really enjoyed the Bonobo Spring Cleansing section. Yes, revolution can seem like a huge undertaking; especially when we consider how much infrastructure and old paradigm behaviors we have to reprogram.

    From the military to our media we’re going to have to take a hard look at how it is that we treat others, especially groups like ISIS. Because, at the end of the day, they are us. And our happiness and well being are linked to theirs.

    There are so many things that we could drop instead of bombs; pants, skirts, or bras, are just a few that come to mind.

    Thanks for writing such an insightful articles.


  8. Annie Sprinkle
    03 · 19 · 15 @ 8:41 pm

    The Bonobo spring sounds like a fabulous way to go. Ecosexuals unite!


  9. Casey
    03 · 19 · 15 @ 5:14 pm

    I agree. I believe the age of Aquarius is presenting her fruits in an array of colorfully explicit trancsending fields of lush tapestries, oak meadows, red forests, high deserts, green jungles, fire and rain meant to inspire the core of life’s essence. Through allowing ourselves to deepen our understanding and our role as conscious beings, the art of feeling toward all of our sisters and brothers and above all mother earth, is significant and nothing less. To experience life within this delicate, beautiful, living, breathing blue sphere in an otherwise cold vacuum of unknown is to behold how fragile yet powerful we are. As caretakers and witnesses to this magnificence, our responsibilty to ourselves present and future and to this great planet is all that is love through conscious acts of feeling, mindful intentions and accountabilty to actions at all levels of awareness. Through this sustainable process we shall overcome all obstacles that continue to challenge the greatness of who we are and who we have yet to become.

    Peace through pleasure.


  10. Michael Donnelly
    03 · 19 · 15 @ 3:58 pm

    Great stuff! All Life is Sacred. The great Masanobu Fukuoka used to say we should use the bombers for dropping seeds. I like your idea of seeding ISIS with The Bonobo Way. I’d add Capitol Hill, the Kremlin, the Knesset, Tehran, Riyadh, et al. to the list of Spring-cleaning targets. So much harm has been done by sex and love-deprived puritanical men in positions of power. And let’s double our efforts to protect Bonobo habitat, and that “divine female energy” present – if forced to hide more and more for self-preservation – in Nature, She’s still there and She sure knows how to prime that pump and throw a Spring party.


  11. Xandra Coe
    03 · 19 · 15 @ 3:34 pm

    This is exactly what the Puritans were afraid of… Lord, Lord, shield my eyes!


  12. Jack Nice
    03 · 19 · 15 @ 3:40 am

    The irony is that patriarchy far from being a system that empowers most men is instead one that leads most of them to ruin for the benefit of a tiny minority, basically 60 extremely wealthy men who hoard all the oil. I was never able to experience love and sex for most of my life because I was cannon fodder for the internet revolution. My “superiors” became fabulously wealthy while I was used as temporary cheap labor. The owners are few but the cannon fodder number in the millions. Beyond trying to be a nice person there is really little men can do to overthrow patriarchy. Its up to women actually, you have the power of the p, the power to resist and refuse. Unfortunately too many young women have been trained that their only real financial asset is their sexuality. Men can only do so much, we sit learn to love life despite being alone, try to find the small things, but its a brutal tragedy that the measure of a man has become the size of his wallet and the size of his heart means nothing. That both sexes have been turned into walking property by a foul and corrupt system that only benefits 60 men on the planet. Its time for both sexes to stand up and throw off the ugly systems built to bind us, the churches, mosques, temples and television sets designed to blind us and drive us all into a brick wall. Its time to learn courage and find your heart and learn to live life without making money the measure of all.


  13. Chelsea Demoiselle (Raw)
    03 · 18 · 15 @ 10:11 pm

    As a 17 year-old minister’s daughter I felt it my duty to rebel. I was required to attend church on Sunday mornings so I felt it only proper to put on a mini-skirt and party hard on Saturday nights–usually sneaking out the window to have my wild fun.

    This kept me sane–if not a bit sleepy the next day.

    As soon as I could, I left home for an organic farm commune band and artist tribe in SoCal and if I ever got too domestic-ish or housebound, I was promptly pitched out to go hitchhiking and rustle up some new commune converts with sex. I’d instigate full-on sexual encounters within minutes and have a lusty zestful time then take off for home happy and content with a good memory as well as better brain chemistry through endorphins, oxytocin and my own version of ecospirituality!!I don’t know why it was so easy for me to forget that I *needed* those slutty encounters for mental health …

    Dr Suzy, I feel that this spring I’ve unfortunately slipped into the forgetfulness and my best laid plans have meant I haven’t gotten laid–yes, got confused by some bright shiny man-object who really was too much like my ex-husband: judgmental and tight with his affections. Mind boggling but this means your tome here on spring and taking a deep breath of fresh sexy air needs to be number one on my to-do list… Actually, I need to cast my to-do list aside and make finding LOVE a priority!!!

    And, as I knew as a young girl, if you can’t be with the one you love you need to love the one you’re with. In my case, I knew how to find sex and make myself available for sex and most of the time it refreshed my spirit, got me out of a “housewifey” “square-tank” mode and back into my passionate, intelligent and creative, athletic, hip, tantrika and tree-hugger slut-nextdoor mode …yes it’s good exercise too. AND a phenomenal natural beauty secret.

    All things I know I need. I should know better… but as I read this amazing article filled with the who’s who of the sex positive scene today with enticing historical juxtapositions of Jesus and Bacchus along with the call for a true spring cleaning and bonoboesque bacchanalia celebration, I secretly long for my own spring resurr-Erection!! I’m releived that more of the world is accepting women’s sexual needs and it’s NOT just the farm I was on so long ago that accepted me… I don’t have to cringe in denial as I sit on a pew in a church somewhere pretending I’m something I’m not! Dr Suzy I’m hungry and not for food. You’re inspiring me to take a chance and call in a cone of power to bring me an awesome LOVER SOON!!!!

    But meanwhile I will be sure to take care of myself and not ignore my body’s cries for sexual release! I do have the scent of a woman who is available–yes my yoni is ripe and ready for invasion–and it feels so good to know exactly why this is imperative to prioritize!!!!


    • Chelsea Demoiselle (Raw)
      03 · 19 · 15 @ 10:24 pm

      Next day: Ohhhhhhhhh but Dr Suzy, the dilemma of course, is my search and my standards!!! Vegan, spiritual yet masculine and primal!! Truth be told I have several lovers across the continent some of whom I miss more than others. Right now I’m choosing to be single because of all the intriguing work I have in my studio … I try to play around now and then for the sake of the bonobos and the fun after-parties in Bonoboville, but still holding out for the Real McCoy.


  14. Max
    03 · 18 · 15 @ 9:07 pm

    How sad it is that America has wasted so many of its assets and its good will under George Bush’s pre-emptive and criminal war policies. Death and mayhem are his legacy. The killing of innocent unaccounted-for men, women and children, their blood spread across the sands of the Arab deserts. This criminal who is afraid of horses…this criminal that can’t travel to certain countries because he is wanted for war crimes. This criminal that we allow to retire on his little ranch…he needs an education in The Bonobo Way…read the book stupid! Now it’s our spring, we are the majority of voters who don’t vote because we have no more faith in all you warmongers…Repent! Join the new revolution, the bonobo revolution.


  15. Nikki Knight
    03 · 18 · 15 @ 7:31 pm

    This article is GREAT! Puts a real spring in my step AND in my loins! hahaha

    As more people find their bonobo selves, the greater the chance others see that light shine and will want to try it themselves. I commend the celebs who pioneer on that front with you Dr. Suzy and look forward to the day when everyone knows The Bonobo Way is the BEST way to save mankind from ourselves!


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