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  1. Bethany Sweet
    12 · 6 · 06 @ 9:44 pm

    Just wanted to let you know I received the video of Blonde Island. It’s great! I’m showing it to friends and it’s going over great! Love, Beth xoxo


  2. block_films@yahoo.com
    12 · 3 · 06 @ 12:52 am

    These girls are hot! This was my first night volunteering for Dr. Suzy on Camera 1. If you had had the opportunity to see this show live as your introduction to the Speakeasy you’d have been just as impressed as I was. I’ve been here every weekend since! I still think about this show and the goddess like bodies I saw there. If you download these clips or even better, download the whole show, you won’t be disappointed! Oh, and keep in mind, this Orgasmical clip available on ClipoRama is a different mix from the original 3 song Orgasmical DVD that we put out last year. Check both out Orgasmical fans, I just can’t get enough of that “Funk Me” grind she sings with! Rock on Orgasmical, and Vicki Vette and Bethany Sweet – you too! Let’s not forget Lisa Ann Davis, who gave us an elegant set of poses worthy of any artist to sketch. Can you tell I had a good time editing this show and bringing it to y’all. Have fun watching it!-MarProducer/Editor of Blond IslandBlock Films


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