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  1. Alamaine
    01 · 7 · 06 @ 6:57 pm

    I am very surprised that no one has connected “Jack” with “Off,” with an “Abram” twist. Yes, he’s a jerk but he’s also a “Jack” whose been running fast and loose with whoever and whatever he could. Now, all he’s got left is his tongue and this will certainly make a bunch of Republicans squirm, if not just the women who can only fantasise about his linquistic talents. It might be a case of THEM — the Jills — taking him for a run for his money up the Hill to fetch a pail of whatever! And NO Jill-ting (or any other tinged ‘ting’! And with such a stable of willing takers! Some might even “come” clean with the assistance of a wired device, if only to make things more interesting. And will the more extroverted be known as “cunting hams”?We have to consider Jack *****Off to be the politicians’ and lobbyists’ equivalent of pseudonymous Ron Jeremy, the one who can take a lickin’ and keep on frickin’. Ron, as we know, is one of the most durable and enduring of the real sex porn stars who has made history in his own ways, with his own means. And this was before Bob (Bend-over boy) Dole was hawking his invigorating Viagra to combat his marital problem that has become known as “E.D.” (sorry, Libby, you might be “it”). Ron may have had all of the babes but Republican guys like Jack *****Off can dream. But, not everybody’s into the real thing, despite their affinity for “green” that might be seen as envy or even enviable.That Jack *****Off or Tom De Lay (and he’s been laying some for some loonnngggg time) are seen as religious only serves to mask their adequacies that they would prefer to have remained hidden. They aren’t really public about their affairs, preferring the nice quiet, out-of-the-way soiree, a place where sweet nothings can be whispered as prayers for more manna from Heaven. We have to return to the scene in “Porky’s” where the town censors were viewing some risque celluloid, only to be found to have be enjoying the cellolose a little too loosely. They’ve now screwed the pooch and they should not be complaining when the pooch wants to get some action in return. That their dirty deeds have been broadcast far and wide should actually be liberating — in penal sense, freeing them to view their puerile pencil penilities with some panache. Confession, they say, is good for the soul.And, for their hymn, Dino Martin’s “Memories Are Made of This” CD on repeat, endorsed by the Justice Department itself as being “gentle on their minds.”

  2. Carolyn Cunningham
    01 · 6 · 06 @ 9:46 pm

    Great piece on those pious bums Abramoff and DeLay, Dr. Suzy! Thank you for your humor and insight. Oh, and I believe that the “televangelist” that Mr. Haines is referring to is Pat Robertson, another bum who ought to be indicted for something!

  3. William Patrick Haines
    01 · 6 · 06 @ 8:54 pm

    I am a devout agnostic, so I cannot totally discount religious ideals. Jesus Christ was said to hang around prostitutes and the outcasts of society. Christ was said to perform miracles to feed the poor. Christ was said to have a distaste for self- righteous hypocrits. Speaking of hypocrisy in action, I heard a certain televangelist gave out food that failed government inspection – he complained about the government wasting food and acted like it was a noble and heoric act of charity. This same teleevangelist was said to hang out with third world dictartors. Looks like christ never hung out with likes of this individual. I never heard of the prostitutes of that day committing gruesome acts of genecide and pillaging on the scale these dictators did! This televangelist once advocated using nuclear weapons against the state department. Although the new testament does justify war in some cases, I doubt if it ever justified the assassination of a sovereign leader like the president of Venezuela. Nor would it approve of a televangelist rooting for god’s wrath to fall upon anyone. Judge not lest ye be judged. Those without sin cast the first stone. Blessed are the peacemakers…

  4. Carlo from Portofino
    01 · 5 · 06 @ 8:30 am

    Hello Doc,I am very tired tonight, even in Portofino there are hard days. I have been reading a lot of bloggamy lately. I’ve been reading your delicious stuff for so many years. I must admit I’m in love with you.I’m going to write a lot of things in the next few days. In the meantime your Abramoff piece was great. Thanks. Like anywhere in the world the thieves are sitting at the door waiting. Good thing some of us have angels.Are you going to have sex tonight?Warm regards,Carlo

  5. Kate
    01 · 5 · 06 @ 7:36 am

    A sleepless night for me so I decide to read Dr. Suzy’s blog. Right on target. I saw on TV earlier Abramoff and he angered me with his self righteous attitude. I can’t stand these people who call upon their so call faith only when it is convenient. Faith…spirituality is a very a very precious thing to be respected and loved. It is not a convenience. It’s 24/7. I am only human and even for me my faith and spirituality is sometimes strong and sometimes weak but it is there and I respect it and recognize it’s power. Rest assured he and his kinds phoniness will explode in their self righteous faces. Now to think on a different more pressing issue…hmmm…what do I wear…or not wear for the Eros celebration. I wonder…maybe they should have an Eros celebration on Capitol Hill. That would relieve a lot of tension.

  6. wscross@gmail.com
    01 · 4 · 06 @ 8:26 pm

    What a cool site! Congratulations Dr. Suzy from one Yalie to another.

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