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  1. William Patrick Haines
    03 · 9 · 06 @ 3:36 am

    It is a shame a campaign to boycott products from South Dakota can not be arranged !!! Well if theocractic fanatics have one victory they just drool over the potential for even more. I have website I came across http://www.defconamerica.org/ Well if they succeed with abortion, say good bye to harmeless pleasures like your favorite porno mag, like Playboy or popular music, say goodbye to the overall pursuit of knowledge. Say hello to people who make Joe McCarthy seem like a friendly sort of fellow. Say hello to the Christian Cultural Revolution, and get really familiar with what people went through under the Salem Witch Hunts, Spanish Inquistion, the Stanlinist Purges, Mao Tze Tung’s reign of insanity that set the Chinese back 50 years, and finally say hello to things I can not even imagine, at the very least a reenactment of the Crusades, a hastening of the Apocalypse…


  2. mzliza3_@msn.com
    03 · 8 · 06 @ 6:33 am

    I highly question the logic and morality of people who are doing everything possible to “preserve life” i.e. out law abortion, but who also are spending billons of our tax dollars to wage an illegal war where thousands of innocent lives, people who have actually been born and have drawn breath, have been lost. If the government is going to deem a six week fetus a human life, then they should apply this rationale to our soldiers and to the thousands of Iraqis who have died needlessly in the name of “democracy.” If Bush wants to give the gift of democracy to beleaguered nations, then his charity should begin at home! And anyone with a brain cell knows that if Jenna or Barbara or his junkie niece became pregnant as a result of their partying lifestyle, they would have access, no matter what the law of land might be, to a safe abortion in a private setting. We open minded citizens, who truly believe in the ideals which our country was founded upon, need to stand up to these hypocritical zealots, and FAST.


  3. Carlo Filangieri in Portofino
    03 · 7 · 06 @ 10:35 pm

    For a country that is so concerned about abortion, you Americans certainly don’t seem to care about the millions of humans starving around the world. Much of this caused by your selfishness, in the name of your children. Of course for religious people, each abortion is one less potential member of their tribe, which means less money to build those houses of worship. The fact is that children are parental ego trips. We should as individuals think hard and long about the cost of each child, the cost to you as parents and the cost to the rest of us who have to live on this same planet. A planet with diminishing resouces. When we’re all done raping mother earth of her last shreds of dignity, if you believe in God, you know he will wipe us all off the face of the earth. He has no problem with death in his name. He is all-knowing, so he knows what the future will bring. When I was born, there were a billion and a half people on earth. 60 years later, there are six billion! How long do you think that can go on? Sure, by then, you say we will move to other planets. Ha, ha, what fools you are.I mean, do we have to have a line of thousands of people named Filangieri or McGregor or any other name? Hey, have a kid or two, if you can’t help it. But at this point in history, try not to pollute. The time and economic need for dozens of children has passed. Our concern should be for those already here, and the well-being of those we have already brought forth from our bodies. This idea that we all have to have children is barbaric, it’s from the Dark Ages. Our true legacy is what we do for each other here and now. Our true legacy is what we leave behind before we all disapper, as all cultures disappear. Besides, in just a generation, you’ll never remember Uncle John, unless he left behind some major works that benefit society as a whole, or of course if he was a hidious serial killer, then everybody will know about him, he will be part of history for all of us.Better that we abort, just as we should abort this immoral war and the killing of children that are already here. They are truly human, we’re not talking fetuses here.And in any case, why don’t all you religious crackpots stay out of our lives? Take care of yourself. It is us, the majority, that allows you your freedom of religion, it’s by our grace and humanist morality that we allow you to follow your freedom and happiness. You should realize that you have been discredited by your behavior and endless killing in the name of some god.Listen, perhaps if you are so concerned about abortion, as a good religious person of faith, you might adopt a child who is starving. Or perhaps you only want one in your own likeness, white, christian and hypocritical.Peace on Earth,Carlo


  4. Wlliam Patrick Haines
    03 · 7 · 06 @ 6:27 pm

    This is a fantastic illustration of the hypocrisy of the fundamentalist protestant evangelical christians. Not everyone is born with all the advantages of George w Bush.Economic cannon folder exist as well. The wealthy and powerful anti-abortion crowd wants plenty of unwanted people to do the jobs that anybody who has the education will not even consider doing. Then they condemm these poor people when they live with their parents because their wages are not enough to support them.I wonder what Judge Judy and Dr Phil McGraw will say about this issue. Dr Phil Mcgraw has never given his opinion on abortion, and neither has Judge Judy. But it is clear that they do not seem stand up for the common man or even common decency, and their common sense is at about the same level as their compasasion.


  5. little Shiva
    03 · 7 · 06 @ 9:58 am

    Astute connection between war on abortion and perma-war. I just picked up a Code Pink flyer in Charlotte, NC yesterday and am gonna get involved.


  6. Kate
    03 · 7 · 06 @ 8:52 am

    I wonder how Gov Rounds would feel if a member of his own family died because of a botched abortion done with a wire hanger. How would he react if the women of South Dakota placed their unwanted babies on his door step and tell him to support them.I am a woman of choice. If ever I were to find myself pregnant I could not have an abortion but that is MY CHOICE!!! I nor ANYONE ELSE has the right to interfer with our personal choices and our personal relationship with our Higher Being. I support the personal choice that Roe vs Wade allows. I have a great idea…lets all send Gov Round a wire hanger.


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