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  1. Heather
    04 · 15 · 07 @ 5:14 am

    I wanted to thank you for having invited me to your speakeasy last month. It was great. I had a lot more fun than I really thought I was going to, and your snake is gorgeous, handling her made me miss the days when I had one so I went out and got one for my birthday, he’s a ball python that I named Genghis Khan. Anyway hope all is well with you and the gang. I love hearing the shows. Take care, Much Love and Respect – Heather


  2. Bob
    04 · 7 · 07 @ 6:25 am

    Hello Dr. Block I really enjoyed meeting you and watching you film your show.


  3. Miles
    04 · 7 · 07 @ 6:19 am

    I’ve always had a huge crush on you, Dr. Susan!


  4. Pete D
    04 · 7 · 07 @ 6:15 am

    thanks again for the environment, it was educational on so many levels. Being from conservative Texas, seeing such things live and in person is a new experience. Well I hope to see you again, feel I have ALOT to still learn. Plus the bartender, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks.


  5. michelle
    04 · 7 · 07 @ 6:10 am

    Dr. Suzy, It was a pleasure meeting you at your Show. It was so surreal walking into the building, with a cresent moon serving as a backdrop of things that would cum that night. You are much more prettieer in person than on TV – AND you look totally HOT on TV too. I me your husband at the bar and Stephanie the bartendress was really a cool girl – hot too. I am still interested in being your slave – i was the Transvestite that met you that night. I rode your chair witht the dildo pumping in my ass early SUnday morning. michele


  6. MasterJerry
    04 · 3 · 07 @ 8:02 am

    Dr Suzy,I really enjoyed the hospitality you and everyone extended to Me at SPRING FEVER BACCHANALIA !!!Its gratifing to see that you used the pic I took of you feeding that big dildo into Cara Lott’s throat !!!Your show (and everything happening all around it)was fun, entertaining, and an eye opening enlightenmemt !Thanks and hope to see you again !MasterJerry


  7. Tanis
    04 · 1 · 07 @ 5:46 pm

    You are Spectacular and Bodacious Woman…..


  8. JADE
    04 · 1 · 07 @ 5:38 pm

    Thanks Suzy! I’m glad you like the hat!! Thanks for sharing. XXOO JADE


  9. canaan
    03 · 30 · 07 @ 11:38 pm

    thanks for the amazing monologue and thank you for who you are and what you do. see you tomorrow.


  10. TX
    03 · 30 · 07 @ 5:53 pm

    I’m a new member and forgot my information to get on, When is the next live show I’m addicted and I want to see another one. I’m willing to have Dr. susan use my house for the next show/party. please use discretion when calling my office . just let my hot secretary know its Dr. Susan


  11. Lady Aylha and danny boy
    03 · 30 · 07 @ 5:04 pm

    Dear Dr. Suzy Block,Thank you for inviting Me and My slave, danny boy, to your wonderful Prima Vera Spring Bacchanalia. We had a marvelous time. We got there much too early because of some misunderstanding, but Tay and Lindsay took terrific care of us. When some girls arrived before your official bartender showed up, danny boy had the opportunity to serve us all. Apparently, the girls overlooked his meager bartending skills because they enjoyed looking at his tattooed chest. The show was very interesting and titillating. The start time reminded Me of My own serendipitous schedule when I have gone live on the web. I look forward to a return visit soon. Perhaps you would consider featuring Me to discuss engaging Pagan spiritual energy through leather sex.Until then,Lady Aylha and danny boy


  12. Jack Lawrence
    03 · 29 · 07 @ 2:45 pm

    I had a great time… -Jack LawrenceJackLawrenceXXX.com


  13. sara jay
    03 · 29 · 07 @ 2:43 pm

    Thank you again!! I had a great time! The Dr. Suzy show is great and the party is filled with the most eclectic group of fun sexual people! Everyone has fun – isn’t that what it is all about? I love open bar and open sex!! It was also a great place to network and personally meet others in various sections of the adult industry.Thanks,Sara Jaywww.sarajay.comwww.sarajayvideos.com


  14. eroticservant@hotmail.com
    03 · 29 · 07 @ 12:19 am

    Looks like a carnival of erotic funIts better to enjoy life when youre high on erotic love than harmful dopeGreetings all. I am the one and only Erotic Servant Alan. The one that helps supply some of America’s beautiful and talented erotic species to Dr Suzy’s lair. Glad to hear you’re doing better than ever doc. That erotic love does wonders for recovery and the spirit doesnt it? It fights for you and keeps you going when the time gets rough. Keep up the great work you all do and keep the focus talent and fight for your rights so that you can grow and never quit and give in. And if any talent or model or adult business needs a helping hand with scouting or assistant work whether its online or offline in Vegas at a convention, shoot or event, just ring my erotic bell and I will be at your beckon callYOU’VE JUST BEEN SERVED !!!Erotic servant Alan Erotic personal servant to the adult internet stars since 1997http://myspace.com/eroticservanteroticservant @ hotmail.com


  15. Little Shiva
    03 · 28 · 07 @ 11:33 pm

    The hat looks great!


    03 · 28 · 07 @ 10:46 pm



  17. Joseph in Nebraska
    03 · 28 · 07 @ 9:38 pm

    Dr. Suzy, I think your such a beautiful sexy woman and snaps for being so open minded in helping so many people find their inner sexual selves. I am very interested in being on your show as I have been with all kinds of woman and have had some very wonderful expriences in all kinds of sexual adventures. and more so I would enjoy working for you as the person who finds the guests for your show.


  18. lorelai
    03 · 28 · 07 @ 8:40 pm

    hey suzy, i had a great time the other night. thanks for having me. much love lorelai


  19. Cee Bee
    03 · 28 · 07 @ 8:38 pm

    Another fantastic show, Dr. Suzy. How do you keep creating such hedonistic paradises? Quite a few guys this time. Everybody seems to be so high, not on drugs, but on the hormones (I guess) :) Love all the food and sex!


  20. <3 Cyn
    03 · 28 · 07 @ 8:35 pm

    I had a great time…I also think Jordan did as well…I think he claims it was a life changing experience in all…lol. Much love <3 Cyn


  21. Cara Lott
    03 · 28 · 07 @ 8:33 pm

    Hey Dr. Suzy, Thanks for the compliments! I hope I didn’t go too overboard (if that’s possible) LOL. Just wanted to make up for last time. Thanks again for inviting me on the show and allowing me to bring my cameraman!


  22. Sara Jay
    03 · 28 · 07 @ 8:31 pm

    I just wanted to thank you for your great hospitality while I was on the show Saturday. I had a great time and hope that I may make another appearance on the show on one of my future trips back to LA.


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