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  1. Tasia Sutor
    05 · 16 · 12 @ 8:25 pm

    We’re not Sex Addicts here at the Dr. Susan Block Institute… we’re just spoiled.
    We are Sex Enthusiasts… or even better, we are Sex Connoisseurs.
    We are Sex Fanatics. We are Rich in Sex.
    Don’t hate. Participate.

    I am a Hedonist. I do whatever I think will make me happy at the moment. Because I might die any second. I do not feel bad about being excessively sexual, I feel GREAT about it! There are plenty of alternatives to feeling bad about liking sex. If you need help discovering the right way for you to have all sorts of great sex, then just call us here at the Dr. Susan Block Institute at (213) 670-0066 anytime and we will help you.

    My initial association with the word “addiction” is that the person needs it, or can’t live without it. So, I guess Sex is an Addiction in that case, because life needs sex to exist. So, all living things are addicted to sex. Having an addiction to sex is like having an addiction to food, water, shelter or air.

    Are we going to have support groups, rehabilitation hospitals and drugs to take to help us with those items next? If so, I think I need help.

    Sex Addiction, in a David Duchovney sense, suggests that you are somehow a pathetic, sniveling, helpless, little bitch of a victim to this Oh SO horrible affliction. This type of behavior coming from a grown man is despicable and, unfortunately, very typical. Men who cheat will often try to play on their partners sympathies as a distraction for their infidelity. This is kind of slimy, pathetic behavior is psychologically abusive, cruel and incredibly disrespectful. Cheaters who lie to the point of pushing their partner off the edge of insanity and leaving them in complete and utter shambles are completely worthless human beings.

    So, I really couldn’t care less if, there are plenty of stupid, motherfuckers out there who are credulous enough to buy into such nonsense. And, obviously, the pharmaceutical companies are aware of that particular market. So… Great! Good for them and good for the economy. Drug companies created a new addiction, for your addiction, in the form of a pill, for Americans to take as a daily regimen to help manage the bodies that they have Absolutely no control over. And of course the Dr.’s pushing Sex Addiction will never have a cure for this illness, just like any mental illness, only daily drug use and any drug dealer would considered them the best customers.

    If you are an adult who is not mentally retarded then You ARE in control of what you do with your body. So, take responsibility for your actions.


  2. Bob Gryszka
    05 · 15 · 12 @ 9:05 pm

    Addicted to sex!? No, but i like it! And it’s very easy to be addicted to dr suzy.,she is awesome!


  3. Ivy Thornton
    05 · 14 · 12 @ 9:51 pm

    Loved the discussion with Dr. David Ley and all the hot sex at the end! Loved watching Eva fist Layla.


  4. Isiah King James IV
    05 · 14 · 12 @ 3:59 pm

    Thank you!!! Dr. Suzy for having Starry Knight and me in the building tonight. It’s always a pleasure being on set. Im never disappointed. Love that you would like to recreate the definition of sex addiction from a sign of weakness to a badge of honor


  5. Sean McNelis
    05 · 14 · 12 @ 10:27 am

    luv watchn RadioSUZY1 with Dr. Suzy everytime beautiful ladies like Eva Lin are on :)


  6. David G.
    05 · 14 · 12 @ 1:11 am

    Very interesting show. I enjoyed Dr. Ley’s views on the subject of “sex addiction”. These therapists have created a new genre of sickness. Funnier is the fact that they have created a sort of “personality phrase” that everyone now uses in the most casual of ways to impress even total strangers. The term itself is trash…and there is no such disease…of course if there was, there could be a whole new group of prescription drugs. Thanks for a great show.



  7. Starry knight
    05 · 14 · 12 @ 12:35 am

    Thank you to everyone! I had such a cumtastic time! Thank you so much for having us on! 6 orgasms later….made me sleep like a baby! I keep thinking about that sybian….Thank You Dr. Suzy you made an addict out of me :) I can’t wait to see You again! xoxooxxx


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