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  1. polybi5@yahoo.com
    12 · 29 · 05 @ 2:33 pm

    Justin, good columninsts ALWAYS rub against every grain available. You know, give confort to the uncomfortable…and vice-versa. Maybe you were thinking about just YOUR grain!polybi

  2. Anthony Kennerson
    12 · 29 · 05 @ 1:12 am

    Hello there, Doc Suzy….. Comment: First off, it is about time that you endeared the blogosphere with your progressive pro-sex wit and wisdom..we could use it at times like this.On the LA Times and their banishment of Bob Scheer: well, being from that OTHER LA (namely, Louisiana), where progressive journalists come a dime a dozen (or more like a dollar a hundred), it is a bit sad indeed to see any genuine voice of reason get run from a major newspaper. But…I guess that the Times has figured that they gotta feed their wealthy stockholders and their greedhead advertisers..and since very few of them are liberal to begin with, Scheer happened to be the odd man out. Their loss, I say.BTW, on a related note…I recently had the pleasure of buying “!0 Commandmments of Pleasure” from Amazon.com last week…and it is everything that I ever dreamed up that a pro-sex book could be..and then some.This bloggamy thing could be kinda fun, indeed..keep bringing it.:-)Anthony Kennerson(http://redgarterclub.bravehost.com)

  3. Carlo Again
    12 · 29 · 05 @ 12:42 am

    Sorry to bother you again Dr. Suzy but I was sitting here contemplating and gazing out over the beautiful gulf of Genova and all it’s little villages lite up along the coast when I was struck by one last sentence that Justin wrote…he wants to take this guys pension away? I mean, his pension? You take a person’s pension away here in Italy you’ll have riots in the streets. My god how mean spirited.Ciao

  4. Carlo from Genova
    12 · 29 · 05 @ 12:10 am

    Hi Dr. Suzy,I’m so happy to be one of your first bloggamist friends I always wanted to have an affair with you. I’ve been coming to your site for years but this makes it so easy to play with you and your friends.In answer to Justin, I guess what I would expect is for publishers to stand by their journalists, especially in today’s world of government spin. One of the things that happened in Italy and Germany is that all the journalists who questioned what was going on were removed from their positions and the only thing we had left were those that towed the partyline. I think one of the duties of a journalist is to take government and wrongdoers to task.Well I guess it’s better to get fired than beaten by thugs or killied in some dark alley as happened and still happens in many countries. If you look at Germany and Italy you see what the results of this idealogical cleansing were. Good government news is always bad news for it’s citizens.By the way this is a great way to practice my English.Hey, Tanti, Tanti Baci da Genova

  5. Justin
    12 · 28 · 05 @ 11:25 pm

    What do you expect to happen when you go against the grain every chance you get, he deserved to get fired, hell I would have fired him and took his comfortable 30 pension too.

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