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  1. James ~ Scorpio
    12 · 29 · 05 @ 6:33 am

    A very feative night doen with good cheer and faith in the most basic. Gaia Mother Earth does us well and as we saw this year can humble us in her wrath as we stumble along.The food was great, thanks Kim and friends a small reminder of youth and such “family” gatherings, sometimes lost in a commercial world that distances itself from feeling and caring. Sure should have brought my camcorder; on the other hand the memories will be there always — something church or state can not tear away Blessings to all, be green!James

  2. santa man
    12 · 27 · 05 @ 3:46 am

    A very special, very different night at Doktor Suzy’s Speakeasy. Beautiful Taschen tree. Compliments to the chefs, especially sexy Kim. Caught a glimpse of your “Jesus loves My Ass” panties, doc, and all I can say is I agree with Jesus.

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