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  1. Annie Body
    03 · 1 · 07 @ 7:36 am

    Thank you, Suzy for sharing this. It has warmed my heart in abundance. I would really like to thank Michael for his fireman help along with the Bimmer. If it were not for the two of them I may have lost a lot more hair. Hugs, Kissess, and a grope or two or three or more ;-) -Annie


  2. jeremy c
    02 · 28 · 07 @ 6:55 pm

    I think your show is great


  3. james q jones
    02 · 28 · 07 @ 5:55 pm

    Wow, those are amazing tattoos. Kind of bizarre. Never seen tatts like them, and I’ve seen a lot of tatts. Will you replay this show anytime soon?


  4. Wynne Paris
    02 · 28 · 07 @ 2:15 am

    HI Dr Suzy,you are so beautiful, thanks for your amazing work.I really enjoyed meeting both of you at your studio, was it 01? It’s been a while.Sally Coxe and the BCI are doing amazing work. I”m still touring around playing yoga music. hope all is good in your life,I’d love to see you next time I’m in LA, I”d be happy to play at a bonobo event…om shantih,Wynne


  5. Michael Donnelly
    02 · 28 · 07 @ 1:30 am

    Thanks so much for letting me (us) into your world. It was quite an experience and gave me tons to think about – all good. I know I could learn a lot from you and the Gang (I already have) and I’m hardly a novice. I know I sure found out a lot more about female ejaculation – whether a magnificent spiritual gift as Celia obviously sees it or an Olympic sport, sacred or profane, there is sure something profound going on! I was a bit subdued the night of the radio show. Just before arriving I got word of the death of a beautiful 38-year-old friend of mine and Breitenbush alum. She died from brain cancer. I was in the weird grief stages of disbelief, anger, and kicking myself for not letting her know how much I appreciated her when I had the chances. I’m still kinda stricken and working through it. I’d very much like to return or come visit your new space sometime and spend some time with you, David, the saintly Annie (thank the goddess we got her hair fire out sans serious damage) and the rest of the gang. I really enjoyed meeting all of you. I can truly say that Peace thru Pleasure is working for you all. It shows in the kind ways you all interact with one another. I liked everyone I met – not a jerk anywhere. Of course, you are welcome to come visit the forest and hot springs of my reality any time. Maybe if you come on a scouting trip to Portland – where I know quite a few folks who’d more than welcome you and where there is a similar Speakeasy started by a cop! In fact, I have a friend, Chrissy, who would love to interview you for IndyMedia and show you around the Portland Ethical Hedonism scene. She was so excited when she heard I was to meet you. Daniel and Eileen both said it was one of the best times they’ve ever had! (And I have personal knowledge of some pretty good times they’ve had!) Eileen also told me, “I’ve never masturbated so much in my life. I couldn’t leave myself alone. I was spankin’ it like one happy monkey.” Guess we all got fired up! You are wonderful. What you are doing is very important work. Lots of love,May your days be filled with pleasure, Michael Donnelly


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