SQUIRT SALON II Starring Deauxma, Marcus London, Zoey Holloway, Devon Lee, Mia Culpa, Misty Dawn, RubberNecro & Dr. Suzy Squirting!


Marcus London primes Zoey Holloway's very personal pump in Dr. Suzy's Squirt Salon II. Click & Join to See ALL the XXX-hardcore pix Photo: Vlad

Dr. Susan Block’s Squirt Salon II features Squirt Instructor Marcus London and a bevy of ejaculating females.    Join the Bloggamy & See the XXX Hardcore Artcore  Squirting Photos + More!  See Marcus work his magic with  Squirt-Off Champion Deauxma, Zoey Holloway, Squirting Virgins Mia Culpa and RubberNecro.  The fact that I squirt too is a bonus.  These are all awesome images, but the squirting photos themselves are phenomenal.  Of course, when you join, you can see squirting photos from all our shows, with squirting stars like Annie Body, Annie Cruz, Leila Swan, Asia Perez, Kayla Raines, ah, so many lovely female fountains.

Winner of the “Squirt-Off” competition for biggest boobs, longest legs AND most copious female ejaculatrix of the evening goes to Texas MiLF  Deauxma, and you can WATCH DEAUXMA SQUIRT in the first fantastic female ejaculation video stream or download–parts of it shot in HD–from Squirt Salon II in my Erotic Theater:



You might also want to listen free  to the entire “Squirt Salon II”  radio show on RadioSUZY1.

Then there’s the bloggamy about the evening: Squirt Instructor Strikes Holy Water

But you don’t want to miss the fabulous, real-life hardcore artcore photos of real squirting and other fun XXX stuff you won’t find anywhere else! Remember a portion of the proceeds from your membership goes to support the bonobos, help save them from extinction and promote the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure.


Squirt Salon II ALL SQUIRT SHOTS Photo Gallery (Photos by JuxLii, Vladimir, Larry Pulliam & Mike C)

Squirt Salon II Photo Gallery by JuxLii (contains Squirting Photos)

Squirt Salon II Photo Gallery by Vladimir (contains Squirting Photos)

Squirt Salon II Photo Gallery by Larry Pulliam (Deauxma’s Hubby: Contains Squirting Photos)

Squirt Salon II Photo Gallery by Andy Martin

Squirt Salon II Photo Gallery by Alex Filangieri

Squirt Salon II Photo Gallery by Anthony Randall

Squirt Salon II Photo Gallery by Mike C  (LOTS of  Squirting Photos)

Squirt Salon II Photo Gallery by Mars FX, Mia Culpa, Bromeo


Zoey Holloway, Mia Culpa, Cindy Jones, Dr. Susan Block, Deauxma, Squirt Instructor Marcus London, Devon Lee. Photo: Mike C

Want to learn more about the art and science of female ejaculation?

See Dr. Susan Block’s Original Squirt Salon: Secrets of Female Ejaculation with Deborah Sundah, Annie Body, Lela Swan and Big D


Deauxma ejaculates a geyser as she kisses Squirt Instructor Marcus London. Click on the pic to join the Bloggamy & see the lower XXX-rated half of this hot Squirting Pic & loads more! Photo: Vlad

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