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  1. Leland Ceraos
    05 · 1 · 11 @ 5:57 pm

    Hey there, wonderful blog… really enjoy it and added it into my social bookmarks. Keep up the good work. All the best, Leland Ceraos


  2. Mic Jordan
    06 · 3 · 10 @ 5:58 pm

    Wonderful piece. Btw, when an aroused circumcised mushroom-headed dick thrusts in (to the cervix) and out (to the vaginal lips) gently with the after clitoral stimulation orally and manually and after the g-spot has been softly and gently rubbed with the edge of the mushroom head opposite the glans, most women will willingly come and come and come and beg for more and more and more and more…It is really quite a pleasant feeling…


  3. Cumming in RWC
    04 · 1 · 10 @ 9:54 pm

    Well said :-)


  4. jostl
    02 · 11 · 10 @ 12:28 am

    Some people can wiggle their ears and some can’t, how do we explain this? My current thoughts on this would probably fall under the category of atrophy. Since the hardware is the same, something about lack of using the motor leading to loss of skill…, so to speak…

    Yet I enjoyed your snarky article and understand your contempt for a few people in this day and age posturing that millions of men and women are wrong about something they can easily exemplify to themselves and others.


  5. blueeyeddevil
    02 · 10 · 10 @ 10:26 pm

    Wait! Whoa!!! Why is science trying to interfere with my orgasm!? It totally exists. Meet me at the Motel 6 on Broadway and I’ll prove it.


  6. tanglisha
    02 · 10 · 10 @ 10:24 pm

    I’m still waiting on a study that involves some sort of brain scan under stimulation of the area. This study is anecdotal, it strikes me as more of a testimonial to the skill of these women’s partners.


  7. Maxatnite@yahoo
    02 · 7 · 10 @ 3:00 pm

    Hey there Dr. Suzy,
    Great blog! I love you.


  8. Jeffrey St Clair
    02 · 6 · 10 @ 4:45 pm

    Congrats on liberating Burri!


  9. Benjamin Whitney Tripp
    02 · 5 · 10 @ 11:00 pm

    I don’t get the controversy. This whole topic divides women into two categories: people who don’t believe in the G-spot orgasm, and those who have had one.

    Come to think of it (so to speak), men can be divided into a similar pair of categories, but I don’t want to gloat about my prowess.


  10. michael g.b.
    02 · 5 · 10 @ 3:43 pm

    “spelunking” ha! :)


  11. Hercules PleasureCoach
    02 · 5 · 10 @ 11:57 am

    Great blog Dr. Block!


  12. Derek Smith
    02 · 5 · 10 @ 11:50 am

    nice one doc xx


  13. Li Wong
    02 · 5 · 10 @ 3:09 am

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. hehehe.


  14. lisa
    02 · 4 · 10 @ 5:35 pm

    Not that it took all of those items to find my G-Spot, of course…. ;)


  15. lisa
    02 · 4 · 10 @ 5:34 pm

    i think you should send Dr. Andrea Virginia Burri a few pocket rockets, your Squirt Salon DVD, a bottle of Agavero along with a letter asking her to take a few days off….

    She’ll find her G-Spot, Trust Me ;)


  16. michael g.b.
    02 · 4 · 10 @ 6:18 am

    i mis-spelled the name as “Andrea Dupri” in my first post on this . . the correct name is “Andrea Burri” . . my mistake in reading my own scribbled note . . my apolgies to Ms Dupri who is an aastronomer. :(


  17. michael g.b.
    02 · 4 · 10 @ 6:15 am


    • drsuzy
      02 · 5 · 10 @ 2:12 pm

      This is awesome: http://drsuzyb.com/8n Dr. Burri has “backed down”!

      I’d like to think that she read my bloggamy (and found her own G-spot!), and that’s what caused her change of heart, though she says “she stopped” reading the attacks on her study, and seems to be responding to a bunch of outraged French G-spot lovers. Funny, how the French say the problem was that it was a British study, and it turns out that Burri isn’t even British, but Swiss-Portuguese.

      Actually Burri herself has it right when she says “The methods we used may not have been appropriate.” Instead, an “anatomic assessment method”–as I suggest in my bloggamy, would be better.

      Thank you for the link, Michael G.B., and thank you, Dr. Andrea Virginia Burri, for being a big enough woman–and an honest enough scientist–to admit your mistake! It might be a bad move for your career, but it’s a great move for humanity. You deserve a big G-spot orgasm for that. In fact, I’m going to send you a free G-Spot Stimulator to help you out (if I can just get your personal snail mail address). Happy spelunking!

      My faith in scientists as being a bit more sincere than politicians, religious leaders, media pundits, military chiefs and mafia bosses has been restored :-)


  18. michael g.b.
    02 · 4 · 10 @ 6:07 am

    the co-author named in the article was “Andrea Dupri” . . i’ll try to see if aol still has the article on it’s page . . it may be gone by now. :(


  19. Bromeo
    02 · 3 · 10 @ 5:52 pm

    All my life i’ve been looking for the g-spot. And all my life i’ve found it on every girl i’ve been with. It might be deeper, it might be more left than right, it might be smaller, but its always been there. Taboo before my time, but i’ve been taught from early childhood that a good man will use it in conjunction with all the other spots to bring a woman “off” as he should. Amen to the men who do, A-women to the women who help themselves to it.

    With love and lust…play with it as often as you can.


  20. michael g.b.
    02 · 3 · 10 @ 2:55 pm

    i just read on an “aol news page” where one of ther co-authors of the study that denied the existence of “the g spot’ is kind of backing away from the conclusion now . . . :)


    • drsuzy
      02 · 4 · 10 @ 1:29 am

      Fantastic! Which co-author? Please provide a link…


  21. michael g.b.
    02 · 3 · 10 @ 2:14 pm

    is “the g spot” stimulating? . . . or “stimulated” . . .or is it “simulated stimulated”? . . .or “stimulated simulated”? . . . but i DO remember a tv commercial for a chewing gum that went “squirt”. :)


  22. Brandillio
    02 · 2 · 10 @ 12:21 pm

    quite the stimulating piece, doc. thankfully i’ve been blessed with the ability to stimulate the g-spot with my piece. but i’m always happy to really get down in there and use my hands.


  23. slutivity in Green Valley, AZ
    02 · 1 · 10 @ 12:52 pm

    I read your entire article. Good stuff!

    My man and I knew about my g-spot before we ever heard of a g-spot. He has very talented fingers :)


  24. Diana and Walter
    01 · 31 · 10 @ 9:30 pm

    We’re your newest fans. We loved your “Yes Virginia” blog! Made us feel good all over!


  25. Fit To Be Tied
    01 · 31 · 10 @ 1:34 pm

    […] The sexy intellectual Dr. Susan Block obliterates one of the latest regressive studies of the lore of the G Spot. Enjoy the reading, sexy intelligent women are always a turn […]


  26. Violet Von Gutenkatzen
    01 · 31 · 10 @ 9:55 am

    This is a welcome antidote to all the paternalistic hooey that passes itself off as “scientific research” these days – usually in the form of some headline involving a team of “evolutionary psychologists” announcing yet another “breakthrough” discovery that can be boiled down to ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. After lengthy preambles about “hunters and gatherers” versus their illogical, “nurturing” counterparts, the brain trust at SCIENCE Inc. are apt to conclude (as my news aggregator daily reminds me) that shopping and baby making are women’s sole biological imperatives, while sexual gratification for its own sake is a learned (and deviant) trait.


  27. DrGraceG
    01 · 31 · 10 @ 12:18 am

    Dear Shari, maybe you didn’t notice Casey’s comment before mine?
    My comment was a reply to Casey’s comment.

    Quote: ” Casey Periwinkle says:
    January 28, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    A girl squirted on me once and I thought she peed on me. Even if its not pee, its kind of gross. I wish those scientists were right and there was no G-spot. It’s not sexy at all. So thanks for telling me where it is so I can avoid it. I think I’ll just stick with the old in and out.” :Unquote.

    I, in no way think it is gooey and gross, especially that I have a man in my life who is a wonderful considerate and caring lover, but if Casey thinks women’s “Ambrosia” is “not sexy and gross” he should also know, that to “some women” male cum is gross too.

    The best way to understand something is through empathy, reverse the roles and put your self in someone else’s shoes, think how you would feel, if someone would say or do something to you, or not want to do something for you that you really enjoy.

    Ann Maree, congratulations Darling. You survived and are healing, I am so happy for you. I know what you went through, believe me I truly do, I lasted 11 years… because I knew he would never pay me a dime to help me to provide a normal living environment for my sons, who are now also grown, I took under consideration that I had to pay for baby sitters, I was in IL the baby sitters charge you per child and want normal rates, that would be $14.00 per hour, and it is the LAW that if you have children of opposite sex you have to rent a 2 bedroom apartment, in order to live in a SAFE neighborhood I would have had to make a lot of money and at that time I did not. I was still recovering from his abuse and all the damage he did to me and my health, I also considered the utility bills and food, I knew I would never make it, so for my children just so they had a roof over their heads and food in their tummies and clean clothes, I stayed and took the punches, until he hurt me really bad and I escaped as well. You never stop thinking about what you went through, it effects you for the rest of your life, but some women can actually open up again and trust again, and that is so wonderful to see. My only salvation in the hardest times were my education, my children and God. I survived for my childrens welfare, I used my education to keep from breaking down and keep on going, and I trusted always that there will be a man some day who will love me the way I deserve to be loved…

    I used my experiences to learn and become a better therapist. I have to use compassion and empathy to truly understand my patients and to really help them. Lucky and unlucky enough for me, is that most things that happen to other women, happened to me as well, in the course of my life. God Bless you Ann Marie, enjoy your life, learn experience experiment and have fun, it’s Your time now :)

    Dr. Grace G.


  28. Shari
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 10:12 pm

    Yes Carlo…one only needs the water, sunshine and another in Italy…I fell in love with the Amalfi Coast when I was there.

    I stayed near the countryside where it seemed that everyone made their own wine & olive oil, fresh bread, & roasted lamb in their front yard. They had some sort of clay oven outside where they baked hot bread to accompany both lunch and dinner. And lunch went on for hours while the shops closed and people dined on fresh tomatoes, cheese from their goats or sheep, homemade pasta and wine. There were hours of decadence followed by sexual exploration and a long, deserved nap. Never in my life have I felt more right, more at peace and tranquil.

    The air is fresher, the food is more vibrant, tastes are enhanced and experiences are more pronounced. The fresh figs drip nectar from their ripe bellies and explode in your mouth. The bars serve Illy and pastries are bountiful and awe inspiring. One does not have to convince another that a visit to Italy would ‘do a body good’.

    The tastes are extraordinary and the men speaking Italian are irresistible. A bottle of wine, a kiss on the neck, a flick of a nipple are all better on your Coast.


  29. Ann Maree Berzley
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 7:35 pm

    Dr. Susan Block, I just found your site and I am very excited to find this kind of information out there. I just turned 50 and am now starting to live again after 9 years of celibacy. I was in a very abusive marriage for 23 years and was forced to do all kinds of sexual things. Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy my sexual encounterw at all.

    After I “escaped”, I took many years to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had my first date in December last. A wonderful man who treated me with respect and tenderness. It was so amazing to find out that sex could be so wonderful. I was so relaxed that after when we were spooning, we started getting horny again. We started moving around inch by inch so he could enter me from behind but we didn’t quite line up right and he started entering my ass. I jumped and I think I scared him by my jumping than he did by poking my ass a bit, lol. He immediately asked me if I wanted him to stop and I just stayed still and was actually shocked when I realized that it didn’t hurt so I said no, I didn’t want him to stop. It was the first time I’d ever had anal sex where I hadn’t been forced. It was wonderful and very very good. I came a couple times before we finally came together. I’ve been out with a few other men now and have a steady and am learning so much from my men “friends”. One guy asked me if I squirted from my G-spot and I had no idea what he meant and he told me some women can squirt when their G-spots are stimulated. I’ve never squirted as far as I’ve ever known and I think I’d remember if I had. My steady found your site and he immediately IM’d me with your site addy.

    Susan, I love you! and I’m sure my boyfriend will too. We’re both reading your blog and your other articles and are learning so much. I know our next encounter will be better even if I don’t squirt that time. We both know so much more about this now that I’m sure we’ll get there soon. I have the biggest smile on my face right now thinking of how much better sex will be in the future. The only thing I’m sad about is all the wasted years I had with someone who didn’t deserve me in the first place. The only reason I stayed was because of all the mental brainwashing he did to me. He was very good at manipulation and mental intimidation. The only good things I got out of that marriage was my two beautiful children who are adults now and are living their own lives now.

    I’m free at last to live and you’ve given me some special tools to make my sexual life better than ever. Thank you Susan, thank you so much for writing your books and your advice and putting them out here for all the men and women of this world. Here’s to everyone finding Dr. Susan Block. I personally will give your site addy to all of my friends…and now I find myself crying because I feel I’ve cleared away more debris from the walls I’ve torn down, the ones I had built around me to protect myself from the world so many years ago. Thanks again Susan……


  30. Carlo in Portofino
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 6:45 pm

    Shari, so far away. Please come my way. My village is beautiful. The bay is deep and wet. Let me swim with you. Drink from you. Then the morning sun rises.Nothing else is needed except your warm smile and a good Italian coffee…

    Girl after my own heart…


  31. Shari
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 2:54 pm

    Thanks Casey…I’m in LA but I appreciate the offer to satisfy my oral fixation…practice makes perfect, after all!!


  32. Michael Donnelly
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 1:48 pm

    Great piece on the G-spot, Suzy. I love how you are forcefully setting the record straight on this, circumcision (genital mutilation) and other “science”-based repressive nonsense. I, and many others, have come to rely on you for correct analysis of these moralistic, pseudo-scientific, anti-joy, anti-life mores – pestilent customs of a dying culture we are forced to challenge lest it drive out every last vestige of our higher nature, if not Nature Herself.


  33. Casey Periwinkle
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 1:37 pm

    Shari baby, you sound like my kinda woman. If your anywhere in the Baltimore area you can come over and watch the Superbowl with me


  34. marveroluis
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 12:29 pm

    Susan, you are a riot.
    Long live the G-spot!


  35. Shari
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 11:00 am

    With all due respect for peoples’ thoughts & feelings I must take exception with a comment above about swallowing a man’s cum…It’s not gooey & gross…it’s a delightful miracle of velocity culminating in a hot spurt of love..it can be swallowed as an act of affection or shot on your face or chest to create hot, liquid sex…but check the next morning to see if you have dried flaky cum in your hair because that’s a public affirmation that you’ve been the object of someone’s desire.

    Hot pulsating cum is one of nature’s miracles and I love to worship the cock…every man is different, his smell, the taste of his skin and the taste of his cum is so individual…just as women taste and smell differently.

    So, to all those who find something distasteful perhaps it’s analogous to kids not eating veggies when they’re young and then they acquire a taste for them…. If you find one taste or texture that doesn’t work for you try something (someone) different…or find something good about your partner’s thicker, tectured-cum and perhaps rub it all over your breasts to create a delicious sticky suction between you and that miraculous man of yours.

    We’ll have plenty of time to experiment with the upcoming Superbowl – I think of it as my opportunity to devote hours to making a man feel special, cooking for him, arousing him, massaging him and exhausting him with endless pleasures resulting in every trickle of hot cum being sucked out of his body.


  36. michael g.b.
    01 · 30 · 10 @ 8:38 am

    if a man won’t pleasure a Woman, he doesn’t deserve Her . . . a man belongs on his knees at a Woman’s feet . . .and it is an honor and a dignity and a gift for him to be allowed and permitted to be there . . . if he doesn’t serve Her, then he doesn’t belong there.


  37. Shari
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 10:58 pm

    Well, Dr. Suzy, your article on the g-spot reminds me to look for it again. Lately I’ve been so clit-centric that I’ve neglected the search for the ever elusive g-spot. For me, it has been elusive because it’s inside, hidden, requires work and dedication to nudge, mentor, love, cajole, and stimulate. On the other hand, my sweet little clit is right there, available, generously engorged and ready to please. I can stimulate it with tight jeans and vibrate it to orgasm even on the freeway. It requires very little effort, it’s always predictable and self centered.

    But perhaps I’m addicted to the quick and easy, self-indulgent orgasm that results from two minutes of Doc Johnson’s Pocket Rocket expertise. Perhaps I’m missing something deeper and more complex. Perhaps I’m reducing my pleasure to something akin to fast food. Maybe I should step back, regroup and reclaim my ability to go deeper, plunge more readily into the unknown. Maybe I need to give into a different kind of pleasure. Perhaps a new guy who might be interested in helping me achieve a different kind of gratification. Perhaps even a woman could help me tap into a different kind of experience.

    I have much to learn from you, Dr. Suzy, and I’m enjoying every moment of it. I’ll let you know how my search goes but I have a feeling it might start with a delicious clitorally stimulated orgasm to get me on the right track, to warm me up and get me ready to cum again. And, if at first I don’t succeed I’ll try, try again…

    Your adoring fan, Shari


  38. DrGraceg
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 10:07 pm

    Dr Suzy I have another wonderful subject for you… Hysteria…
    I believe it exists and many women could really benefit from acknowledging it, doctors used to provide relief and women benefited greatly from it, and then thanks to scientists like these mentioned above, it was disproved and seized to exist as a real condition.

    Women who do not get orgasms become irritable and often suffer from the same thing as man do, which men call “blue balls”, only with women -the clit is constantly erect and drives us crazy and throbs until it becomes painful, and really annoying.

    Thank you friggin ass-whole scientists, for another way of ruining womens life’s. There are plenty of women who have lovers like Casey and even just willing lover’s who would like to learn but they have no access to good sex therapists to teach them.

    Men are visual, they need to be shown, just reading, no matter how detailed is hard to comprehend. Doctors used to provide this and it was good, now we just have to suffer all our life’s with lack of explosive orgasms. Yes, women can have them, and it all depends on the willingness to learn and knowledge of their lovers.


  39. Anon A. Mus
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 9:00 pm

    Dr. Block, very interesting article of yours in CounterPunch today. I’m a man and even I know the g-spot exists having noticed on many occasions the pleasurable moanings you describe when I would just partially penetrate my lady friend during sexual congress.


  40. G Whiz, Officer « Sixteen Tons
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 8:55 pm

    how often is it that a whole gender gets told by a bunch of condescending scientists that they are only imagining their bodily experiences? Um…pretty often in history, actually. We could be here all night. Instead I yield the floor to Dr. Susan Block: […]


  41. tim grafer
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 8:50 pm

    hi, im a 40 yr old man who wants to be in a film where i have 50 or more women squirt their cum on my face and mouth one right after another. hopefully, there would be a couple of gallons of female cum by the end of my shoot on my face and body. i can travel and im not looking to be paid. im willing to sign a release form so you can film and show to you viewers. i have never filmed before but this is so sick, i really want to do it. please let me know if you can use me. i thank you for all the great work that you do.


  42. Sheri M in Seattle
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 7:52 pm

    Casey you are so lame. You better be rich or good-looking or you’ll never get women. Dr. Suzy and Dr. Grace understand that a woman’s body is complicated and men who love women will take the time to figure us out. And they will be rewarded for that with lots of great sex and intimacy and love. Casey you sound like you only love yourself. I guess you’ll be your own Valentine


  43. paul siemering
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 7:45 pm

    Thanks Suzy.

    You know there have been a lot of announcements made, over the centuries, about women’s sexuality. and still. i was reading a book in a bookstore maybe a month ago, and the author asked the always puzzling question, “can women ejaculate?” like i mean he still does not know? and so on. well you know the tune a lot better than i do. but it is SO annoying! since the patriarchs took over, they just refuse to believe women can really be sexual beings. Because they so wish they weren’t, you know.

    That’s why your work is so valuable. well one of the reasons.

    keep it coming!


  44. Casey Periwinkle
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 7:20 pm

    If a girl wants to swallow my load, that’s her business though I would like her very much for that. But why do I have to do everything to her that she does to me ? Why do women like Dr Gracey want to make guys do so much work? And you also can’t stop talking. Hahaha.


  45. DrGraceg
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 4:58 pm

    Just one more comment, sorry I do get very passionate about these subjects. Love sex and everything related to it. I want to say that Dr. Andrea Virginia Burri had not had a lover who was committed enough to do that for her, as many men are not. If she did, she wouldn’t be supporting this theory. I am sexy sexpert like you, I never had a g-spot orgasm, that is until, I met my current lover, my fiance. The difference is, even though I never achieved it before this wonderful patient caring sweet man, and I thought I wasn’t one of the lucky women who could achieve it, I never tried to say it isn’t true or it’s non existent. Just because we haven’t accomplished something it doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished. Now I will Hush, lol.


  46. DrGraceg
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 4:34 pm

    Dr Suzy, I believe most scientists are so boring in life and bed. They really want to debunk it because none of them, were generous enough, or could pay attention for “long enough” to a woman. I do believe they are basing their theories on their personal experiences. They are not interested in proving it exists because they failed at it miserably… and just because they never found it, or never got a woman to “relax” long enough to actually be able to cum from g-spot stimulation… If you treat it like a scientific experiment and it feels mechanical, it will not feel pleasant and nothing will come of it.

    Women are the creatures of the heart, in order to be able to totally relax with a man, we have to feel safe with him, and trust him completely. In order to relax enough to have a g-spot orgasm we have to have a man we know, “loves us” or loves making love to us… then and only then most of us will relax enough to take it all in.

    They can debunk it all they want, a woman can not relax or feel loved and cherished, or trust completely in a loving way, when she is in a cold unloving lab… not when it’s simply a “scientific experiment”.

    I thank and applaud all the men, who are trying it because they aim to give their women the best of what they can give. Being selfless, thoughtful, generous and caring That makes You the only Real MEN, our Kings, and Ultimate Lovers. Thank you for being MEN, and not selfish ignorant dicks, who simply treat women as a source of their, and only their pleasure. That is why most of them are eternal bachelors. That is why they can’t hod onto a woman long enough. I applaud the men who are brave and man;y enough to say, I am the Man, I will be a good man, I will not be selfish and I will treat my woman with the respect I want her to treat me with.

    Believe it or not, sex requires respect as well. You show respect by showing empathy and being compassionate and thoughtful. You can’t say you respect someone, when you are expecting them to give more than you ever expect your self to give.

    A million applause, “Congratulations for being “REAL MEN”.

    OK, I will hush now…lol.


  47. DrGraceg
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 4:06 pm

    P.S. One question… do you like when a girl swallows when you cum?

    It’s gooey and gross and thick, why would you want a woman to swallow that?

    How do you think it would make a woman feel if you told her that her orgasmic ambrosia is disgusting and you refuse to give her that type of orgasm?
    What ever men want a woman to do, they should be willing to do the same for her, or not ask her to do it for him, because that is just selfish. If you want blow jobs, you should want to suck and lick and flicker her pussy, if you want her to be enthusiastic and learn new techniques for you, you should be willing and do the same for her.

    If you want a woman to swallow your cum, you should want to give her g-spot orgasm and put your face right there enjoy her pleasure like you expect her to enjoy yours.

    Do you think she would want to swallow again? I don’t think so.
    You are either very young and had very little sex experience, or simply selfish and just do not care.


  48. DrGraceg
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 3:57 pm

    Casey, I doubt you will ever be a good lover, sorry for the blunt honesty, but obviously you have no idea about what making love is really supposed be, or you have not been with anyone yet that you truly cared about, and “wanted” to give them the ultimate pleasure.

    If you can’t be a selfless lover you will never satisfy a woman completely. Either way, the female g-spot is the equivalent as the male P-Spot. (prostate gland-which is extremely sensitive, and when stimulated gives the ultimate orgasm to a man) We women have all the relative parts, they just look different and may be located somewhere slightly off, from a man’s.

    It’s funny, that men (not all, but many I work with) love getting blow jobs, but will not go down on a woman, they want all the pleasure from a woman, but are too lazy to reciprocate. If you want a woman to be giving, and enthusiastic about pleasuring you, you have to do the same for her, it’s a two way road.


  49. nadja jahara
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 3:27 pm

    I haven’t had the priviiage of discovering the G spot. I am aware of the A spot and the U spot , but not the G spot.


  50. Jeffrey St Clair
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 2:10 pm



  51. Richard Craven
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 2:53 am

    Love your style Doctor!


  52. Jill in KC, MO
    01 · 29 · 10 @ 2:40 am

    OMG, I did it. On the first try. Or shall I say HE did it. Thank GOD for talented men. And thank you so much for your blog and your squirting video. Your squirting video is where I got my info. and I just relayed the message to him. It obviously came in loud and clear! I must agree and say it is completely different and more intense then anything I have experienced. I also experienced the feeling of not knowing it was actually happening, just that he was fingering me, and it felt so good, and then he said “there you go baby.” And sure enough I was going. And there was no stopping it. If squirting were a game I would of racked up all kinds of points because I hit him in the chest a couple of times. I recommend to all. It’s high time the roles were reversed. The man gets to sleep in the wet spot and get you something to drink afterwards. At least I was able to give him a pat on the back for a job well done before I passed out. It’s been a great learning experience. You wouldn’t believe the amount of women who are in the dark about this glorious method of getting off. I’ll send them all to you. Good luck to all the other virgin G-spot squirting girls.


  53. Casey Periwinkle
    01 · 28 · 10 @ 11:55 pm

    A girl squirted on me once and I thought she peed on me. Even if its not pee, its kind of gross. I wish those scientists were right and there was no G-spot. It’s not sexy at all. So thanks for telling me where it is so I can avoid it. I think I’ll just stick with the old in and out.


  54. Astasia
    01 · 28 · 10 @ 11:50 pm

    Dear Dr. Block, I am so glad I came across your blog! I’m an avid masturbating young woman of 23 and I find G-spot female ejaculation absolutely fascinating. For a while, I didn’t believe it, but after educating myself further on the subject (knowledge truly is power!), and after reading your various articles on squirting, I stimulated my G-spot and squirted a small gush for the first time tonight. That’s all I could do for now, but I have a feeling, I will squirt more. Thank you so much.. Lustfully, Astasia


  55. Jasen Roundtree
    01 · 28 · 10 @ 11:17 pm

    I have been looking through the internet to find something about female ejaculation, and stumbled across your blog. It is fantastic! Thank you so much for all you provide for those of us who need it. Who cares about those British guys. They’re idiots. After reading your blog and most of your other pages on the G-spot and the squirting articles on your website, I decided to share my interest with female ejaculations with my girlfriend. I showed her your site and a few excerpts and now we are both actively talking about trying to get her to “squirt” by stimulating her G-spot. Already we are making progress, she is getting very wet,and cumming harder than usual, though not squirting like you and Annie Body. I am very excited about getting her to squirt like that and she is equally excited and we are both happy she is having these huge orgasms even if they don’t squirt. Actually, I’m just excited to know she’s interested. Thank you for giving me the courage to talk to her about this.


  56. VT
    01 · 28 · 10 @ 7:17 pm

    I just read your wonderful blog about the G-spot. I had never really read anything on this before, but the G-spot stimulation technique you describe is very similar to the one that I developed when I taught some female friends of mine to squirt. None had ever squirted before. One continues to squirt to this day. I’ve long since gotten out of the habit of meeting women and having such wonderful sexual adventures, but I still love the thought, idea, and memories of those lovely wet times. I’ve caught so much pussy-cum in my face and mouth or on my hands that I probably could swim in the amount of female ejaculate that I’ve coaxed from those friendly pussies and their G-spots which of course exist. Or let’s just say if G-spots don’t exist, neither do I!


  57. michael g.b.
    01 · 28 · 10 @ 6:53 pm

    i believe in “religion” . . . however, there is much “pseudo-religion” which grows like “tares among the wheat”, that one must always bebcareful to not “throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater” . . .

    i believe in “science” . . . however, there is much “pseudo-science” wearing “the mask of science” pretending “to be” science, that one must always be discerning . . . never accept something as “scientific fact’ which, in fact, may be neither fact nor science . . .

    and when it comes to “sex” . . . it is said that 95% of all sex takes place in the brain . . . so while there doubtless probably IS a “G Spot”, some of these pseudo scientists MIGHT not have a fully functioning synapse spark connecting brain. :)


  58. Cynthia Murphy
    01 · 28 · 10 @ 6:51 pm

    LOVE You, Dr. Suzy, I learned so much from you!!!! especially the G-spot squirt! Yay! I did it with my boyfriend of twenty years …oooH… He loved it!!! That’ll keep him around another twenty…………..Yay! Our woman’s goal….keep our MAN! And it feels so GOOD.


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