Persia H&P Photos (Uncensored)

“Hooker” author Mae Victoria, porn star/golfer Persia Monir and Auntie Debra help me christen the first radioSUZY1 show in the new Speakeasy. Celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim, the heroine of which is Persian Queen Esther who uses Weapons of Mass Seduction to save her people from genocide, we eat pussy-soaked hamentaschen–and actually eat the hamentaschen off of each other’s pussies–as callers inquire about a variety of subjects from the belly button fetish to how to give a woman an orgasm. Sex education leads to much wild, naked, big-boobed humping and fun-filled fornication. Then Mae and Persia ride the Monkey Rocker! What a way to start a new series of shows!

If you’d like to listen to the show, while you look at the photos, click here

This private gallery of photos from “Hookers & Persians” was taken by Persia’s assistant.

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