Foot Fetish Model Amber Berlin


Click on Amber Berlin's Feet or Dr. Suzy's Boots to See Photos of The "Fun Feet & Hot Moms" Show & After-Party. Photo: JuxLii

Watch a PG-rated excerpt from Dr. Suzy’s interview with Amber below…

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Click on Amber or Dr. Suzy to See More! Photo: Lisa V

Check out the pix of Foot Fetish Model Amber Berlin doing the show and playing with Dr. Suzy at the erotic after-party in the Private Galleries.


Click on Amber's Feet See More! Photo: JuxLii


If you want to learn more about feet and foot fetishism, read Dr. Block’s article Feet: A Love Story

Or watch Dr. Susan Block’s Award-Winning Foot Fetish Primer: An Erotic Study in Podophilic Sexuality.

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  1. Ron McCraw
    05 · 16 · 16 @ 3:13 am

    Dr. Susan,

    I am a 68 year old male, retired teacher I have cerebral palsy and I walk with canes. I have always had an intense foot fetish. I have been married to the same woman for 44 years. She accepts my fetish grudgingly… I need your advice. I am attracted to every pretty foot I see. It’s driving me crazy. Even though I love my wife, I would kiss other women’s feet in a minute–if I could get them. My wife and I have always struggled with mismatched sex drive. She has vaginal prolapse and so we do not have intercourse. We haven’t had intercourse for years. I think it’s unrealistic to think that she will ever change. We tried lots of counselors years ago. Whenever they made suggestions she did not like, the counseling was DOA. Years ago, she caught me making a foot-sex phone call and went crazy. I dropped the idea of divorce for my kids’ sake. (She also threatened suicide.) I agreed to drop divorce if she dropped suicide. That was 30 years ago. I see beautiful feet–feet like Amber Berlin’s–everywhere. I want them so bad I can’t see straight! I feel trapped. I think I’d be a lot more risk-taking about feet if I wasn’t handicapped. But, I’m conflicted. I think that it’s wrong to cheat in these matters–another thing that makes me feel trapped. I see fantastic feet everywhere–even in church! And I just get on fire. Any advice for me? I’m afraid to call you. I think my wife would be upset about it. I think talking to you about your sexy feet would give me some immediate, momentary relief, but I am at a loss long term. In the final analysis, do you think I just have to keep grinding my way through this. People with CP have bodies that age faster. So even though I look fine, my body is about ten years older physically–78 instead of 68. Thanks for reading my note.


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