Anais Burlesque


Click on Tonya Kay's Spark-Shooting Vulva to See Photos of The "Anais Burlesque" Show & After-Party. Photo: Alex Filangieri

Listen to the entire Anais Burlesque show on RadioSUZY1, featuring the ladies of Lalas Burlesque and Sonia Maslovskaya in the title role of Anais Nin in Michael Phillips’ play “Anais: An Erotic Evening with Anais Nin” on radioSUZY1.

Watch Tonya show us how to use a power tool for a uniquely amazing erotic pleasure :)


Click on Dr. Suzy, Sonia, Tonya, Michael, Erin or Baby J to See More of Them :) Photo: Vladimir

Check out the pix of The Anais Burlesque Show and After-Party, as well as thousands of amazing photos from all our shows, seminars, parties, carnavals and bacchanals!

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