Golden Gate Bridge: View from The Top

This is one of my most precious personal galleries, my photos from one of my many climbs up to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge when I was a grad student at SFSU. I took the pics from the top showing the sweeping view of the bay below and the other tower in the fog. My friend and fellow Suicide Club member Jayson Wechter took the pics of my brother Steve and me at the top. We climbed in the middle of the night and took the photos at dawn. Sorry there are so few images, but in those days, cameras contained film, so most people didn’t take 1000s of photos of what they ate for breakfast and every other little move they made like they do now in the Digital Age. I’m grateful to have these photos, because a few years ago, the authorities sealed off the Marin side entryway so people like you and me can’t climb to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge anymore. Since there are so few images, I’ve included a shot from the top the San Francisco Bay Bridge (that’s the night shot, taken by my brother Steve), which we also climbed several times (it’s a cinch compared to the Golden Gate, though its a little scary to look down at traffic as you’re climbing up the criss-crosses). Sorry that some of the photos have little dust particles and stuff on them, but they were scanned in a long time ago, and I can’t find the originals at the moment, since we just moved and all old photos are still in boxes.

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