Cirque Du Sex & Rosh Hashanah

Hardcore Circus XXX Producer Erica Mclean brings her pornographer girlfriends Teri and Lisa into the RadioSUZY1 studio. Originally introduced to Dr. Suzy through Larry Flynt, she, Teri and Lisa spill about their Mariachi blowjobs and making Ron Jeremy come while Teri does a demo on Dr. Suzy’s hot pink dildo. The mommies in the room compete for a caller. Mommy gang bang! Listen to the show. Also in this gallery are a few shots from our our Rosh Hashanah show which was visually low-key, just a few apples and honey, but a radio powerhouse as Dr. Suzy rolls out her controversial theory about the murder of Yale grad student Annie Le & celebrates the Jew Year with Aunt Debra and Hannah. Listen Here

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