Holy Radio: GodsGirls & SaintMotel

In the midst of RadioSUZY1’s eroticism, a kind of holiness flows like amrita.  In this show, the divine manifests in the names of our guests: God’s Girls and Saint Motel.   The charming lads of Saint Motel (AJ, Dak, A. Sharp and Greg) plus Jenna Valentine and Annaliese from godsgirls.com talk about sneaking illegal aliens over the border in Jenna’s F sized cleavage and selling your soul to be naked. Our favorite callers, Rita & Ralph, who have had sex on RadioSUZY1 many a time, finally come visit us at the Speakeasy.  And the band delights us with some live music and the tits comes out. Not to be outdone by Jenna’s magnificent mammaries, Greg takes off his shirt just in time for a pop-in from Natasha and Tommy. Good girls and good music. We swear on our testicles.  And we’re not sure what they’re doing with that poor donkey, so don’t ask.  Photos in this gallery are by Lisa V, Hugo and Chris.  Listen to GodsGirls & SaintMotel

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