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Artist’s Statement

Another Saturday night, another show. But it turned into a show unlike any other Saturday night. The subject: Female Ejaculation. The Waterfall of Womanhood. The Geyser of Desire. Women who squirt, just like men, only differently. Luminous as a sparkling spring, threatening as a flood of feelings, healing as Holy Water, sexy as sin. As a sex therapist, I wanted to understand this phenomenon that is older than humanity yet on a new frontier of female sexuality. As a woman, I wanted to experience it.

On that sultry Saturday evening, I invited one great teacher (Deborah Sundahl), two extraordinary ejaculatrixes (Annie Body and Leila Swan) and one special guy (Big D) to come to my studio in the soul of Downtown LA to show me how they squirt. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, they also showed me how to squirt. Next thing I knew - Mama Mia – I’m a Trevi Fountain! The result was a journey into the eye of a sexual hurricane, delving into the deep sensations, as well as the anatomy, history, technique, spiritual aspects, relationship issues, controversies, culture, comedy and sheer dionysian-orgasmic release of squirting. As it unfolded before me, and gushed right out of me, I knew this was more than just another great Saturday night show. It was a true story of G-spot love. It was a baptismal sexual revelation ~ Praise the Lady! It was a film.

Well, it would eventually become a film. First I had to turn an eight-hour evening into five half-hour shows. Why did I make five separate 29-minute programs first, and then integrate them into one 145-minute feature? This is a little unusual in Hollywood or New York, or even India. The answer is that I wanted to bring the subject of female ejaculation to people not just in movie theaters, where it is unlikely to play much anyway, but on the more common venues of computers and cable TV. I wanted to reach into people’s homes through the intimate, easy-access media of TV and the Internet, to educate their bodies and stimulate their minds, to make them hear all about it with their own ears, and see with their own eyes that women, like men, can squirt.

Yes, indeed, Brothers & Sisters, Lovers & Sinners…Female Ejaculation is carnal proof that a woman's ability to hit her lover right between the eyes with her orgasmic juice is equal to that of a man. Often, female ejaculation is even more profuse and forceful than the male variety. Not everyone finds it erotic. Some are repulsed or threatened by the Raging Waters of Venus. But both women and men are expressing greater and greater interest in it. As a sex therapist, I get asked these questions more and more on my show and in private practice: How can I squirt? How can I help my partner to squirt? The *meme* of Female Ejaculation is veritably flooding the world.

So, you could say that my "Dr. Suzy's Squirt Salon(s)" are riding the big wave. Batten down the hatches, Brothers and Sisters! If the squirting wave hasn’t yet engulfed your neighborhood, it’s on its way. The Geyser of Desire is bursting out of the closet (the water closet?), and soaking a bed near you.

Still, the practice is veiled in mystery. Some porn films show it, but they don’t explain it. Some sex education videos explain it, but they don’t show it very well. I wanted my Squirt Salon(s) to show it, explain it, explore it, teach it, taste it, laugh about it, celebrate it and praise it like the everyday miracle that it is. I wanted to help women who squirt to feel healthy and normal, because I believe that they are. I wanted to help women who’d like to squirt learn how, because I believe that they can.

I believe that any woman who really wants to squirt can do it. But just because it's "natural" doesn't mean every woman can do it without help. Just as many women (like me), need to learn how to have a *regular* orgasm, most of us need to learn how to ejaculate. And guys who are interested need to learn how to help, if they really want to help.

How did I become such a True Believer? Not on faith! Only because of first-hand personal experience.

Over the years, the subject of G-spot female ejaculation has stimulated a thunderstorm of debate among sex researchers, doctors, sex educators, porn stars, lovers, husbands and wives. Detractors insist that there is no G-Spot, that women who squirt are just peeing while they're coming, and all this hoopla over G-spot female ejaculation is nothing but a glorified golden shower.

But those of us who have experienced the power and glory of G-spot female ejaculation—giving or receiving--know that it exists. This is not a matter of faith; this is the science of sex. Yes, I love spoofing the rhetoric of evangelism, especially in these times of mega-religiosity. On the other hand, I do feel that there is a genuine, deeply spiritual aspect of female ejaculation, as there is to all kinds of sex. But at heart, I’m a skeptic, and I don’t have faith in anything but what I can see and feel. In that regard, the Squirt Salon(s) provide pretty strong evidence. Too bad film isn’t something you can scratch and sniff, because then viewers would know that it doesn’t smell like urine! But hopefully, the pleasure and power of female ejaculation comes across, so you can feel it. Because it feels good.

This *feel-good* aspect of squirting is perhaps another reason that the naysayers have held sway over the years. Female ejaculation is a pure recreational pleasure that has no apparent direct role in procreation, except that women who squirt may, over the millennia, have procreated more, simply because we tend to enjoy sex more.

Throughout history, prominent scientists and philosophers have reported experiencing the forceful release of fluids from the vagina during sex. We can begin with the Western world's most famous ancient scientist, Aristotle, who wrote about the phenomenon of women's vaginal expulsions during sex, maintaining that they did not have the appearance or aroma of urine, nor did they stain the lady’s toga. From Aristotle to DeGraaf to Grafenberg, from Whipple, Perry & Ladas to Sundahl, the experts tell us the story of female ejaculation, that it is a normal, exciting aspect of women’s sexual response. I wanted to tell this story through film, as well as through the medium I’m more familiar with, television.

Some call my show, on cable since 1992, the original reality TV show. On the surface, it’s a typical call-in show with guests, except the guests are in bed with me, instead of on chairs across from me. There is no script (except my notes for my opening monologue). Like a chef does a cooking show in a kitchen surrounded by pots and pans, I do a sexuality show in a bed surrounded by dildos and vibrators. Like Commedia del Arte, it’s improvisational. I call it “Commedia Erotica.” But the “reality” runs a bit deeper than improv. People open up, emotionally and physically. Over the years, the callers become the audience members who, in turn, become the camera people, production assistants, lighting masters, special guests, and the stars of the show itself. .

The line between performers and techies is often broken, as when Camera Two turns on Camera One operator Margo Sorell taking a sip from a champagne flute of freshly squirted female ejaculate as she continues to film the demonstration on the bed. We also take our cameras into the studio audience, finding couples and threesomes making out and making love, inspired by all the ejaculatory activity on the show bed.

Technically and artistically, the flow of the live show is never interrupted. One of the goals is to “capture the moment” without any interference from directors, stage managers or other Hollywood types. The aim is to create something extremely intimate, sometimes shocking, often educational and always engaging, revealing a side of humanity that is rarely seen on television or in the movies, porn or mainstream.

In keeping with “reality,” we use all-natural lighting - construction lights and household light bulbs, whatever we have on hand. Most of the action takes place in and in around my show bed during the Squirt Salon(s). Not much flashy scenery. The flash is in the splash. Cameras go in for extreme close-ups. And they do get splashed! Fortunately, female ejaculate doesn’t stain.

When it’s time to examine the elusive G-spot, I invite the cameras to go spelunking into the vaginal cave. “G” is in the details. The cinematic miracle is how much of the G-spot is revealed, how clearly and beautifully it is shown (and explained) in different stages of arousal, how it “speaks” to us. It even gets it’s own TV show within a show: “Pussy Talk.”

Warning: This is a “message movie.” Yes, indeed, Brothers & Sisters: lay down your arms, pull off your panties and shoot the gun between your legs! Squirt for Peace! Female Ejaculation is a Weapon of Mass Seduction. Squirt Bombs produce Shock and Awe with zero casualties.

I don’t think you have to agree with my politics to enjoy the film (even Bush supporters seem to love it; either they’re masochists or the Nectar of Aphrodite melts down defenses). But I don’t separate business from pleasure, nor sex from the rest of life, nor politics from sex. As such, my Squirt Salon(s) are heat-seeking missiles of peace through pleasure. May the kinds of explosions that they inspire someday overtake the devastating explosions of war and oppression in our world.

squirt for peace,
Susan M. Block, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, Ca. 7/12/05

Dr. Susan Block’s


Dr. Suzy’s Squirt Salon(s) is a TV series in five parts, each part running approximately 29 minutes. Altogether, it is a 145-minute film.


Part I opens with a spectacular montage of female ejaculation footage mixed with historic and metaphorical stills, accompanied by a glorious aria sung by French tenor Eric Venezia. Then Dr. Susan Block introduces the Squirt Salon with a cultural and historic overview of G-Spot Female Ejaculation, interspersed with more exciting squirting footage. Next, we meet Deborah Sundahl, world’s foremost expert in the subject and author of “Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot.” Rebecca, a part-Native American (Cherokee) woman who enjoys squirting calls in from South Dakota, because she is having trouble getting her new boyfriend to enjoy it with her. In fact, he doesn’t even believe that it’s real! Dr. Suzy and Deborah help her navigate the challenges of sharing the pleasures of female ejaculation with a skeptical lover.


Part II opens with the operatic squirting montage. Then Deborah tells her own personal story, how she squirted for the first time and then investigated the subject. She introduces us to her colleague, Leila Swan, whom Dr. Suzy dubs the “Missionary of Squirting,” since Leila hails from an Evangelical Christian background. Leila’s father was a preacher who baptized people in the river; now she baptizes her lovers with ejaculate! Leila tells the story of her tantric awakening to G-spot female ejaculation. Then we meet the amazing Annie Body, whom Dr. Suzy calls the “Mermaid” and the “Geyser of Desire.” Annie tells her First Time Squirting Story. Maria calls in from the San Fernando Valley and talks about her girl-girl desires as all of the ladies in the bed start to remove their clothing and play. As Maria masturbates, Dr. Suzy weaves a fantasy based on the reality of four hot women getting ready to squirt all over each other in her bed. Maria squirts (so she says) as she climaxes. Next Richard calls in from West LA, and asks for help in finding the G-Spot. Deborah gives Richard – and the audience – a detailed, very close-up, anatomy lesson in how to find the G-Spot, using Leila’s beautiful G-Spot as a model. Then, she locates Annie’s G-Spot, and Part II climaxes with a very wet surprise!


Part III opens with Ken calling from Texas, telling the story of his first-time experience with a woman who ejaculated. He asks what shape penis is best for getting a woman to squirt. Deborah insists that it doesn’t matter because even a finger can get a girl to ejaculate. But Annie and Leila claim that a curved cock is best for *hitting the spot.* All this talk about cocks and curves gets Annie very excited, so she spreads out an American flag towel and proceeds to squirt up a storm. Soon enough, everyone is covered in ejaculate. When Deborah observes that Annie wants to “get fucked really hard,” Annie challenges the teacher: “You want to fuck me?” Deborah accepts the challenge and proceeds to use her strong, skilled fingers to give Annie several more astounding ejaculatory orgasms, all the while explaining exactly what she is doing for the benefit of the audience. Then Annie squirts into a glass bowl, and the ejaculate is poured into a champagne flute, which is passed around, sniffed and sipped by cast and crew. Everyone agrees that the liquid looks, tastes and smells nothing like urine. Trying to describe it is difficult though, like explaining fine wine! To top off her performance, Annie fists herself! Then she runs off to get her strap-on, and Leila assumes center stage to demonstrate the art and science of female ejaculation with toys, using a curved G-Spot Stimulator Magic Wand and a small vibrating egg. Her ejaculate is not as forceful as Annie’s, but just as beautiful, a bit lighter and more delicate in delivery, but almost as profuse. Leila squirts more than a bowlful, and her nectar is poured into another champagne flute, sampled and compared with Annie’s. Then we meet Leila’s lover, Big D who shows his sexual mettle by taking a large swig of Leila’s ejaculate from the champagne flute and smacking his lips with pleasure. Since Big D is wearing a skirt (well, a kilt), Dr. Suzy assumes he wants someone to lift it. So she does, only to find out just why he is called BIG D. Leila proceeds to give him expert, loving fellatio, as Johnny from Hollywood calls, eager to see Dr. Suzy’s G-Spot…


Part IV resumes with the operatic squirting montage, and moves on to find a frolicking fivesome in Dr. Suzy’s bed. Joyce calls in from Iowa, boasting about her ability to squirt six feet, then proceeds to masturbate as Leila rides Big D’s big dick, bringing both Joyce and Leila to fantastic squirting orgasms. Mike calls from New York with statistical questions like “How much can a woman squirt?” which Deborah and Dr. Suzy try to answer as best they can with a veritable orgy going on around them. Now Leila turns and rides Big D reverse-cowgirl style. Then we take another close-up look at Leila’s G-Spot which, after all that riding and squirting, is more than twice the size it was before! Leila’s G-Spot is so expressive; it seems to speak. Thus, we have “Pussy Talk,” a show within the show. Dr. Suzy, Deborah, Leila and Big D discuss the emotional aspects of the G-Spot, the “Gateway to Higher Love.” Deborah shows her G-Spot, as Annie goes into the audience, finding couples and threesomes inspired to make love by all the hot squirting action on the bed. Deborah offers to help Dr. Suzy find her G-Spot, but first Dr. Suzy has to pee. This is a pretty intimate show, plus it’s quite long with no breaks, so Dr. Suzy decides to “Pee on Bush” right on camera. It is apparent to all that the pee is very different from the ejaculate. Now Deborah helps Dr. Suzy reveal her G-Spot. She stimulates it, as Dr. Suzy breathes deep and imagines she’s at the beach with waves crashing between her thighs, and then next thing you know, she ejaculates ~ twice! What a surprise! Dr. Suzy is speechless as Part IV closes.


Part V commences with a giddy, Dionysian, champagne celebration, kind of a cross between a women’s consciousness-raising group and an orgy. Dr. Suzy is on a roll. With Deborah’s help, she ejaculates a third time. Another episode of “Pussy Talk” ensues, the politics flow along with the ejaculate, and Annie pees on Bush with Kim. An erotic “After-Party” follows with masked dancing, more squirting hot sex (between Big D and Leila, and Annie and Dr. Suzy, with Deborah guiding the stream). The film climaxes, fittingly enough, with Big D climaxing, providing a nice reminder that men squirt too!

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Need to Talk?
Dr. Susan Block, Annie Body, Deborah Sundahl, Leila Swan, Big D
Private Interactive Telephone Sex Therapy
Information: 310.474.5353
Home Number: 213.749.1330

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