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Dr. Susan Block's
Secrets of Female Ejaculation

U.S. Premiere: CineKink NYC Film Festival
Saturday, Oct. 22, 1 pm @ The Anthology Film Archives Theater on 32 Second Avenue

BlockFilms is tickled pink to announce the American Premiere of the 8th sexual wonder of the world, an unprecedented 150-minute journey into the explosive wet center of the universe: Dr. Suzy's SQUIRT SALON(S). Here, world-renowned, Yale-educated sex therapist, HBO personality, best-selling author, host and director Dr. Susan Block reaches the heights and plumbs the depths of human sexual experience in a fun, erotic, irreverent, outrageous, improvisational yet highly informative presentation that is already generating Shock and Awe (with zero casualties) in audiences around the world.

Just back from its World Premiere at the 13th International Barcelona Film Festival, Dr. Suzy's SQUIRT SALON(S) is gearing up to shower New York with squirts for joy, peace, pleasure, erotic insurgency and soaking wet sex education at it's U.S. Premiere at the 2005 CineKink New York City Film Festival, where Part I of this five-part odyssey will be screened on Saturday, October 22 at 1 pm at the Anthology Film Archives theater on 32 2nd Avenue.

So ... Ladies, uncork your champagne! Gentlemen, get ready to get soaked! Have buckets of fun! Toast the New Age of Squirting with a champagne flute of crystal clear ejaculate! Learn how to squirt and how to help your partner squirt. Dr. Suzy's SQUIRT SALON(S) features historic first-time close-up images of the elusive G-spot in various states of arousal, and many other unforgettable "firsts," in this extraordinary landmark film.

But don't just take it from us! Take it from Dr. John D. Perry, best-selling author of "The G-Spot" and leading authority in this vital area of women's sexuality and health: "Dr. Susan Block has raised the bar for Female Ejaculation videos. Previous attempts produced dull 'medical' looking films, or crude 'circle jerk' shows with very little redeeming value. But 'Dr. Suzy's SQUIRT SALON(S)' brings out the best in Southern California -- people who know how to have wild orgasmic fun while focusing on a serious educational objective. Masterful editing combines live conversations and accurate narrative with the perfect mood music -- and selected artistic and historical 'still' shots with intense interactive sex play on Dr. Suzy's famous made-for-TV bed"

What are the "Secrets" of G-Spot Female Ejaculation? Some of the greatest sexological minds have noodled this question. Dr. Suzy's SQUIRT SALON(S) gives you some real answers, featuring the world's foremost teacher of G-Spot Female Ejaculation, Deborah Sundahl, the amazing Geyser of Desire, Annie Body, the lovely Missionary of Squirting, Leila Swan, gorgeous tantric trainer, Big D, and the inimitable Dr. Suzy herself, the woman whom HBO Director of Documentary & Family Programming, Sheila Nevins, credits with "showing me that sex education can be sexy."

"'Dr. Suzy's SQUIRT SALON(S)' is superb for anyone interested in the subject of 'squirting' or in new kinds of shows about sex," writes Tom Berger in German-Adult-News. "You will be fascinated as well as satisfied. You can see an entertaining mix of scientific facts, politics and art, as well as great sex-action and many incredible sparkling orgasms. Kudos go to the very special guests of The Dr. Susan Block Show, and the tremendous, incomparable Dr. Suzy herself."

"A joyful celebration of female sexuality... featuring the best explanation of the G-spot (critical to female ejaculation) and how to find and stimulate it that I have seen yet," writes Jeff Booth in Sex in Review. "Through clear explanation and the wonderful and sexy women who graciously share their ability to squirt with the viewers, you will get a very good understanding of what this is all about. Even the sexually jaded should learn something. "

"SQUIRT SALON is sexy, funny, and educational, engaging and extremely intimate, " writes Jewel in Sex-Kitten, "revealing a side of humanity that is rarely seen on TV or in movies. Dr. Suzy is bright, funny and sexy, all rolled into one. She settles once and for all the question: Do women squirt? You better believe we do, and we can teach our partners to help us do it. Recommendation: If you have never squirted, get a copy of 'Squirt Salon' and learn how."

Note to Viewers and Reviewers: The 2½-hour DVD is divided into five parts of approximately one half-hour each. Each part is a self-contained show. We suggest that viewers watch one part each night on five different nights (though we do understand that the amount of squirt one can enjoy in one sitting is a question of personal taste).

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